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Post Game Quotes

May 30, 2008

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Head Coach Mike Martin

Opening Statement...
"Well, obviously, I don't have a whole lot to say except that was as fine a pitched baseball as I've seen. Oh goodness, literally in years for (Mathew) Wilson. He was just a thing of beauty, kept us off balance all night long and threw the ball over the plate all night long with three pitches. He didn't throw a curve ball the first part of the game and then all of a sudden, started throwing one and got the third or fourth and started throwing that one for strikes. I think all you can do is just tip your hat to Bucknell. They just did a tremendous job. I thought our guys fought hard. It was two at bats, the at bat Buster (Posey) had there in the eighth and the at bat that Tommy Oravetz had the ninth, hits the ball hard, centerfielder makes a nice play and of course the at bat Omed (Danesh) had was a nice play the centerfielder made to end the game."

"For a guy to come in here and throw 153 pitches to shut us out, that is quite a credit to that young man. I can't, obviously, be happy with losing but it does make me proud to be a Seminole the way our fans reacted when the game was over to acknowledge a job well done. I've been in this for a long time people...nobody does that but Florida State people."

C Buster Posey
On Bucknell pitcher...
"Well, he just stayed on the corners the whole time, on the corners and off of the plate and like Eleven (Coach Martin) said, he did it with three pitches. It didn't ever seem like you got a great pitch to hit off of him. He just battled the whole game."

Bucknell Quotes

Head Coach Gene Depew
Opening Statement...
"It's nice to be here at the second press conference. I said yesterday when I came in that we really were looking forward to seeing how we measured up and guys came out tonight and did what we needed to do. We obviously got an outstanding pitching performance and the emphasis there is on pitching from Mat Wilson, a guy that doesn't try to overpower you and strikeout you out and those kinds of things. He's a pitcher and he's a competitor and he did a great job with that. I said we had to make a play defensively and make them earn anything they got. We did exactly that. The guys played good defense behind that and we were able to get some offensive momentum in those early innings and get two, three-run innings and made that hold up. I'm very proud of the way our team played and I think we're very pleased to bring, I think, some good publicity to the Patriot League. I don't think the Patriot League gets a great deal of respect in the baseball world. It's a very competitive league in baseball and I'm glad that we were able to represent well tonight."

P Mathew Wilson
On Pitching Performance...
"It's surreal. I wish Shawn (Hirsch) was able to be here (in press conference) but he's a little under the weather I guess. Really with a catcher like that, he puts down a sign, puts his glove up and I don't even have to think so when you don't have to think when you're on the mound, it's pretty easy to get into a groove as long as you're keeping the ball down and throwing strikes so I mean, that's the best defense I've seen our team play. We put up runs right away and that was just an overall tremendous performance."

On Throwing So Many Pitches...
"I'll need some ice. The eighth inning Coach came up to me and pretty much, we were going to go until I got to the stretch so if anybody got on in the eighth I was going to come out but that didn't happen and when the ninth came around I probably would have killed someone if they took me out of the game so that pitch count, it was worth it I guess."

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