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Seminole Soccer Summer Diaries
Amanda DaCosta is in training camp with the U.S. U-23 Women's National Team in Cleveland Ohio.

Amanda DaCosta is in training camp with the U.S. U-23 Women's National Team in Cleveland Ohio.

June 16, 2009

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - In the coming months, fans of Florida State soccer will get a glimpse of what their favorite players are doing during their summer vacation in the Seminole Soccer Summer Diary Series.

Junior midfielder Amanda DaCosta is back with her second entry of the week giving Seminole fans an update from Cleveland, Ohio and a closer at the U.S. U-23 Women's National Team camp and the search for King James, that's right the Cavaliers own LeBron James.

June 16, 2009: Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Seminole Fans:

So it's Day 4 of U-23 camp, and things are moving pretty smoothly. On Sunday, we scrimmaged a U-15 Boy's State Cup team. Now I know what you're thinking...the U-23 Women's National Team is playing a U-15 boys team? In training camps, we usually scrimmage a boys team once or twice because the level of play is higher, and it is at a much faster pace, even at the younger ages. Honestly, if we were to play a boys team in our age group we would probably be toast. Turns out this particular team actually beat us 2-1. We split our team up in two: one team played the first half, and one team played the second. I played the first half and our team did very well. Those boys were fast though let me tell you, but we still came out with a 1-0 lead by the end of the half. In the second half, we scored an own goal to tie it up, and then a very poor penalty kick was called by the ref putting the boys in the lead making it a 2-1 final. Although we didn't come out with the victory, Coach Bill Irwin was still pleased with our performance telling us that "we played them off the park". You win some, you lose some.

Monday was a light day for us so we had most of the day to ourselves. You have A LOT of down time on these trips which is both good and bad. Good in the sense that you can keep to yourself and do what you want, but bad in the sense that after the second or third day locked up in these rooms, you really start to lose your mind! We decided that since there was so much free time to spare, we would have a ping pong tournament! I'm not going to lie, it was pretty intense. We had the brackets set up on a whiteboard in the players lounge and it basically took off from there. We haven't declared a winner yet but I'm in the Elite 8 of the tournament! I guess I can do more than just play soccer after all. Aside from the ping pong, I had enough time on Monday to finish my book. I'm reading the third Twilight book called Eclipse, and if you need a good book to read: READ TWILIGHT. I'm not much of a reader myself but they are really entertaining. Some of the girls laugh at me when I start making faces and noises at what's going on in the book; I guess you could say that I'm into it.

Food update: Turns out that our chef Paul is actually the chef for the Cleveland Cavaliers! You know what that means...I'm a step closer to meeting LeBron! This morning he made us LeBron's favorite breakfast which is a breakfast sandwich consisting of wheat toast, strawberry jam, eggs, turkey sausage and light cheese. Breakfast of Champions...That's all for now!

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June 13, 2009 Entry 1: Cleveland, Ohio (Amanda DaCosta)

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