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More Hiting And Cool Temperatures Highlight Monday's Practice
Taiwan Easterling leaps up to grab a pass over Korey Mangum at Monday's practice.

Taiwan Easterling leaps up to grab a pass over Korey Mangum at Monday's practice.

Aug. 11, 2008

Tallahassee, FL - It's supposed to be the dog days of summer but with temperatures in the low 80's and a cool breeze blowing, the Seminole football team practiced for 24 periods Monday. The squad wore shoulder pads and game helmets as the equipment staff used the practice to let the players get a feel for their 2008 head gear.



  • Myron Rolle rolled his ankle in practice but is expected to fully participate on Tuesday.





Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

Opening statement:

"I think were making progress. That's all we can look for now is progress.  Were trying to evaluate the kids, see who can help who, who can play now, and who might take a little bit longer."


On Corey Surrency catching his eye:

"Yes...I like what I see. You know I've never seen a taller group. You know when these coaches come in they all have particular physical traits that they look for. Taller receivers, are they quicker getting back, things like that. The guys are over six-foot tall who are the receivers.


How will tall receivers help?

"It will really help when you get around the red zone. It is a help everywhere really because of the reach and if they can jump. If they can't jump then they can't help. But I think it becomes real effective right around the goal line."


Do you see an improvement this year over all the receivers?

"Ya we haven't done enough to say that were there yet or anything. But I see the potential. Potential is there."


How important is it for Antone Smith to remain healthy?

"I think we will probably have more help for him but he needs to stay healthy. He is a senior and he has been productive but I hope he can stay health."


On Marcus Sims progress:

"I'll tell you who is starting to look better to me is Marcus Sims. He seems to be running so much better than a year ago."


Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher:

On practice:

"Today was not an effort day. It all started this morning. We got guys coming to the meetings late. They came without a pad and pencils to take notes. Why are you going to come to a meeting to get better and know what to do but you come unprepared. It is like going to class. You go to class without a paper and pencil your going to flunk. If you go to a meeting without a paper and pencil, you're going to flunk. I told them to come with a pad and pencil and to be on time and if they don't, then they are going to pay a consequence. I mean we have a select few but not very many. But you know what, if only some of them do it wrong, the whole team suffers so the whole team runs."


It looked like D'Vontrey and a couple of other guys were trying to lead the offense:

"Yes they did an excellent job. D'Vontrey is coming along good. I think Ponder did good. Those guys were leading and getting onto other guys. I think they did good. I think it's a select few who pick a moment when they want to decide. No matter how much talent you have, you can't win with those kinds of guys. You got to make your mind up and hopefully that will be the last time I say that."


How does Marcus Sims look:

"Marcus looks better right now then when I first got here. Marcus is bouncing around and in good shape. You can see a difference in him.


"He played full back and tail back. He is trying to learn two positions. It's almost like he is a freshman in that aspect. In time he can really help us."


Defensive Back Michael Ray Garvin:

You're having a great pre- season so far. What is the difference from last years?

"Well basically I've been staying focused. I have been staying more humble. Using my athletic abilities and putting it towards practice.


Safety Jamie Robinson:

Talk a little bit about practice went today?

"I think practice went real good. The thing I noticed most was intensity. It came from both offense and defense. When we were in inside drills, they came from both sides again. During impact drills, 11-on-11, and individual times, everyone was all hyped up on both sides."


Why is the intensity so high this year?

"I think it is. Even before camp started everyone was real anxious and talking about what they can do get ready. I think it has to do with so much expectation to be that team of the 90's. That's what they wanted from us the past two years; but we're trying to show the talent that we have here now. We're trying to be our own team now."


What is the difference between playing corner and safety?

"Difference is about how you come up on the run and you have to hit a lot more. I had to play out there today 11-on-11 where I should have came up quicker. It's a lot more physical."


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