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Sept. 27, 2013

It was a memorable summer for midfielder Dagny Brynjarsdottir, while most players spend their offseason playing in summer leagues Brynjarsdottir was making history at the European Championships scoring the game winner to send her native Iceland to the quarterfinals for the first time.

"Seeing Dagny have the success she did was great," head coach Mark Krikorian said.

"I got the chance to play so I really wanted to try my best and it was amazing to score the goal," junior Dagny Brynjarsdottir said. "I can't really remember what happened afterwards, but it was amazing."

Yet Brynjarsdottir is not the only Nole who has found success at the International level. Last year defender Kassey Kallman earned a gold medal while playing with the United States in the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

"Winning the gold medal is pretty indescribable, a pretty unbelievable feeling, one of the best feelings I've been a part of," senior Kassey Kallman said." "It's a memory I'll never be able to forget. I really think coming to FSU because have definitely helped prepare me for that."

In fact many current and former Seminoles have donned the jersey of their native country, something head coach Mark Krikorian finds important to his teams success.

"I think it's naive for us not to embrace the opportunity to bring different cultures and different styles of play and different types of kids together," Krikkorian said. "These international kids have brought such a positive influence."

"I love the cultural diversity within the team because soccer is different in every country and we just learn from each other," junior Isabella Scmid said.

Recruiting players who play for their National Teams sometimes means they will miss games during the season, a price Krikorian is more than willing to pay.

"Maybe we can have a little bit more of a global perspective and recognize that this is the world game and representing your national team is as great an honor you can have in the game," Krikorian said. "We're just fortunate that these players come here and feel like they get better and their national team coaches feel as if they're getting better."

Which is something his players respect.

"Not every coach would allow there players to go overseas to play for their national team so it means a lot to me," Brynjarsdottir said.

"I think he's a very experienced manager and he's been through it all so he knows how to treat his players and how they'll react to his words so loosening the reigns a bit to let us go and play I think will bring our flare out in the games," junior Megan Campbell said.

Besides nothing can match the feeling of putting on your countries colors.

"I can't really describe the feeling when you walk on the field and you hear the National Anthem, it's just really special," Schmid said.

"It's an absolute honor to play with the patch on your chest and when you're with the national team they talk about the people that have come before you," Kallman said.

"Playing there in the national jersey you can feel how everyone in Iceland is supporting you and our really proud of you," Brynjarsdottir said.

"It's always a great honor and you get shivers and stuff when you put on the jersey before you go out to play," Campbell said.

And come fall, they all will be united by the Garnet and Gold.

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