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June 5, 2009


Arkansas 7 Florida State 2


Florida State Head Coach Mike Martin:

Opening statement: "Well I was certainly very impressed with the Arkansas club. They're as solid fundamentally as I had seen and was just very impressed with the way they play the game. They did a great job and certainly deserved to win. We've just got to come out tomorrow and play better."

On leaving several runners on base and not getting that big hit: "Funny how the game is. I kept thinking the same thing; we're just looking for someone to give us that, that lift. But you know, you've got to credit Arkansas. Their pitchers didn't give us a chance to get that big hit. You've got to credit them."

On starter Sean Gilmartin: "Sean Gilmartin is just one of those kind of competitors that you felt comfortable with. The whole time he was out there he was in total control of everything and it's unfortunate that the weather man didn't cooperate. But he certainly showed what he's all about by going out there, what two, three different times. Counting the starting, he went out there three different times and that's quite a reputation to have among your teammates."

On the frustration of the 7th inning when Arkansas scored three runs without a hit: "Well, it's certainly something that is uncharacteristic but there again, it's just what we had talked about before: the predictability of this sport."

CF Tyler Holt

On how the rain delay affected the team: "I really don't know how to answer that. The rains comes and it goes and it's how you play through it. I don't feel like it affected us, maybe momentum a little bit, but not our attitudes. That's really all I can say. I don't feel like the delay had anything to do with the loss tonight. Just some things didn't go our way and we'll work them out."

On leaving so many guys on base: "We've always worked on two-out hits and you know, baseball's timely hitting and we didn't have it today and they got the job done. I'd say, the numbers left on base doesn't help us but it's not like the guys are going out there and trying to leave them on. So hopefully we'll have some timely hitting tomorrow and pull through this loss."

P Sean Gilmartin

On the difficulty of warming up and coming back in: "It's a challenge every single time you get delayed. You get kind of antsy and want to get back out there as soon as possible but I just kind of have to stay in my mindset with what I'm doing. I can't really get too ahead of myself. I can only control certain things and I can't control the weather so I don't let that really affect me at all."


Arkansas Head Coach Dave Van Horn

Opening statement: It's been a long day. I forgot really the first four innings of the game; it just seemed so long ago. Both lefthanders were throwing the ball pretty well, keeping the ball down. The rains obviously interfered with a pretty good ball game. It's tough on both teams, both pitching staffs. I thought our players did a good job of coming back and finding a way to win. We really didn't do a whole lot offensively we just scored some runs and Mike (Bolsinger) did a super job getting out of a couple of jams. I'm just proud of our team for hanging in there in the road."

Talk about the performance by Mike Bolsinger: "It was a great performance. I think he threw about 85 pitches. It was a humid day. He knew when we left to go get something to eat that he was going to pitch when we got back if we played. I thought he really did a nice job. He just about got out of that (fifth) inning; if we don't basically misjudge a ball, lose a ball in centerfield we might have been able to get out of that inning without giving up the tying run. It was huge there. I think they had the bases loaded and two out and he got us out of it. We felt like when we got through there we had a chance to win the game."

How did you spend the rain delay: "The same thing they did. Just hang out and wait and watch it rain. We wondered if we were going to get to play."

P Mike Bolsinger

On his pitching performance: "I really just finished off what Dallas (Keuchel) started. It all starts with your starting pitcher and he gave me the motivation and everything just started coming together. I was a little iffy in the first inning like I have been but my velocity throughout the game and my command of my off speed started coming together."

On what Bolsinger did during the rain delay in the hotel room: "I really went into my room and the lights were off and I was chilling in there. I couldn't go eat; I was just chilling in the room the whole time."

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