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Nov. 1, 2012 College Call-It Graphic

Welcome back to another week of College Call-It where we join an FSU fan on Twitter in predicting the outcome of five college football games each week throughout the season and into the Bowl Championship Series.

Each Thursday of the college football regular-season I send out a tweet from my Twitter handle, @BrandonMellor, announcing that we are about to make our weekly picks. The first one to tweet me back is then asked to join us in making selections so be sure to follow along.

I select a different FSU fan on Twitter each week and keep track of the combined record as well as each of our combined records throughout the season.

-Brandon Mellor, Managing Editor

Week 10 Picks

NAME Alabama at LSU Virginia Tech at Miami

Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State

New Mexico State at Auburn Oregon at USC 2012 RECORD
Brandon Mellor Alabama Virginia Tech Texas A&M Auburn Oregon 31-14
Ryan Pensy LSU Virginia Tech Texas A&M New Mexico State Oregon 25-20
Layne Herdt Alabama Virginia Tech Texas A&M Auburn Oregon 33-12
Scott Kotick LSU Miami Texas A&M New Mexico State Oregon 31-14
Jonathan Schillace Alabama Miami Texas A&M Auburn Oregon 20-25
Guest Picker: @SageCommaMike Alabama Virginia Tech Texas A&M Auburn Oregon 28-17


Week 1: @kevin_tucker_ (4-1)

Week 2: @stevemathews_ (3-2)

Week 3: @StrikerObi (3-2)

Week 4: @courtnolee (3-2)

Week 5: @zmart33 (4-1)

Week 6: @alexrea (4-1)

Week 7: @3st0andrew3 (3-2)

Week 8: @ts3232 (4-1)

Week 9: @NoDiggityKickin (0-5)

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