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    Gathering of the Chiefs
    Boosters got the chance to interact with players

    Boosters got the chance to interact with players

    March 5, 2013

    By: Jonathan Schillace,

    "We understand this train does not roll without you." Jimbo Fisher said as he opened up the Gathering of the Chiefs.

    The event was held in the Tallahassee Automobile Museum for Boosters to come and eat, talk to coaches, but more importantly...

    "To meet the players!" said Jolene Hazelwood.

    And they got just that, an opportunity to interact, sit and eat with players from the Florida State Football team. Rounding out the night Boosters got the chance to listen to a some of the players in a round table discussion that proved to have sentimental messages

    "So I look at you today and I say thank you for everything you've given us..." and laughs "and everything you are going to give us." ....the entire night was exactly what the doctor order..

    "It is really exciting because we really need something to get us kick started and I can't think of a better way to do it than to mingle with co-boosters, players and the staff of the national boosters and just get all excited." said Janice Hanks

    The night wasn't just exciting for the Boosters, but also a great opportunity for coaches and players to finally get the chance to spend time with the people that keep them going.

    "It's tremendous. Our players don't get enough time to interact with these because of the way everyone's schedule is. It is great to have this event tonight," said Fisher. "It was great by Andy Miller and DeVoe Moore to organize this and bring it together and to show our appreciation because without the Boosters we couldn't do what we do."

    "I'm just very appreciative of what these guys do and what they offer to us. And this is just a great opportunity to show them that." said Clint Trickett

    What a great opportunity it was, and an event that Kirstin Rayborn, VP of Marketing for the Boosters, says will definitely happen again.

    "It's so amazing to see these players get out there and talk about their love for Florida State and their love the crowd, the fans and the traditions we have," said Rayborn. "For the Seminole boosters to see that's what their funding; it's the scholarships, it's the buildings, but more than anything it's about these athletes and it's about the love for this program that we all have. Just an outstanding night, from the donors to the coaches to the players it's an outstanding night."

    It also brought even more excitement for the 2013 season to finally come.

    "Optimistic, that's for sure. Especially now, back filling EJ Manuel that's looking bright and a solid defense as well. It's looking like a really good season." said David McClintock

    Make sure you are a part of it all, renew or purchase your season tickets at or by calling the ticket office at 1-888-FSU-Nole. Reporting for, I'm Jonathan Schillace.

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