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Post Game Quotes

June 6, 2008

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Mike Martin

Opening statement...
"Well you've really got to tip your hat to Wichita State they did an outstanding job. (Rob) Musgrave was very impressive, it certainly was a gutsy performance on his part, 120 pitches on a warm day, you've got to credit him, just was very,very proud of our guys especially Tony Delmonico for showing the courage that he did to try to finish the game. Certainly the only thing that he was replaced was for a pinch runner there in the ninth inning but just very proud of our young men, the way we fought but credit Wichita State, they got it done."

On how today's pitching changed the game...
"It's amazing what a hit by pitch will do to an inning. Certainly we have been on the other end of that before but you've got to just do everything that you can to get through it. Unfortunately we weren't able to get through it but we walked two today and hit three, that's very unusual, isn't it? To hit more then you walked."

1B Denis Guinn
On how facing elimination for the second time in the tournament...
"Well we just know as a team that regardless of where we are at with our backs against the wall we are still gonna come out and fight you and try to beat you and I'd rather be on this club then any other club in the country going into an elimination game and needing two wins. There is not a better team in the country in this type of situation."

Wichita State Quotes
Head Coach Gene Stephenson

Opening statement...
"I thought it was a hard fought ballgame on both sides; very hot, very humid. I am so proud of our guys. Evem though it was hot and sweaty I had a great time, it was fun and I am so proud of our guys, they competed so well. It is only one game, one victory, that's all it is. We know we have to come out and fight just as hard or harder tomorrow. We know that and we are looking forward to it."

3B Conor Gillaspie
On how the team was able to drive in runs...
"We are a team that thrives off of guys getting on base. (Andy) Dirks in on base every game and there is nobody else in the country who can say that. If we get guys on base we've got enough guys who can drive in runs and we have confidence in each other.

On his three run homer in the sixth inning...
"I kind of saw how they pitched (Ryan) Jones. The guy was obviously trying to get it off the plate a little bit so I figured he was trying to go away from me and I got the pitch, he left up five-six inches and it was enough. That ball at Wichita State, you camp under it and it's an out and the innings over. He left the pitch up and I tried to put the barrel on it and it worked out for us."

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