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Jameis Squinston

Nov. 7, 2013

By Jonathan Schillace,

Jameis Winston's vision down the field is incredible.

"He never keeps his eyes from down field, even when he's scrambling or got people right in his face, he keeps his eyes downfield," said Telvin Smith. "And that just creates plays and keeps plays going until it allows the wide receiver to make the play."

"He's able to miss defenders and able to still look downfield and find wide open wide receivers," said Mario Edwards Jr. "It's just amazing sometimes you think he's sacked and he's able to get away."

But his sight to the sidelines doesn't seem nearly as good.

"I don't know what's up with him," said James Wilder Jr. "Sometimes I stand right there and I look at him and ask what's the call and I see him [squinting]. I guess when it's far he tilts his head back [and squints]. He needs to get that fixed."

That was always the intention. Winston's timing for a doctors appointment was just a little off.

"I had to refill my prescription," said Jameis Winston. "Obviously that week had to be after the week everyone talked about how I squint."

Now it has been the brunt of jokes in and out of the locker room.

"When I'm on campus people are like, 'Jameis can you see me?" said Winston. "People don't usually bother me, but now people are asking me if I can see them."

All joking aside, it doesn't seem to be effecting Winston on the field. But the craziest thing is trying to imagine what he would be like with perfect vision.

"Shoot, that's scary to even think about," said P.J. Williams. "It's crazy, I didn't even know he had a vision problem."

It's never been a problem, it's because he squints. Still seems to see it," said head coach Jimbo Fisher. "Think how well he could play if he could see."

What is in focus is the Heisman Trophy and National Championship.

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