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                                Florida State Women's Basketball
                     Florida State Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 02, 2014)
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Opponent                  Date      Score  WL    POINTS           REBOUNDS         ASSISTS          STEALS           BLOCKED SHOTS
UNC GREENSBORO            11/08/13  93-59  W    24-Howard, Natas 11-Slaughter, Iv 10-Delgado, Yash  3-Howard, Natas  4-James, Kai
                                                                                                      Delgado, Yash
                                                                                                      Jones, Morgan
at Cincinnati             11/13/13  63-58  W    22-Jones, Morgan  6-Howard, Natas  3-Jones, Morgan  5-Delgado, Yash  3-Howard, Natas
                                                                    Jones, Morgan    Delgado, Yash    Slaughter, Iv
PRAIRIE VIEW A&M          11/17/13  88-37  W    24-Brown, Britta 11-Slaughter, Iv  4-Brown, Britta  5-Brown, Britta  2-James, Kai
                                                                                     Delgado, Yash
at Florida                11/21/13  76-68  W    24-Jones,Morgan   9-Slaughter, Iv  8-Delgado,Yashi  3-Brown, Britta  4-Howard, Natas
at LOUISVILLE             11/24/13  59-69  OL   13-Howard, Natas 14-Howard, Natas  4-Delgado, Yash  4-Brown, Britta  3-Howard, Natas
STETSON                   11/29/13  79-49  W    26-Howard, Natas 10-Howard, Natas  8-Delgado, Yash  4-Howard, Natas  4-Howard, Natas
                                                                                                                       James, Kai
at Miami-Ohio             12/1/13   71-62  W    16-Brown, Britta 15-Slaughter, Iv  5-Delgado, Yash  4-Jones, Morgan  1-James, Kai
                                                                                     Jones, Morgan
MICHIGAN STATE            12/04/13  60-58  W    23-Howard, Natas 12-Howard, Natas  4-Delgado, Yash  4-Brown, Britta  3-Howard, Natas
JACKSONVILLE              12/08/13  71-33  W    18-Howard, Natas  9-Jones, Morgan  6-Delgado, Yash  4-Howard, Natas  4-Howard, Natas
                                                                    Howard, Natas
NORTH FLORIDA             12/16/13  61-42  W    19-Slaughter, Iv 11-Slaughter, Iv  4-Delgado, Yash  4-Howard, Natas  1-Howard, Natas
                                                                                     Jones, Morgan
vs Pacific                12/20/13  73-66  W    20-Howard, Natas  8-Howard, Natas  4-Delgado, Yash  5-Delgado, Yash  5-Howard, Natas
at Long Beach State       12/21/13  72-57  W    16-Howard, Natas 15-Howard, Natas  8-Delgado, Yash  3-Jones, Morgan  2-Howard, Natas
UT MARTIN                 12/28/13  76-53  W    26-Howard, Natas 13-Slaughter, Iv  7-Brown, Britta  3-Slaughter, Iv None
                                                                                     Delgado, Yash
at PITT                   01/02/14  78-69  W    27-Howard, Natas 14-Slaughter, Iv  8-Yashira Delga  5-Brown, Britta  3-Howard, Natas
at Miami                  1/9/14    68-63  W    27-Howard, Natas 18-Howard, Natas 10-Delgado, Yash  3-Brown, Britta  3-Howard, Natas
NORTH CAROLINA            01/12/14  61-65   L   18-Jones, Morgan 10-Slaughter, Iv  6-Delgado, Yash  2-Slaughter, Iv  1-Slaughter, Iv
                                                                                                                       Howard, Natas
at NC State               1/16/14   57-80   L   14-Howard, Natas 11-Slaughter, Iv  7-Yashira Delga  3-Brown, Britta  1-Howard, Natas
                                                                                                                       Morgan Jones
at Virginia               01/19/14  68-85   L   21-Emiah Bingley 10-Howard, Natas  7-Yashira Delga  2-Yashira Delga  5-Howard, Natas
                                                                    Morgan Jones
DUKE                      01/23/14  77-85  OL   28-Howard, Natas 22-Howard, Natas  6-Delgado, Yash  3-Brown, Britta  5-Howard, Natas
VIRGINIA TECH             1/26/14   70-54  W    17-Howard, Natas 12-Slaughter, Iv  9-Delgado, Yash  5-Brown, Britta  2-Howard, Natas
                                                                                                      Howard, Natas
at Wake Forest            02/02/14  54-78   L   22-Howard, Natas  8-Slaughter, Iv  4-Yashira Delga  5-Yashira Delga  6-Howard, Natas
                                                                                     Brown, Britta
NOTRE DAME                02/06/14  60-81   L   18-Delgado, Yash 10-Jones, Morgan  4-Delgado, Yash  2-Brown, Britta  3-Howard, Natas
                                                                                                      Delgado, Yash
                                                                                                      Jones, Morgan
BOSTON COLLEGE            02/09/14  72-55  W    26-Howard, Natas 11-Howard, Natas 15-Delgado, Yash  4-Slaughter, Iv  2-Jones, Morgan
at Syracuse               02/13/14  83-59  W    40-Howard, Natas 11-Slaughter, Iv 12-Delgado, Yash  3-Slaughter, Iv  1-Howard, Natas
MIAMI                     02/16/14  73-76   L   19-Jones, Morgan  8-Jones, Morgan  6-Delgado, Yash  3-Brown, Britta  1-Howard, Natas
at Maryland               02/20/14  77-87   L   35-Howard, Natas 11-Howard, Natas 10-Delgado, Yash  5-Howard, Natas  2-Howard, Natas
at Clemson                02/23/14  59-43  W    19-Howard, Natas 15-Howard, Natas  5-Delgado, Yash  3-Brown, Britta None
GEORGIA TECH              02/27/14  78-86   L   34-Howard, Natas  9-Jones, Morgan  6-Delgado, Yash  2-Brown, Britta  1-Slaughter, Iv
                                                                                                      Howard, Natas
VIRGINIA                  03/02/14  82-70  W    33-Howard, Natas 11-Howard, Natas 11-Delgado, Yash  4-Howard, Natas  2-Howard, Natas