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Baseball Live Game Chat - Florida State vs Arkansas: Game 2

The Florida State Seminoles face the Arkansas Razorbacks at 12:00 p.m.

During the game you can chat live and share your thoughts about the game. We will also provide updates from the press box inside Dick Howser Stadium.

FSU Moderator - Baseball: Welcome to Dick Howser Stadium for Game 2 between Florida State and Arkansas!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Here are today's starting lineups, first for the home team Arkansas Razorbacks.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: 1) CF Chase Leavitt 2) SS Ben Tschepikow 3) DH Scott Lyons 4) 1B Andy Wilkins 5) 2B Bo Bigham 6) 3B Zack Cox 7) RF Andrew Darr 8) C James McCann 9) CF Collin Kuhn And pitching today for Arkansas is RHP Brett Eibner, who is 5-4 on the season wtih a 4.25 ERA.

Wesley (Weston): Who is FSU starting today?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And now for Florida State's starting lineup...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: 1) CF Tyler Holt 2) SS Stephen Cardullo 3) LF Mike McGee 4) 2B Jason Stidham 5) 3B Stuart Tapley 6) DH Tommy Oravetz 7) RF Ohmed Danesh 8) 1B Mike Meschke 9) C Rafael Lopez And pitching for the Seminoles is Freshman LHP Brian Busch, who is 6-2 on the season with a 4.04 ERA.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're about 15 minutes away from first pitch. FSU is the away team today, as is wearing their garnet jerseys and grey pants today. Arkansas is in their home white.

Lee (Tampa): Does the weather look better today?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Weather looks MUCH BETTER today! We're expecting rain around 4-4:30, so we should be able to play an entire baseball game before the rain comes. Should be an awesome day for baseball!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: After yesterday's loss, the Seminoles need to come back strong today and pick up a much needed win. If Brian Busch can pitch his game, and if we don't give the game away again, the Noles should be just fine today and play on Sunday to go to Omaha.

John- Ormond Beach: Someone needs to tell Tom and company that their mikes are live and we are hearing all their chat.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're on in John! Thanks for the input!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The crowd is a bit light right now, but people are starting to fill in. We need a big crowd here today to root the Noles on to a win!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: How many people we have on the chat today? I know yesterday was really lively, and I'm sure it is today too!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And remember the game today is being broadcast on ESPN2.

John- Ormond Beach: Hopefully I'll be here for the entire game. Enjoyed chat yesterday but had evening plans.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Sounds great John, we're glad to have you! Should be a great game at Dick Howser Stadium today.

FreddyG (Baton Rouge,LA): Watching the chat for updates at work. Keep up the good job, we appreciate all you do.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Thank you man, I really appreciate it. I'll be here all day! And hopefully tomorrow too on gold Sunday!

stephen: We're here! Looking for a Noles win!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Oh yeah, we gotta get that win today! Go Noles!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And we're ready to play some baseball here in Tallahassee, as Tyler Holt steps to the plate...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: First pitch officially at 12:05
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The crowd has really started to fill in here, big crowd on hand today!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Noles not looking hot so far, 2 straight K's for Eibner. It's a long game though, but FSU needs to actually HIT the ball today.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: That's 3 straight K's to start the game today. A bad start.

John- Ormond Beach: Def not the start we needed today. Hope Brian is as sharp as the Razorback pitcher...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: He needs to be, especially if we don't hit the ball like we should. If Busch cannot pitch well, it will be a LONG day for the Noles...

scott: we need to get them bats hot
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah we do. Gotta admit to you guys, that start was terrible and really could spell bad things today. We are not starting well, as Arkansas led off with a first pitch single.

scott: we still got a long ways to go
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We do, but our team just doesn't look all together right now. We still have 8 more innings, but the way we went down 1-2-3 in the 1st, man that was bad.

John- Ormond Beach: Let's get the double play now!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep, turning 2 here would be great for our confidence.

John- Ormond Beach: There you go.....now we have to have hot bats.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: You know it! Big inning coming up here, that confidence from that double play needs to come here in our bats...

John- Ormond Beach: I hope Brian is over the jitters. We have to have at least 5 good innings from him. If he can get some run support now I feel pretty confidant in him.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah definitely a great point there. If Busch can give us a good game, we'll still be in it...even if we can't hit AT ALL right now. But again...still a LONG GAME
FSU Moderator - Baseball: A solid bloop hit there for Tapley, Oravetz needs to keep it going.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And there's the double play to end the inning. We head to the bottom of the 2nd.

scott: theres a good base knock
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep a good hit, but we can't ground into double plays and still have a good game. Need to get it together quickly.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Arkansas has been hitting the ball pretty well today, FSU needs to turn a double play to get out of the inning.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Arkansas continues to hit the ball well. 2 on and 2 outs, but Busch is still looking fine though.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Errors will cost us the game, and Cardullo picks up another one for the 3rd straight game. Bases loaded and 2 outs. FSU needs to GET IT TOGETHER!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 2nd: FSU gets out of a bases loaded jam. Game tied 0-0. Due up: Danesh, Meschke, Lopez.

John- Ormond Beach: I agree, Brian looks good. Tough play for Stephen but we came out ok. Maybe Arkansas will strand 14 today!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah that would be good! We can't strand 13 again today, but if Arkansas does that, we definitely have a good chance to win!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Dick Howser Stadium is now PACKED with FSU fans. We need ALL OF THEM, because the Noles just can't buy a hit right now.

John- Ormond Beach: Rather not have a pitchers duel. Glad we are getting the bat on the ball but we need a solid hit to get going. Haven't heard the NOLES cheer today either?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Nope, no NOLES cheer yet. And there's not much to cheer about. FSU just can't get anything going.

billy: relax fellas. stat loose. good pitching & defense with some timely hits will do
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep, right on Billy. We just need to keep playing our game, get some timely hits, and we'll be just fine today.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Busch has looked good so far, just needs to keep settling in, throw his 3 pitches for strikes
FSU Moderator - Baseball: SIT DOWN! Busch picks up his 3rd K and we head to the top of the 4th. Due up: Holt, Cardullo, McGee.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Tyler Holt had a good day yesterday, going 3-4 with an RBI. Needs to get a hit today!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And John, the NOLES cheer has finally started....

John- Ormond Beach: There's that NOLES cheer...Thank you Animals.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: They're gettin it going loud!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Good piece of hitting Tyler Holt...that's the way to do it for the Noles!

scott: holt with a good hit
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Cardullo just needs to get out of his slump from last night, come up with some timely hitting here
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Holt gets it going with his 34th stolen base of the season!

billy: hit hit hit. feeling god bout this inning

Charles (Orlando): Whats the score?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Game tied 0-0 right now, but Noles are threatening with 1 on and no outs, Cardullo at the plate.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: McGee need a hit here for the Noles!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mike McGee having a nice battle at the plate with Eibner, just hope it can turn into a hit!

John- Ormond Beach: Love Tyler on base. Giving the pitcher fits. Come on McGee!!! Could use that 19 homerun now.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Maybe he can do it...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: YES SIR MIKE McGEE!!! Noles take the lead 1-0 on a McGee RBI single!!! GO NOLES!

scott: here we go
FSU Moderator - Baseball: That AB by McGee was 13 pitches...Eibner is definitely feeling it after that long outing with McGee. He's given Stidham a couple of really high pitches now. Here comes the pitching coach for Arkansas...

John- Ormond Beach: Good at bat for McGee and nice hit. This is where Jason usually does well too.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah he definitely does.

billy: just a nudge & I think ark will crack under pressure
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I agree Billy, Eibner has started to lose it a little bit. He's starting to throw everything away from the strike zone, and Tapley needs to come up big here with 2 on and 1 out.

billy: n o l e s -- noles

John- Ormond Beach: Good at bats, we seem to be getting to Eibner a bit. I think Tyler might have rattled him some. Tommy just needs a nice hit to the outfield now.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: He sure does, a shot to the gap would be great. Score a few runs...that'd be great! Tommy just needs to put the barrel on the bat here.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 4th: FSU nabs a 1-0 lead on a McGee RBI single. We head to the bottom of the 4th.

Brett (Weston): Still can't get that big hit... argggh!

billy: what is pitch count and what does ark have in pen
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We don't know Eibner's pitch count yet, and I'll find out for you in a little while. But Busch gives up a 1 run HR, game now tied 1-1 with no outs.

Brett (Weston): That's what happens when you have a chance and don't capitalize on it. It's just been that kind of weekend for the Noles. After all that work we're back to square one.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah great point there, but you know Busch, he'll settle down and be fine. 11 came out and talked to him.

John- Ormond Beach: Some very good positives in that inning. Seems like they are hitting a lot of Brian's first pitches. Damn, we didn't need that to start off.

matt:fayettville: I'm ridin through tallahassee is the game on radio?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The game is on 100.7 FM right now. Here's the link to listen online if you want as well.... http://www.seminoles.com/multimedia/baseball.html
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And a nice strikeout there by Busch. He needs to keep throwing that nice curveball.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Great pitch by Busch, and we're out of the inning. 1 run by Arkansas, but the game is still tied 1-1.

Brett (Weston): Some big outs there by Busch. That inning started with a homer and a double and had a very good chance of getting out of hand and effectively ending this series if Busch didn't come back and make some great pitches.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Brett, I like where your head is at, you must have some baseball experience...did you ever win an intramural baseball title?

John- Ormond Beach: I like Brian's composure and he seems to still be fine. I'm impressed with Arkansas, might be one of the best, if not the best team we've seen this season.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep, Arkansas still has shown good composure, but we're starting to get to Eibner a little bit, and his pitch count is up there at 71.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Great piece of hitting by Mike Meschke! Rafael Lopez needs to follow suit here. That was the biggest problem last night...NO TIMELY HITTING.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Two great hits by the bottom of the order, and just the guy you want coming up right now is Tyler Holt, who is hitting .397 on the season--team best!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: That'll plate a run TYLER HOLT!!!!! FSU takes the lead again 2-1! GO NOLES!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And another run comes across for the Noles, 3-1 on a Cardull sac ground out. We're starting to roll now Seminoles fans!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: There is motion down in the Arkansas bullpen a RHP TJ Forrest is warming up for the Razorbacks.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: PITCHING CHANGE: TJ Forrest now the pitcher for the Razorbacks, a RHP.

John- Ormond Beach: Good to get Brian some runs and see our bats liven up. Mike McGee has quietly become one of the best hitters for the Noles and hopefully he will have the chance to pitch Sunday!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: He sure will! Noles definitely looking good right now, just gotta keep it together, keep getting that timely hitting, and Busch just needs to keep throwing like he can.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 5th: FSU grabs a 5-1 lead on a McGee homer and a Tyler Holt single. We head to the bottom of the 5th.

scott: they are waking up

John- Ormond Beach: 6 strikeouts for Brian. Seems like he is still doing well. Hope 11 stays with him. Should still have a low enough pitch count to keep going.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah his pitch count is at 86. So he's right where he should be...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And since it's the 6th inning, we wanted to give y'all a little in game FSU Baseball trivia! Everyone ready?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Last year in the Super Regional against Wichita State, what was Mike McGee's batting average in that super regional series?

scott: 344
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Close Scott, but a little low...keep guessing...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Brian Busch continues to look good for the Noles. He needs to keep throwing that change up, which has been working for him ALL DAY.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: 8th K of the day for Brian Busch, he's on fire Seminole fans!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Brian Busch's pitch count now at 100.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 6th: Brian Busch picks up his 8th K and the Noles still lead 5-1 heading to bottom 7th. Due up: Lopez, Holt, Cardullo.

John- Ormond Beach: Great time for Brian to have his career high strikeout game. Like to see us hold off a little bit longer on going to the pen too.

Brett (Weston): McGee was 5-for-10 in last year's Super Regional, an even .500!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Wow Brett, that's correct! He also belted his 6th HR of the season in game 2 over the Shockers last year. You must know your Florida State Baseball pretty well!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 7th: Nothing doing for FSU and we lead 5-1 heading to the bottom of the 7th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: PITCHING CHANGE: Geoff Parker comes in to pitch for the Noles.

billy: 123 here and back to the bats
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep, we just need to play good defense, have some good pitching from Geoff Parker.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Those 8 K's for Brian Busch are a career high for Busch, who's just a freshman.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Pinch hitting for the Razorbacks is Jacob House.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: PITCHING CHANGE: John Gast now pitching for FSU.

Brett (Weston): Geoff Parker needs to get it together. We're going to have to call on him again tomorrow if we want to win this series and his first two outings have been dreadful.

FreddyG: Why the change? Was Parker unable to throw strikes again?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Parker walked 2 guys and got another to ground out. He couldn't get it over the middle, and Gast appears to be doing the same thing...

FreddyG: Stuck at work and sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the chat to update. What's happening?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well we've got the bases loaded and 1 out right now. Things not looking great, but we can still get out of the jam, John Gast needs to SETTLE DOWN!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Errors will cost you ball games, and Tapley's 2-run error there could cost us this game, since we still have runners on the corners with only 1 out.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: PITCHING CHANGE: Jimmy Marshall now in to pitch for the Seminoles.

Brett (Weston): That's what happens my friends when you walk batters late in ball games. Walking the bases loaded up by three runs in the 7th inning is inexcusable and then one error magnifies it all.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: That error was just the icing on the cake of sloppy defense there for the Seminoles. We can still get out of this if Marshall pitches the game he is capable of pitching.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Good point Coach...

John- Ormond Beach: Do we make pitching changes too quickly sometimes? I would have liked to see us stay a bit longer with Brian. We're getting a little thin in the pen now.

billy: just have to weather the storm. marshall can do this. then on to the bats
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 7th: Jimmy Marshall gives up a 2 RBI single and grab the lead 6-5 over the Noles. Due up: McGee, Stidham, Tapley.

Brett (Weston): Talk about gift-wrapping baseball games... we might as well deliver it ourselves to the post office on Pensacola street bound for Fayetteville. Fortunately there are still two innings left.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I think you just about summed it up there Brett...

FreddyG: What do we have left in the bullpen?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We have Posey, Everett, and Scantling left.

Brett (Weston): 10 runs in the 7th innings of these two ball games for Arkansas on three total hits.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep, that about sums it up how the Noles have given the Razorbacks these two games. We can still come back, but need to start hitting the ball...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: PITCHING CHANGE: Stephen Richards, a LHP, now pitching for Arkansas.

Shawn (Jacksonville): Wow, can you say choke
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Just a little bit...but we're not out of it yet, remember how the Noles have come back in late innings this year to win ball games.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: This is crunch time here for the Noles
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 8th: FSU leaves one on, and we still trail 6-5 heading to the bottom of the 8th.

Rick (New Jersey): OK sending down some good vibes from up north. We're gonna do this. GO NOLES!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I like your positivity Rick, but things are not looking good for the Noles. We just gave up a leadoff double to start the bottom of the 8th. But we can still come back, it's gonna take a lot though!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: PITCHING CHANGE: Mark Peterson now pitching for the Noles.

Brett (Weston): Our bullpen has given 10 free passes in less than five innings pitched this weekend (walks and HBPs). That doesn't include all of the errors either.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well, we can sure tell the area that needs some work for next season. The errors really hurt us today and yesterday, if not for that Tapley error, we get out of the inning still up 5-2. That was big.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Wheels keep falling off for the Noles, as the bases are now loaded with only 1 out. It's looking pretty bad here right now...

Brett (Weston): Make that 11.

billy: now is k time. wory about miscues after game & nole win
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well let's just hope we can get to Sunday...if we do, it'll be a monumental performance in the 9th that does it.

Brett (Weston): That's just one fewer total base-runner allowed than both starters for us combined. And those are free passes. That doesn't count hits, errors, etc.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: You're exactly right, and that's how you lose ball games. We're demonstrating that right now, but remember, we still have another inning left. Anything can happen in baseball.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: PITCHING CHANGE: Jack Posey now pitching for the Noles.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Noles now out of the inning headed to the top of the 9th down 7-5.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Ruairi O'Connor in to pinch hit for the Noles in the top of the 9th.

John- Ormond Beach: I know we can still do it and I'm still hopeful. These guys have fought all year and deserve to play Sunday.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: O'Connor got nice contact on that pitch but a good play by the center fielder.

billy: could have been worse. just need baserunner & hits. noles can do this
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Meschke heads to first on four balls. Pinch runner coming into the game for the Seminoles, #32 Sherman Johnson

scott: its been a great year no matter what happens go noles
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Lopez goes down swinging. The crowd is chanting let's go Holt for Tyler Holt looking for a big play.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Holt with a HUGE double that fell into right field. He then made a great slide into second to beat the tag. Runners on second and third with Stephen Cardullo coming up to the plate. He is getting some last minute instructions from 11.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Everyone is on their feet here at Dick Howser Stadium.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And the NOLES have tied it on a 2RBI double from Stephen Cardullo!!!! Cardullo makes it to second on the play and beats the throw. We are tied at 7 with 2 outs in the top of the 9th inning.

scott: looky here

John- Ormond Beach: These guy continue to amaze me!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: McGee comes to the plate looking to give the Noles the lead.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It appears that Arkansas is going to stay with Richards as there is no activity in the bullpen.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: McGee goes to first on the walk. Runners on first and second and that will bring the pitching coach out for a talk with Richards.

Brett (Weston): There are so many guys on this team that can count their lucky stars tonight if the Noles pull this one out.

billy: mon u mental! lets finish this & bat around
FSU Moderator - Baseball: There is now activity in the Arkansas bullpen as several players are headed out. Richards is just trying to get out of the inning without any more damage. He has allowed the Noles back into this game with two runs in the top of the 9th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: That's a man making a play as Stidham hits an RBI single to left field and the Noles now lead 8-7 in the top of the 9th with runners on first and second. Tapley up to bat for the Noles.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: That's the end of the inning but the Noles come up with three runs on three hits in the top of the 9th inning to take a one run lead. Tyler Everette is headed to the bullpen. O'Connor stays in the game and Gillmartin checks into the game at first base. Jack Posey heads back out to the mound to try and close this one out for Florida State.

scott: base knocks do it everytime
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The Seminoles were in serious trouble in the top of the 9th with two outs and down to one strike twice before coming back to take the lead.

Brett (Weston): Please, please, please throw strikes this inning! I'd rather lose by a two-run walk-off home run than see five guys reach base on walks and errors. Just throw strikes, play defense, and hope God is on your side.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Posey is off to a good start in the bottom of the 9th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: "K Time"
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Crowd thought that was a strike and it was mighty close from our vantage point here in the press box.

billy: awesome noles. not lucky just clutch. few more runs won't hurt
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Pop fly is pulled down b y Cardullo and the Noles are two outs away from forcing a game tomorrow.

John- Ormond Beach: Would love to see Jack be a big part of a W. He has gotten a lot of bad press lately.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: If he gets out of this with the win no one will remember anything but this game today for a long time.

Rick (New Jersey): OK Those northern vibes worked for our hitting so here's some more northern vibes for an uneventful bottom of 9th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Ruairi O'Connor was trying to catch the ball in right had to slide to avoid the fence. Full count 3-2 with one out in the bottom of the 9th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Arkansas now with a runner on first as Cox comes to the plate.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Cox with a hit into the gap in right and the Hogs now have runners on first and second still trailing by 1 in the bottom of the 9th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Andrew Darr with the game winning RBI's and Arkansas is headed to the college world series.

Brett (Weston): Well fellas, the team that played better today won the ballgame.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Still a great comeback effort from the Noles in the top of the 9th and a great season for Florida State.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We hope you have enjoyed the live game chats this season and make sure to watch the live post-game press conference coming up next here on Seminoles.com.

scott: thanks 4 everthing

John- Ormond Beach: I'm so proud of our guys though. It's amazing we made it as far as we did. This is a special group of guys. Go Noles. Next year will be awesome!

scott: it has been great
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