Point in the Right Direction
Morgan Toles sets the next play for the Seminoles

Morgan Toles sets the next play for the Seminoles

Jan. 24, 2013

By Jonathan Schillace, Seminoles.com

The Florida State Women's basketball team's 2011-2012 season can be summed up in a few short words.


But this year the Seminoles are built totally differently, starting at the top of the key.

"The point guard play has been huge," Head Coach Sue Semrau, "Both of them have great attributes and luckily we are able to use both of them this year."

The Seminoles return Morgan Toles who had to sit most of last season and this year bing a new face, Cheetah Delgado, moving the Seminoles from no true point guard to two and it's been a big reason to their fast start. Players like Leonor Rodriguez who is in the top of the nation in 3 point shooting and field goal percentage for a guard, attributes most of the success to the players playing the one.

"They are the ones that find me open looks and all I have to do is shoot, so it is kind of simple for me," Rodriguez said, "They are doing a great job for the team."

But as post players and shooting guards are quick to recognize the play of their point guards, Delgado and Toles say it's easy for them because of the team that they're surrounded by.

"It's great we have so many weapons around us so I can look at options one through four and we have so many weapons that people can score the ball in different places and I love getting it to them." Toles said.

Perhaps the reason Delgado and Toles have such success dishing the ball off and keeping the tempo up, is that there is two of them.; a big difference than previous teams they have played for.

"I usually play the whole game, I have no back-up, tired," Delgado said, "So it's a big difference this year. It feels good and it just keeps us both energized when we are both on the court. It's just good for the team."

"I'm just thankful to have Cheetah, it's a big difference," Toles said, "Like I said I'm fresh when I'm on the court."

Delgado and Toles have changed the face of the Seminoles this year. Florida State has begun their season with a 10-1 record after ending their non conference schedule but now the Seminoles open the tough part, the ACC schedule, and Coach Sue says she believe's in this team and as long as they do not get satisfied, they can finish off a special season.

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