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Post Game Quotes

May 30, 2009

Recap |  Box Score

Marist Head Coach Dennis Healy
Opening Statement:
"Well obviously what I did with the bullpen didn't work. Josh Rickards threw great for us and we had a chance. Our bullpen guys came in and the game got away from us. We'll go back at it tomorrow and go from there."

On Josh Rickards performance:
"He's throwing a bunch of change-ups and fast ball counts and they were swinging at them. They were chasing balls in the dirt and when he needed to he made a pitch on the inner half to right handers and knocked some guys off. Which he's done, he's done that most of his career. He does a good job of the running game. He pitched well."

On how the team felt with having a 3-1 lead in the beginning
"Our guys, our players feel like they can play with anybody. I think once we got ahead he knew somebody was going to have to get some outs before we got the ball to Jacob Wiley but it didn't play out. Somebody's got to get those outs between the fifth, sixth, seventh inning. Third time through the order with Rickards I wasn't comfortable with him the third time through the order so I went to Eric (Alessio). I liked some of our matchups he just didn't make any pitches."

Florida State Head Coach Mike Martin
Opening Statement:
"Obviously, this was a good win for our ball club. There were a lot of keys to the ball game. Certainly the first game of the regional is always one in which you are going to see in some players a case of nerves and others you'll see them calm the group down and get back to what they enjoy doing and that's playing the game."

On the keys to the victory:
"Certainly Mike's home run was one of the keys. Stephen's two-out hit. And Jason follows it with a three-run (home run). That was a huge lift for us."

Florida State Leftfielder Mike McGee
On whether or not he was surprised that Marist took their starter out right before he came to bat:
"Kind of. I hadn't looked that good against him and I didn't feel that comfortable. So I was surprised but I was happy because he had a good change-up going that I was having trouble with. I was a little surprised."

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