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    Department of Athletics Directory

    FSU Athletics Department
    403 Stadium Dr. West, Room D0107
    Tallahassee, FL 32306

    FSU Athletics Department
    PO Box 2195
    Tallahassee, FL 32316

    Click on a staff members name for their full bio, scroll below for the appropriate department.

    For general athletics department inquires, call 850-645-2527

    Administration Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-645-2527  
    Fax Number   850-644-7293  
    Stan Wilcox Director of Athletics 850-644-1079
     Vicki Cupp Executive Assistant 850-644-2526
    Cindy Hartmann Deputy Athletics Director / Administration 850-645-2368
    Karl Hicks Deputy Athletics Director / External Operations 850-645-2014
    Vanessa Fuchs Senior Associate Athletics Director / SWA 850-644-4933
     Makini Thompson Administrative Coordinator 850-645-7817
    Monk Bonasorte Senior Associate Athletics Director / Internal Operations 850-644-2648
     Nicki Bedgood Administrative Assistant 850-644-1904
    Matt Behnke Senior Associate Athletics Director / CFO 850-644-8803
     Sarah Huffman Administrative Assistant 850-645-2715
    Dr. Greg Beaumont Senior Associate Athletics Director / Academics 850-644-5938
    Academics Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-9201  
    Fax Number   850-644-2188  
    Dr. Greg Beaumont Associate Dean / Senior Associate Athletics Director for Academics 850-644-5938
    Dr. Kacy King Assistant AD of SAAS/Director of Educational Services 850-644-5936
    Cathy Badger Assistant Director 850-644-5933
    Charlie Hogan Assistant Director 850-644-5953
    Hannah Alattar Advisor 850-645-9852
    Lauren Birch Learning Specialist
    Erin DeChellis Advisor 850-644-2601
    Jessica Francis Tutorial Coordinator 850-644-5940
    Shanika Mungin Learning Specialist 850-644-0054
    Merce Poindexter Advisor 850-644-5928
    Deana Ruggeri Advisor / Mentor Coordinator 850-645-0298
    Latoya Williams Advisor 850-645-0299
    TBA Learning Specialist
    Adrienne Allen Office Manager 850-644-9323
    Kelly Benacka Advising Assistant
    Zach Barge Intern
    Storm Blitz Intern
    Alyssa Harmon Intern
    Kellie Catanach Graduate Assistant
    Baseball Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-1073  
    Fax Number   850-644-7213  
    Mike Martin Head Coach 850-644-1073
    Mike Bell Associate Head Coach 850-644-1072
    Cathy Benton Administrative Assistant 850-644-1073
    Mike Martin Jr. Assistant Coach- Recruiting Coordinator 850-644-9129
    Chip Baker Baseball Operations 850-644-1071
    Men's Basketball Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-1461  
    Fax Number   850-644-6622  
    Leonard Hamilton Head Coach 850-644-5229
    Stan Jones Associate Head Coach 850-644-1405
    Charlton "C.Y." Young Assistant Coach 850-644-1461
    Dennis Gates Assistant Coach 850-644-1461
    Jacob Ridenhour Basketball Operations 850-644-4613
    Victoria Sun Special Assistant to Coach Hamilton 850-644-5229
    Kat Moore Administrative Assistant - Asst. Coach 850-644-1461
    Kyle Cregan Video Coordinator 850-644-1242
    Women's Basketball Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-3641  
    Fax Number   850-644-9570  
    Sue Semrau Head Coach 850-644-3641
    Lance White Assistant Coach 850-644-3647
    Brooke Wyckoff Assistant Coach 850-644-3674
    Danielle Santos Assistant Coach 850-644-3643
    Melissa Bruner Basketball Operations 850-644-6959
    Linda Goddard Administrative Support Assistant 850-644-3641
    TBD Video Coordinator
    Business Office Position Phone Email
    Main Number 850-644-1018
    Fax Number   850-644-3352  
    Elizabeth Hartsock Assistant Athletics Director 850-644-2062
    Wendy Byers Accounting Specialist 850-644-5259
    Art Cunkle Accounting Specialist 850-644-3582
    Kory Dahlen Accounting Specialist 850-645-9727
    Lauren Wofford Accounting Specialist 850-644-2735
    TBA Accounting Specialist
    Elizabeth Lohmann Cashier 850-644-3769
    David Register Mail Room 850-644-4284
    Jodi Harris Short's Travel Agent 850-645-9982
    Cheerleaders Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-2550  
    Fax Number   850-644-7851  
    Staci Sutton Coordinator 850-644-8457
    Communications Position Phone Email
    Rob Wilson Associate Athletics Director - Communications 850-644-5678
    Compliance Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-4272  
    Fax Number   850-644-7025  
    Jim Curry Associate Athletics Director 850-644-7926
    Tasha Fisher Assistant Athletics Director 850-644-5932
    Alex Dominato Assistant Athletics Director 850-644-3635
    Ralph Shick Director of Compliance 850-644-4390
    Derrick Coles Director of Compliance 850-645-9691
    Danielle Barnes Director of Student-Athlete Admission & Initial-Eligibility 850-644-3049
    Marra Hvozdovic Compliance Coordinator 850-644-4272
    Technology Services Position Phone Email
    TBA Director of Athletics Technology Services
    Kathy Noyes Technical Support Analyst 850-645-8677
    Cherie Sanders Technical Support Analyst 850-645-8801
    Equipment Position Phone Email
    Darin Kerns Football Contact 850-645-8686  
    Erick Casto Basketball Contact 850-644-4393
    Dane Smith Baseball Contact 850-644-5431
    (Soccer/Softball/TULLY)   850-645-3201  
    Tanya Johnson Equipment Supervisor 850-644-4362
    Ana Auger-Crossman Tully Gym Contact
    Robin Ahrberg Soccer/Softball Contact 850-645-3204
    Facilities & Events Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-4502  
    Fax Number   850-645-3278  
    Bernie Waxman Associate Athletics Director 850-644-9940
    Chuck Morris Assistant Athletics Director 850-644-1061
    Laurie Swiger Assistant Athletics Director 850-644-2547
    Brandon Kendrick Assistant Director of Facilities 850-645-1580
    Ryan Zornes Assistant Director of Facilities 850-645-2370
    Stuart Pearce Assistant Director of Event Management 850-644-4694
    Bryan Paar Assistant Director of Event Management 850-644-2896
    Alex Thomas Assistant Director of Event Management 850-645-3270
    Kim Hinckley Aquatics Center 850-644-7665
    Tommy Pafford Basketball Maintenance Supervisor 850-644-4340  
    Jeff Lingar
    Maintenance 850-644-2929
    Faculty Rep. Position Phone Email
    Pamela L. Perrewé Faculty Representative 850-644-7848
    Football Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-1465  
    Fax Number   850-644-1356  
    Joy Beech Head Coach Jimbo Fisher 850-644-1465
    Logan McMahon Recruiting 850-644-1029  
    Nicole Lamar Defense 850-644-7673
    Carol Moore Football Operations 850-644-2527
    Daphne Williams Offense 850-644-7005
    Ali Jones Administrative Assistant 850-644-1465
    Mark Robinson Director of Football Operations 850-644-1409  
    Scott Smith Asst. Director for Football Opperations 850-644-7291
    Carol Moore Secretary 850-644-2527
    Ryals Lee Memorabilia / Coaches Autograph 850-644-1376
    Jimbo Fisher Head Coach 850-644-1465 
    Joy Beech Fisher's Administrative Assistant 850-644-1465   
    Jay Graham
    Running Backs Coach / Special Teams Coordinator 850-644-1465   
    Tim Brewster Tight Ends Coach / Recruiting Coordinator 850-644-1465   
    Lawrence Dawsey Co-Offensive Coordinator / Wide Receivers Coach 850-644-1465   
    Randy Sanders
    Co-Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks Coach 850-644-1465   
    Rick Trickett Assistant Head Coach / Offensive Line Coach 850-644-1465   
    David Spurlock Graduate Assistant 850-644-1465 
    Daphne Williams Offense 850-644-7005
    Sal Sunseri Head Coach of Defense / Defensive Ends Coach 850-644-1465   
    Odell Haggins Assistant Head Coach / Defensive Tackles Coach 850-644-1465   
    Charles Kelly
    Defensive Coordinator / Defensive Backs Coach 850-644-1465   
    Bill Miller Linebackers Coach 850-644-1465   
    Addison Lynch
    Graduate Assistant 850-644-1465
    Nicole Lamar Defense 850-644-7673
    Kurt Kennedy Quality Control 850-644-1465
    Steve Shelmon Quality Control 850-644-1465
    Mike Warren Quality Control 850-644-1465
    Tim Brewster Recruiting Coordinator 850-644-1029
    Bob LaCivita  Player Personnel 850-645-7933
    Matt Ayer Recruiting Assistant 850-644-7006
    Christian Sanders Coordinator of On-Campus Recruiting 850-645-7563
    Logan McMahon Recruiting 850-644-1029
    Men's Golf Position Phone Email
    Fax Number   850-645-1689  
    Trey Jones Head Coach 850-644-7289
    Matt Savage Assistant Golf Coach 850-644-1120
    Robert Duck Assistant Coach 850-644-1120
    Chad Smith
    Golf Operations Manager 850-644-1998
    Women's Golf Position Phone Email
    Fax Number   850-645-3101  
    Amy Bond Head Coach 850-644-7290
    Matt Savage Assistant Golf Coach 850-644-1120
    Robert Duck Assistant Coach 850-644-1120
    Chad Smith Golf Operations Manager 850-644-1998
    Human Resources Position Phone Email
    Cindy Hartmann Deputy Athletics Director / Administration 850-645-2368
    Charla Phinney Personnel Rep. 850-644-0416
    Media Relations Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-1403  
    Fax Number   850-644-3820  
    Elliott Finebloom Asst. AD/SID/Digital Media 850-644-1065
    Chuck Walsh Deputy Director - Men's Basketball / Women's Golf 850-644-1077
    Bob Thomas Associate Director - Cross Country / Track & Field 850-644-0615
    Kerwin Lonzo Associate Director - Football 850-644-5656
    Jason Leturmy Assistant Director - Soccer, Baseball 850-644-3920
    Zach Stipe Assistant Director - Football / Sand Volleyball 850-645-7683
    Steve Stone Assistant Director - Women's Basketball 850-644-4836
    Maryjane Gardner Assistant Director - Men's Tennis / Men's Golf 850-644-2016
    Christa Salerno
    Sports Information Assistant - Indoor Volleyball / Swimming & Diving 850-644-5653
    Scott Moriak Graduate Assistant - Softball / Women's Tennis 850-644-1403
    Digital Media
    Position Phone Email
    Elliott Finebloom Asst. AD/SID/Digital Media 850-644-1065
    Scott Kotick Assistant Director 850-228-6729
    Layne Herdt Assistant Director 850-228-6691
    Jonathan Schillace Assistant Director 850-228-1563
    Brandon Mellor Managing Editor 850-645-2609
    Marketing/Promotions Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-2550  
    Fax Number   850-645-7851  
    Jason Dennard Assistant Athletics Director/Marketing 850-644-4397
    Drew Longenecker Assistant Director of Marketing 850-644-8368
    Nicole Haves Assistant Director of Marketing 850-644-8623
    Brandon Lane Marketing Assistant 850-644-8003
    Casey Kurtz Marketing Assistant 850-644-7929
    Maxo Jean Marketing Assistant 850-644-1350
    Staci Sutton
    Marketing Coordinator 850-644-2550
    TBA GM/Assistant Athletics Director
    Mike McClure Vice President/Florida Market Manager 850-645-7850
    Michael Smith Associate General Manager 850-645-3302
    Scott Flanders Senior Account Executive 850-645-7849
    Kaitlyn Perkins Partner Services Coordinator 850-645-7862
    Lindsay Sparling Partner Services Coordinator 850-645-0688
    Memorabilia Position Phone Email
    Ryals Lee  Memorabilia/Coaches Autograph 850-644-1376
    Seminole Boosters Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-3484  
    Fax Number   850-222-5929  
    (LICENSING) Position    
    Sherri Dye Director 850-644-3141  
    Garrett O'Connor
    Licensing 850-644-8690  
    (VARSITY CLUB)      
    Betsy Hosey Director 850-644-1123  
    Seminole Productions Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-645-8433  
    Fax Number   850-644-1165  
    Mark Rodin Director 850-644-6275
    DD Garbarino Producer / Director 850-644-8033
    Jim Garbarino Associate Director 850-644-8034
    Eric Frey Video Operations / Megavison 850-644-8036
    Jerry Tootle Producer / Director 850-644-8032
    Greg Christopher Web Video Coordinator 850-645-2378  
    Tim Fordyce
    Project Development / Producer 850-645-2372  
    Jim Hillger 
    Engineer 850-645-2992  
    Office Assistant 850-645-8433  
    Rob Levine
    Production Support Director 850-644-9577  
    Jim Shaw
    Production Assistant 850-645-2376  
    Coaches Video Position Phone Email
    Craig Campanozzi Video Coordinator 850-644-9127
    Kyle Cregan
    Video Coordinator, Men's Basketball 850-644-1242
    Video Coordinator
    Tyler Cleverly Video Coordinator, Women's Basketball 850-644-2393
    Kevin Gadowry Assistant Video Coordinator 850-644-9127
    TBA Video Assistant 850-644-9127
    Soccer Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-645-7205  
    Fax Number   850-645-8978  
    Mark Krikorian Head Coach 850-644-7724
    Mike Bristol Assistant Coach 850-644-7725
    Wes Hart Assistant Coach 850-644-7920
    Nathan Minion Director of Soccer Operations 850-645-3200
    Courtney Costello Team Manager 850-645-7205
    Softball Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-9594  
    Fax Number   850-645-3201  
    Lonni Alameda
    Head Coach 850-644-9594
    Travis Wilson
    Assistant Coach 850-644-9594
    Craig Snider
    Assistant Coach 850-644-9594
    Antonio Santiago Softball Operations Manager 850-644-9594
    Student Services Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-3281  
    Fax Number   850-644-7025  
    John Lata Assistant Athletics Director/Student Services 850-644-8986
    TBA Coordinator of Student Services
    Sarah Petronio Coordinator of Student Services 850-645-8378
    Stacy Rademacher Graduate Assistant 850-645-5635
    Chevonne Brown Graduate Assistant 850-645-5635
    Swimming/Diving Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-5946  
    Fax Number   850-645-8652  
    Frank Bradley Head Coach 850-644-5946
    TBD Diving Coach
    Andy Robins Associate Head Coach 850-274-2946
    Matt McVittie Assistant Coach
    Amy Cozad Assistant Coach
    Katie Gardocki Assistant Coach
    Patrick Blom Director of Operations 850-644-5946
    Men's Tennis Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-1893  
    Fax Number   850-644-3451  
    Dwayne Hultquist Head Coach 850-644-1738
    Nick Crowell Assistant Coach 850-644-1739
    Taylor Braziel Volunteer Assistant Coach
    Tami Brown
    Director of Tennis Operations 850-644-1893
    Women's Tennis Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-1893  
    Fax Number   850-644-3451  
    Jennifer Hyde Head Coach 850-644-1092
    Zsuzsanna Fodor Assistant Coach 850-644-1099
    Tami Brown
    Director of Tennis Operations 850-644-1893
    Ticket Office Position Phone Email
    Main Number Local   850-644-1830  
    Main Number Toll Free   888-FSU-NOLE  
    FAX NUMBER   850-644-5688  
    Jack Chatham Director of Ticket Operations 850-644-1830
    Suzanne Baham Operations Assistant 850-644-1830
    Joe Garcia Associate Director for Ticket Operations 850-644-1830
    Chris Wilson Sr. Account Executive Sales and Service 850-645-6940
    Matt Rudd Assistant Director of Ticket Operations 850-644-0969
    Justin Pitts Account Executive Sales and Service 850-644-2707
    Nicole Sullivan Account Executive Sales and Service 850-644-0503
    Jamie Center Account Executive Sales and Service 850-645-2613
    Jonathan DeMott Operations Assistant 850-645-4941
    Mike LaRocco Account Executive Sales and Service 850-645-0187
    Lindsey McCracken Account Executive Sales and Service 850-645-0188
    Ticket Sales Position Phone Email
    Main Number Local   850-644-1830  
    Main Number Toll Free   1-888-FSU-NOLE  
    FAX NUMBER   850-644-5688  
    Michael Espada
    Director of Ticket Sales 850-645-9588
    Mark Cameron Sr. Account Executive 850-645-9770
    TBA Ticket/Booster Account Rep
    Chris Asa Account Executive 850-645-9771
    Joey Moreau Account Executive 850-645-9584
    TBA Account Executive
    George Seliga Account Executive 850-645-9585
    TBA Account Executive
    Track and Field Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-5550  
    Fax Number   850-644-4845  
    Bob Braman Head Coach 850-645-1250
    Ken Harnden Associate Head Coach/Sprints, Hurdles & Relays 850-510-1280
    Dorian Scott Assistant Coach/Throws 850-644-5550
    Dennis Nobles Director of Field Events/Pole Vault, Jumps & Multis 850-644-5550
    Brandon Hon Assistant Coach/Sprints, Hurdles 850-644-5550
    Karen Harvey Women's Cross Country Head Coach/ Distance 850-644-6191
    Grad. Assistants   850-644-5550  
    Jennifer Santiago
    Director of Track Operations 850-644-5550
    Sports Medicine Position Phone Email
    Fax Number   850-644-3139  
    Fax Number   850-645-1915  
    Robin Gibson Director of Sports Medicine-Soccer 850-644-2139
    Sam Lunt Assoc. Director-M. Basketball 850-644-6223
    Jake Pfiel Associate Director-Football 850-644-7038
    Jeronimo Boche Assistant Athletic Trainer-Football 850-694-3091
    Julie Kruessel Assistant Athletic Trainer-Football 806-252-6171
    Eunice Hernandez Assistant Athletic Trainer-Softball 850-694-2086
    Emily Hutcherson Assistant Athletic Trainer-W. Basketball 850-728-4931
    Nick Pappas Insurance/Risk Management Coord. 850-645-2700
    Cheryl Pfiel Assistant Athletic Trainer-Coordinator 850-644-1206
    Jerry Latimer Associate Director of Sports Medicine 850-228-5738
    Brandon Stone Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Gwendolyn Davis Assistant Athletic Trainer-Track and Cross Country 850-228-3410
    Tyler Deam Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Renee Hirsbrunner Assistant Athletic Trainer-Sand Volleyball
    Amanda Robinson Grad. Assistant Athletic Trainer-Volleyball
    Sean Hutchison
    Grad. Assistant Athletic Trainer-Swimming 850-728-4967
    Clay Johnson Grad. Assistant Athletic Trainer-Tennis 850-728-5002
    Benjamin Abbott Grad. Assistant Athletic Trainer-Sand Volleyball
    Ryan Lail Grad. Assistant Athletic Trainer-Football 850-728-5021
    Natalie Fontela Grad. Assistant Athletic Trainer-Track 850-728-4972  
    Caleb Forehand Grad. Assistant Athletic Trainer - Football 850-728-4955
    Kaye Jaynes Grad. Assistant Athletic Trainer - W. Tennis 850-228-5862
    Volleyball Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-3003  
    Fax Number   850-644-5466  
    Chris Poole Head Coach 850-644-3003
    TBA Associate Head Coach
    Ryan McGuyre Associate Head Coach 850-644-1895
    Jill Hoomes Secretary 850-644-3003
    Sand Volleyball Position Phone Email
    Main Number   850-644-3003  
    Fax Number   850-644-5466  
    Danalee Corso Head Coach 850-228-6975
    Brian Corso Assistant Coach 850-228-8160
    Jill Hoomes Secretary 850-644-3003
    Strength and Speed Position Phone Email
    Fax Number   850-644-1304  
    Jon Jost Director of Strength and Speed - Olympic 850-644-2549
    Vic Viloria Head Strength Coach - Football 850-644-2108
    Brandon Sanders Assistant Coach 850-644-0342
    Louis Dobosenski
    Assistant Coach 850-644-9484
    Brice Lockart Assistant Coach 850-644-9483
    Derek Smith Assistant Coach 850-644-7070
    Mike Bradley Assistant Coach - Men's Basketball 850-644-2681
    TBA Assistant Coach - Swimming & Diving / Soccer
    Dave Plettl Assistant Coach - Women's Basketball / Men's Tennis 850-644-4716
    Caitlin Quinn Assistant Coach - Softball / Volleyball 850-274-8789
    Adam Ross Assistant Coach - Baseball / Women's Golf 850-228-6432
    Dan Schafer Assistant Coach - Track & Field / Cross Country / Women's Tennis 850-644-6881
    Jason Simpson Assistant Coach - Sand Volleyball
    Sports Nutrition Position Phone Email
    Fax Number    
    Katy Meassick Sports Nutritionist
    Blair Hitchcock Graduate Assistant

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