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A Leader Has Emerged

Oct. 1, 2013

By Jonathan Schillace

It is hard to describe the feeling of playing football for Telvin Smith.

"It's joy, it's ecstatic," said Telvin. "It's love every time I am out there, I feel love. So many people you don't even know screaming out your name, you can't help but try and give everything you got. It's a lot of emotions all into one and it burst out when you make a play."

There have been plenty of examples this season from Telvin, including his pick six, the first for Florida State since 2011. His opportunity to play is one that he does not take for granted, especially after the game he loves was almost taken away.

"I just love to be around this team," said Telvin. "When you have something almost taken away from you, you finally realize how much it means to you. And then when you see someone actually have it taken away from them and you go through that with that person, you understand what it really means to be out here. I understand what this one practice means two years from now, or two months from now. You will never get this time back or any time you step out there back. So any time I step out there I try to enjoy that or go hard."

Telvin's off the field issues used to overshadow what he would do on the field...

"There is an old saying I always use, 'your actions speak so loud I can't hear what you are saying,'" said Head Coach Jimbo Fisher. "But now he is living everything he is talking and I think it has made a huge difference in us and him, definitely the consistency in which he plays with and I think it's a big difference in our football team."

"Telvin has definitely been that leader that this team needs," said Dan Hicks "He has a lot of energy. Even on days you think the energy is dead, he always comes with that energy, that hype , that motivation, that thrill to just push each and every day like it's his last and it's been wonderful for this team."

That's evident in practice, games and team huddles. His leadership on the field has been rewarded this week being named ACC linebacker of the week after his 10 tackles against Boston College.

"Telvin was taking on blocks, filling holes, did a nice job," said Fisher. "Overall leadership, ability to play, understanding of the game, like I said he can play and play and play, just a tremendous football player. I can go on and on about him, being a good leader, being instinctive, really good football player."

Telvin has truly prided himself on knowing his role. A leader, competitor and fun loving guy is how his teammates describe him. And he has embraced that role playing for everyone around him.

"I play for my teammates," said Telvin. "At the end of the day I play for the fans, I play for my family, I play for those guys who can't play no more or wish they were right here but never will be right here. I play for the love of the game, the respect of the game. I play hard just because what else is there to do?"

Telvin says he won't take a snap off until he can no longer play.

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