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A Day to Remember
The Miracle Sports got the chance to take on the Seminoles

The Miracle Sports got the chance to take on the Seminoles

Nov. 2, 2012

By Jonathan Schillace

Meet Sam. He's a 6 year old boy with cerebral palsy. He joined the Miracle Sports Program two years ago. His Father is Brian Donoway the heads groundskeeper at Florida State University. He feels blessed to give Sam the opportunity to be a part of the Miracle Program.

"He's just a joy to have around. I thank God every day we have him," said Brian Donoway, "And then to just come out here and play ball and do something I enjoy getting to watch everyday at work is really exciting to see my son out here playing."

Recently members of the Florida State Softball and baseball team were out there playing with them. They got the chance to interact with the kids in the program, an opportunity that will resonate for years to come.

"It keeps everyone grounded and a lot of these kids give us inspiration to go out there and play," said Justin Gonzalez, "Our worst days don't compare to their best days. And that's just something to be extremely grateful for, to see how blessed we are."

And for someone that is on both sides of the fences, works for Florida State and has a son in the Miracle Program, it's an amazing opportunity to give to his son to be able to be a Seminole for a day.

"We'll watch a ball game or something and my son will see someone hit a home run and he'll say I did that on the Miracle Field," said Donoway, "It means a lot for him to be like everybody else."

It was a day that not only brightens up the kids, but also the players.

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