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From The Desk Of Randy Spetman

Florida State University Director of Athletics Randy Spetman wants to hear from you! In a new feature series on Seminoles.com, Randy will be taking your questions and providing his insights from inside the Moore Athletics Center.

Please submit your questions by Monday at 8pm and check back on Wednesday at noon to see if your question has been selected.

Terry (Starke): After recent visits to Howser Stadium and Jordan-Haire at Auburn, I love the way the leagacy photos were featured. It would be great if we featured large action photos in Doak of Freddie B, Ron Sellars, Larry Key, etc and even more recent history pix of Ward, Weinke, etc. It really pays tribute to those who helped to build the foundation and keeps our traditions in the forefront. Your thoughts?
Randy Spetman: Thanks for your question and I agree that showcasing the great events, players and coaches in each sport is important and adds so much to a facility. The recent budget cuts probably have hit us hardest in this area. We have already designed exciting and dramatic images that we want to install throughout the concourses of Doak Campbell Stadium that will reflect the history, passion and success of FSU football. In fact, when we announced that we were installing the new video boards and ribbon boards prior to last season I mentioned that over the next several years the stadium will undergo some wonderful improvement and these graphic packages are part of that. We have by no means pushed this project to the back burner, but we will not be pursuing it before this season. Our goal is to significantly improve the look of the concourse areas in Doak Campbell in the immediate future to reflect the great history of Seminole football.

Lauren (Hollywood, Fl): Up until the first few years of our "Dynasty" era in the late 80's Doak Campbell had a 30 foot spear that lit up from the bottom up as the crowd noise grew louder in the stadium. Is there any chance that this awesome sound level meter can be brought back to Doak? It was really awesome to see the decible level of the crowd noise light the tip of the spear.
Randy Spetman: Football season must be right around the corner as we have a second football related facility question. The Spirit Spear was, of course, before my time and before most of the players on the team were born I'm told. But I hear from my staff that this question seems to come up every once in a while and we even took it into consideration when we built our new ribbon boards. One of the first graphics we had built for the animation that goes on the ribbon board is a replica spear that runs horizontally rather the old one that runs vertically. It is tied to a crowd noise monitor and will reflect the intensity of the crowd. We actually used it last year and as fans get more and more accustomed to some of the newer items on the video and ribbon boards I think it will grow in popularity. Your question points out that perhaps we need to "introduce" this element at the first few home games with a public address message that draws more attention. We'll work on that.

David Ward(Athens, Georgia): Is there any chance that Florida State and Georgia Tech will ever be placed in the same division?
Randy Spetman: The old saying is "you never say never" but I can tell you that there has been absolutely no discussion of that in any of the ACC meetings over the last year or so. I think this idea has been kicked around by folks at some of the schools in the ACC, but it has never been something that the league is considering at this time. I suspect the perceived "strengths" of the respective divisions will change over the years and even within sports. There was never a perfect resolution as to how to split the teams in the ACC and, of course, the conference's rich history had a lot to do with which school ended up where they did. Georgia Tech would be a natural rival for Florida State and an easy trip for each fan base and the ACC realizes that, but the idea of realigning the two divisions is not a consideration at this time.

Thanks for the great questions and I'll answer some more next time!

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