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Pete Dunn

"Boy that was fun. You know you go into anytime, whether in a tournament situation or regular season or whatever, you just hope that you never let a game get out of hand like that got out of hand but you're in this game long enough, you know what happens, just hope that it doesn't happen in a situation like this. Florida State came out and you just got to give them all of the credit in the world. I wondered whether they would come out after that game last night where they were pretty well dominated by (Justin) Pigott and how they would come out. I really expected them to come out, 'cause I know that they have all of the expectations to fight their way back through the losers' bracket and winning this thing. They certainly came out with a vengeance and I thought Jake (Hitchcock) threw very well early and sometimes you can tell with Jake if he's going to be good or if he's going to be not so good in the early innings and I was very impressed and very happy the way he threw but they were able to manufacture a couple runs and when it was still 5-0, I certainly thought we were still in the game. That one inning, I guess, that 11 spot or whatever, that just took right out of us, so the rest is history."


Shane Jordan
(on home run)
"Like I told them when I got in the dugout, I said 'at least we didn't get shutout', so I guess it was bittersweet, that's it. I'd much rather have a win in the column instead of the home run but it took a little bit of the edge off, I guess."

Mike Martin

"Well, I guess you could say we got exactly what we needed and that was a great performance out of Ryan Strauss that saved our bullpen. Nice to see everybody get after it offensively, defensively. It was just a ballgame that I was very, very pleased with all aspects. I just hope that we understand that this next game is one that starts brand new so we just hope that we can continue to play like we did."


Ryan Strauss
"The first four innings it was kind of tough for me, I didn't feel that good out there. Around the fifth inning, everything just clicked and it started getting easy to throw and stuff so it was nice to get through that."

(on coming back after rain delay)
I was planning on going back out but once we got that lightning warning and the 30 more minutes, we pretty much just shut it down. A hundred pitches, you know, that's a long wait."

Dennis Guinn
(on getting home run after previous injury)
"Well definitely, since I've been back, I feel like I've been seeing the ball good just kind of not making the right decisions at the plate, swinging at some bad pitches. I was kind of glad to get the monkey off of my back with the home run. It kind of took us over the top in the game."

Jason Stidham
(on his early home run)
"I thought it was kind of a big momentum-shift because we haven't been scoring the runs early but getting the run early, I felt that we'd get some confidence from the guys and we start hitting the ball from there."

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