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June 8, 2008

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Florida State Quotes

Head Coach Mike Martin
Opening statement...
"I don't think I have ever wanted anything more for a group because of the kind of men that they are. Isn't it appropriate for three of them that made our program what it is are up here now [Jack Rye, Buster Posey and Ryan Strauss]. These guys are what make our program what it is. It was a big win for our baseball program and this team is special... I will say to all of you, I look forward to seeing you in Omaha and that is my favorite saying this time of the year."

RF Jack Rye
On his first inning home run...
"That first inning was very important, the whole lineup stepped up and we wanted to get something started and we did and that really carried on into the rest of the game. I got a hold of that one and it felt good and I definitely knew it as soon as it came off the bat."

On heading to Omaha...
"It's just an unforgettable moment and everyone here today is so excited. We credit the coaches and the staff so much for helping us get to this point."

C Buster Posey
On heading to Omaha...
"Just to echo what Coach Martin said I can't be anymore happy for Ryan Strauss, Jack Rye, Dennis Guinn, Trent Jarvis and Ruairi O'Connor. Guys who have been here four or five years some of them and it has been a lot of hard work and obviously the past couple of years we haven't been where we wanted to and now this program is back where it belongs."

Wichita State Quotes
Head Coach Gene Stephenson
Opening statement...
"Well there is not a lot I can say. The last two days have been very disappointing because that's the worst starting performances we've had from those two guys perhaps ever, probably. Both days put us in such a hole that's difficult to come out of. I thought we really battled hard today. We did lots of things. We tried to stay in the game and we were until the seventh, we gave up the unearned run in the fourth, it really hurt us. But we were still in the ball game up until the seventh inning and then the guy (Buster Posey) hit the homerun on the breaking ball. He's a very good hitter because when he gets fooled he stills stays on the ball and stays through the ball."

CF Andy Dirks
On the momentum changing after a fun interfered with a foul ball...
"Well I mean we were still down by four runs there (in the second inning), it got us some runs on the board but the bottom line was we were gonna have to score more. As far as it being in the cards for us, obviously the scoreboard said it wasn't. We played hard, like Gene (Stephenson) said, we had a couple of guys, two of our horses that we've ridden all year that have done a great job and they're the reason that we are here. They just got hit around a little bit and gave up some runs but those guys I'm sure they wish they could have it back and it wasn't because they're not trying, which is all you can ask for of guys. You wish that they could throw a perfect game every time but in reality you can't and they gave their best effort and that's all you can ask of a guy."

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