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Baseball Live Game Chat - Florida State vs Arkansas: Game 1

The Florida State Seminoles face the Arkansas Razorbacks at 12:00 p.m.

During the game you can chat live and share your thoughts about the game. We will also provide updates from the press box inside Dick Howser Stadium.

FSU Moderator - Baseball: Welcome to Dick Howser Stadium for Game 1 of the 2009 Tallahassee Super Regional between Florida State and Arkansas!

tallahassee: Game delay?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: As of right now, there is no delay. But keep posted, as things could defniitely get rainy in a hurry!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Here are the starting lineups for Florida State today...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: 1) CF Tyler Holt 2) SS Stephen Cardullo 3) LF Mike McGee 4) 2B Jason Stidham 5) 3B Stuart Tapley 6) DH Tommy Oravetz 7) RF Ruairi O'Connor 8) 1B Jack Posey 9) C Rafael Lopez
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And pitching today for the Seminoles is Freshman LHP Sean Gilmartin, who is 12-3 on the season with a 3.48 ERA.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And now for Arkansas...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: 1) RF Chase Leavitt 2) SS Ben Tschepikow 3) DH Scott Lyons 4) 1B Andy Wilkins 5) 2B Bo Bigham 6) 3B Zack Cox 7) CF Brett Eibner 8) C James McCann 9) LF Collin Kuhn
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And pitching for the Razorbacks is LHP Dallas Keuchel, who is 7-3 on the season with a 4.12 ERA.

Brett (Weston, FL): A couple of solid southpaws on the mound today
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Of course, Sean Gilmartin has been GREAT for the Seminoles and Keuchel has been great as well. Should be an unbelievable matchup today between these two good ball clubs.

John (Ormond Beach): This will be a much different game than the Ohio State game. I'm impressed with how mature the young guys on the team are, particularly Sean Gilmartin, that we should have a very good outing today.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Man, isn't it impressive? Sean Gilmartin is only 19 years old, and he shows the poise of a veteran pitcher already. He just needs to come out today, throw his 3 pitches well for strikes, and FSU should be just fine today.

NOLZilla: Go Noles from Hotlanta
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And Tallahassee gives a warm hello to you as well! Always love hearing from our out of town fans, you guys are some of the most dedicated fans we have! Go Noles!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The Seminoles are in their all white uniforms today with their garnet and gold hats, and Arkansas is in maroon jersey and white pants today for Game 1 of the Super Regional

Kvd (TLH): Watching radar, the clock, and my work sign out sheet. Are we still a 12:00 "go"?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We are still go for 12:00 pm! Rain looks like it's going to hold off for a little while, but there's definitely rain in the vicinity...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're just 9 minutes away from first pitch in Tallahassee and ready to play some baseball!

Tallynole: Is there going to be any live TV coverage in the tally area, (for those of us who cant make it down to Dick Howser)?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The game today will be broadcast LIVE on ESPN today, ESPN2 tomorrow, and ESPN on Sunday (if we play a 3rd game)

Scotty(Hot Springs, AR): Good luck to both teams, yall take it easy on us hog fans. Hopefully no payback given today from the 2004 series!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Thanks for chatting with us Scotty! Good luck to your team today as well!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're two minutes away from first pitch, and the Seminole fans here are ready to go!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The Seminoles have taken the field, and Sean Gilmartin is on the mound today for the Seminoles after pitching GREAT against Georgia in last week's regional

John (Ormond Beach): Glad to be able to listen to the local radio station on the net and be able to watch on ESPN. Great to see a comment from a Razorback fan too.

Mel (JAX): Anywhere we can view the game online?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mel, you can LISTEN to Tom Block and Eric Luallen on the Seminole ISP Radio Network by clicking here... http://www.seminoles.com/multimedia/baseball.html
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Arkansas's lineup today has a bunch of left handed hitters. Very different than FSU has seen this year.

Buddy (Cape Coral): Good luck to both teams
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The crowd is starting to fill in here at Dick Howser Stadium, and we're expecting great crowds all weekend.

JTNole: Lets go Boys!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Noles need a good outing today to start this super regional!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 1st: 3 up, 3 down for Sean Gilmartin. Noles head to the bottom of the 1st: Holt, Cardullo, McGee.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Tyler Holt leads the Noles this year in batting average, hitting .390 for the season and a GREAT .514 on base percentage. He needs to get on here in the 1st to get things started for the Noles.

Doug Naples: Any way to listen live on my blackberry?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Doug, here are some links you can check out. First is the FSU radio broadcast you can listen to online. http://www.seminoles.com/multimedia/baseball.html Click on "VS Arkansas Friday," it's the first link.

John (Ormond Beach): Good first inning. Good heads up by Jason and Sean now has the 1st inning behind him. Should be good.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Oh yeah, should be GREAT for the Noles, as Tyler Holt takes the first pitch for a leadoff double.

Russ(Sylva): Could we get more detail on the tops of innings?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Absolutely Russ, I'll give you as much as I can! But we do have strict rules from the NCAA that we cannot give play by play during the game, but I'll let you know about Gilmartin's pitching and our defense as much as I can!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Absolutely Russ, I'll give you as much as I can! But we do have strict rules from the NCAA that we cannot give play by play during the game, but I'll let you know about Gilmartin's pitching and our defense as much as I can!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: UPDATE: Game has OFFICIALLY BEEN DELAYED at 12:17. Play will resume a minimum of 30 minutes since the delay. Keep posted for continuous updates right here.

John (Ormond Beach): I hope this isn't like last Friday!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: John, it doesn't look like it's going to be, but we just never know with the rain coming into the Tallahassee area. But no, hopefully it won't be 5 hours and 12 minutes like last Friday!

Carson (Jacksonville): Why start Posey when Mischke's bat has been so hot lately?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: GREAT question. I thought the same thing. However, 11 likes to start a right handed hitter against left handed pitchers, and Arkansas is pitching LHP Keuchel today. That's why we're starting Ruairi O'Connor in right field as well.

Doug Ft Walton Bch fwbnole: from the looks of the weather radar the rain is about over. it isn't raining over here but it is still very overcast.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah it looks fine outside here, but there are still a bunch of gray clouds over right center field that are moving in towards left field. Hopefully we'll get things going in just a little while!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: NEW UPDATE: Projected start time right at 1:00 pm.

John (Ormond Beach): Yep, that's no change from what 11 has done all season and it's been working. If Jack can just find his groove, we know he can hit the ball. Glad there is no "tweaking" going on for the post season....
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah that's definitely the key, you don't want to tweak anything in the postseason. Just do what's been working for you so far, and then just keep that train rolling on into Omaha. Big Series here Seminole fans!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're scheduled to get underway in just 20 minutes, so hopefully we'll start playing some baseball!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: When play was suspended, FSU had Tyler Holt on 2nd base and Mike McGee had a full count at the plate with 1 out.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The Tarp crew is out on the field ready to take the tarp up...we should be underway here shortly!

Chad Rochester Minnesota: Im trying to find the game on radio through my computer at work. Can you send the link please. Go Noles
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Chad, here's the link you can follow to listen to the game. Click on "VS Arkansas" and "LISTEN" on the right side of the page. Hope that helps and Go Noles! http://www.seminoles.com/multimedia/baseball.html
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Official UPDATE: Play Has Resumed at 1:05 p.m. after a 48 minute delay.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 1st: 1 hit and no runs, game tied 0-0 heading to the top of the 2nd.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Tyler Holt led things off for the Noles, but we just couldn't anything done and left 2 runners stranded. We need to capitalize on runners and not leave so many guys left on base.

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: If we advance to the CWS who would we play in the First round.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Jonathan, we would most likely play Cal State Fullerton, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, we've got to win 2 ball games here against a VERY good Arkansas team to advance. Let's focus on winning TODAY'S GAME First...

John (Ormond Beach): Overall not a bad first inning though. We had some activity and Sean now looks more comfortable.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gilly definitely looks comfortable so far, he's hitting his spots very well and throwing his curve ball for strikes. That's key for him today.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gilmartin's first blemish today is a 1 run HR for Zach Cox. Arkansas grabs a 1-0 lead early.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 2nd: Gilmartin gives up a 1 run HR to Zach Cox and the Razorbacks take a 1-0 lead. Due up for FSU: Oravetz, O'Connor, Posey.

John (Ormond Beach): We know we are going to give up some runs to Arkansas so a one run homer is not our undoing. That pitch was perfect, a little too perfect apparently! Now we just need more action.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah that's a great observation, that pitch just slipped a little bit and Gilly knew it when it left his hand. But that's alright, we've got enough offense to come back from just one run. Gilly just needs to settle down next inning.

Fred (Tallahassee): Gilly gives up quite a few hr's, but doesn't matter. He just goes after the next batter.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Haha that's very true! Gilly does give up HR's, but not much else! I wonder why that is?!

Fred (TAlly): I think the hitters are guessing, and sometimes guess right.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah I think that's probably part of it, but part of it is Gilly having a pitch slip every now and then.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well the Noles are starting to have a little momentum right now with 2 on and no outs.

Ricky Tuck (Clemson, SC): Go 'Noles from enemy territory!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Go Noles Ricky Tuck!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well we've got a mirror situation from last inning here in the 2nd. 2 on and 2 outs, FSU needs to do something here!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: FSU scores! Holt picks up his 2nd hit of the day, and Tommy Oravetz scores.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 6th: FSU ties the game 1-1 on a Tyler Holt RBI single. We head to the top of the 3rd here at Dick Howser Stadium.

John (Ormond Beach): For some reason we are good at 2 out situations this season. Tyler needs an excpetional game today too. 1-1 is Ok but we need to take more advantage of the situation, especially when you get production from Ruairi. That hit was good to see.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah absolutely, and Tyler Holt is actually 2-2 on the day so far. The only negative of that is that Cardullo is 0-2 hitting right behind Holt. If Stephen can get things going, it'll turn it around rather quickly for the Noles!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gilly's back on the mound for the Noles, and he needs to settle down and throw his stuff this inning.

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: what is the Weather forcast for Tomorrow's Game will it be any better than today
FSU Moderator - Baseball: As of right now, the weather looks much better for tomorrow than today. It's a 30% chance of rain with isolated thunderstorms tomorrow.

John (Ormond Beach): Sorry, the 1-1 was referring to the score....and you are right, if Stephen can get hot we'll be in great shape.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Haha no problem there John! We very much appreciate your support buddy! Thanks for sticking with us today! We'll be here all weekend to give you guys the most up to date information you'll find anywhere else.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 3rd: Nothing across for Arkansas. Gilmartin gets them 3 up, 3 down and looks DOMINANT. Due up: McGee, Stidham, Tapley.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The grandstand is now officially PACKED here at Dick Howser Stadium and the crowd is full of Seminole fans.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Seminoles are not seeing the ball well right now at all, as McGee and Stidham are both 0-2 right now. FSU needs to get the bats going to have a chance of winning this ball game.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And just as I type that previous comment, Tapley gets a base hit! Got to love the irony!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 3rd: 1 hit and 1 left, Oravetz's hit almost gets over the wall, but nothing across. Game still tied 1-1 heading to Top of the 4th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Oravetz NEARLY grabs a homerun, but the CF Brett Eibner makes a GREAT catch out in center field.

DNOLE, Tallahassee: I am cofused about the reference to 6th. I saw 2nd 1 -1.Score? inning?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah, my bad there DNOLE! I was typing so fast, I didn't even think! That's was supposed to read top of the 2nd. I'll be more aware next time, thanks for waking me up!

Dylan (Fayetteville): Good game so far. Both teams have quality left handed pitches. What a great catch Brett Eibner just made out in center that saved 1 run. Go Hogs!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah that was definitely a great catch by Eibner, every Seminole fans here was stunned by that catch.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And the fans are starting to flee in the lower sections as some rain starts to fall on Mike Martin Field. Arkansas just led off with a base hit single.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gilly is starting to lose some control after giving up 2 straight base hits to start the top of the 4th still with no outs.

DNOLE, Tally: No prob. Driving to SC and so glad to have you keeping us up to date.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: My pleasure y'all, but some unfortunate news, as Gilmartin is starting to ptich bad and load the bases with no outs.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: PLAY HAS BEEN SUSPENDED AT 1:52 PM. Stay tuned for further updates.

John (Ormond Beach): As much as I don't want to see more delay, we may need the breather and be able to regroup. It's still early and Sean has great composure and stamina.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: He sure does, but Gilly is in a bit of a jam here. Giving up 3 base hits is not exactly GOOD for his confidence. But I'm sure he'll eventually regroup. Stay posted during the rain delay.

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: When are we scheduled to resume
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We haven't gotten official word yet, but it shouldn't be too much longer. The rain has finally subsided. I'm guessing probably 10-15 more minutes.

Susie Pompano Beach: What is the score? I lost my audio feed on my computer. I hate it when work interferes with FSU sports!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Susie, the score is tied 1-1 in the top of the 4th. But Arkansas has the bases loaded with no outs, and Gilmartin was starting to lose some control. But if we know Sean, he'll bounce back just fine!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Play is scheduled to resume here shortly, within the next 10 minutes. Stay tuned!

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: When are we scheduled to resume?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We'll resume here shortly. The teams are just getting ready to take the field.

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: Why am I still hearing The Jim Rome Show and not Seminole Baseball?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Haha I know, it's still in the rain delay here. But we'll resume shortly Jonathan...

Jared Tampa: All these rain delays have helped us in the regional. Do you think that it will help us in the super regional?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Hmmm that's a great question Jared. It's tough to say, but I DO think that Gilmartin will pitch MUCH better now than in a driving down rainstorm! But the bases are still loaded with no outs, so we're not out of jam just yet...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The Noles need to settle down and just play their game, if we do that, we'll be fine and get out of here with a win.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The tarp crew and grounds crew are working very hard on the field right now getting it ready for play. There's still a lot of standing water on the field.

Jared Tampa: How did Arkansas do in the SEC this year.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Arkansas was 14-15 in the SEC this year, and was 37-22 overall. I know the starts aren't that impressive, but they're playing great baseball right now after winning 3 straight games against Oklahoma out in Norman.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Super Regional Play Scheduled to Resume at 2:41 p.m.: Stay Tuned for Further Updates

Tim gainseville: Its very tough being a Noles fan deep in enemy teritory but I'm proud to be a nole. Go noles.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We definitely appreciate all your support down in Gainesville Tim. Keep it right here on Seminoles.com for all your baseball information, we should be getting underway here shortly!

Marc (Birmingham): Is there an internet radio feed of the games that we can listen to?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Marc, click here to find the internet radio broadcast of the game with Tom Block and Eric Luallen. Just click "LISTEN" on the right side of the page for Friday's game vs Arkansas... http://www.seminoles.com/multimedia/baseball.html

Rick Jacksonville: Will the same pitchers stay in
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep, Gilmartin is coming back out to pitch for the Noles here in the top of the 4th. We're still not sure about Arkansas until we get to the bottom of the 4th.

MATT Tally: are all the games on ESPN?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Matt, today's game is on ESPN, tomorrow's game is on ESPN2, and Sunday's game (if we play) will be on ESPN as well. Should be a fun weekend of baseball!

Marc (Birmingham): You are my new favorite person. Thanks!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Thanks Marc! We appreciate all you guys on the game chat, it's been a lot of fun thus far!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Sean Gilmartin has taken the field and is warming up with Rafael Lopez
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And the chants of "grounds crew" are resounding throughout Dick Howser Stadium...not kidding here!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Rain delay still in effect, we'll be out of it at 2:50 pm today. Stay tuned!

Zeus-Atlanta: Will the delay affect Gilly's ability to resume pitching? Nearly an hour delay.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: That's a great point. It's always hard to come back from an hour delay, but Gilly should be fine. He's a resilient kid who can pitch up to 130 pitches if he needs to.

Eric (Jacksonville): How deep is Arkansas bull pen?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Eric, Arkansas definitely has a great bullpen. They are solid pitching.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Super Regional Play Has Resumed at 2:49 p.m. We're back in business Seminole fans!

craig hirt (bergenfield n.j): will martin be coming out to pitch for the noles after he delay
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I sure hope not! But Gilly has settled down and is pitching well to start the top of the 4th again.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gilly picks up a HUGE strike out, but Arkansas picks up a run and leads 2-1 heading to the bottom of the 4th. What a way to come back for Sean Gilmartin! He's on fire!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 4th: After an hour delay, Sean Gilmartin gets out of a huge jam but Arkansas takes a 2-1 lead. Due up: Oravetz, O'Connor, Pose
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Correction: O'Connor, Posey, and Lopez will bat in the bottom of the 4th.

Sandy (Encino, CA): I just want to say what a great job the coaches have done with Gilly. Sean played with my son last year and it amazes me on how much he continues to improve. Go Seminoles. I have become a huge fan of the entire team!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Glad to have you Sandy! Gilly has been great this year and I know EVERY Seminole fan is so excited to have him here!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 4th: Nothing across for FSU and Arkansas still leads 2-1 heading to the top of the 5th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Thankfully the sun is finally back out here in Tallahassee! Let's hope the rain stays away the rest of the weekend...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: What a great play by Rafael Lopez on the pitch out to nab the runner at 1st! That's some great defense by the Noles here in the top of the 5th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 5th: Nothing across for Arkansas but they still lead FSU 2-1. Due up: Holt, Cardullo, McGee

Rick stuck in Jacksonville: I am stuck at a college orientation and getting updates on my blackberry. Thanks so much
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Absolutely Rick! And always please let us know how we can keep you guys more in touch with FSU Athletics.

John (Ormond Beach): Well, that inning helped Sean's pitch count. Now we HAVE to get some runs.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: That's true, we need to get some runs on the board here, and with the top of our order on deck, we definitely have a great chance here!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And please be sure to check our twitter page (FSU_Baseball and Seminoles_Com) for constant updates on FSU Baseball!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Noles now on a hitting roll! 2 hits and no outs will do it!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Super Regional Play Suspended at 3:08 p.m.: Stay Tuned for Further Updates. MORE RAIN HERE IN TALLAHASSEE!

Pete (Dothan AL): Lets Go 'Noles. Im stuck at work and im glad i get to keep up with the game this way.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Definitely glad to keep yall updated on FSU Baseball! We'll be doing this all throughout football, basketball, and baseball season...Seminoles.com is your best place to find EVERYTHING FSU Sports!

TC (Tally): Apparently no way to listen to game via blackberry
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Did you try the Baseball multimedia link here? http://www.seminoles.com/multimedia/baseball.html
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And this could be the best moment of the afternoon as the ENTIRE FSU Baseball team helps the grounds crew pull the tarp across the infield.

Jeff (Tallahassee): If I want to come out to the game, now that it has been suspended until after work hours, can I still buy a ticket?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Jeff, you should still be able to buy a ticket. It will be in the bleachers though. I'll double check for you with the Ticket Office. Keep posted for a minute or so...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We just checked with the ticket office, and we will be selling tickets all game. They will still be in the bleachers because the grandstand is sold out for the whole weekend.

John (Ormond Beach): Instead of an inside practice field, how about a domed baseball stadium!!

Jeff (Tallahassee): I appreciate you checking for me. I will bring an umbrella!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I'd bring a poncho too...we could be here for awhile today!

Rick Jacksonville: If it keeps raining I may make it back for the FSU win! Score? Men on base?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Hey Rick, we have 2 guys on 1st and 2nd (Holt, Cardullo) with NO outs and Mike McGee coming up next. We're in good position to put some runs on the board!

Buddy (Cape Coral, FL): Is there a tentative time set to resume?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Not yet, but the rain should subside here shortly. I'd guesstimate the time at 30-45 minutes.

Mike(Tallahassee): Is this going to be a quick delay? This game has gone off and on for almost three and a half hours and we are only in the 5th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I know! It's the weirdest game in terms of time...but it shouldn't be TOO Much longer before we can start playing some baseball.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: But we wanted to pass the time by doing some trivia with our viewers. Here's the first question...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Question #1: With today's super regional appearance, how many total super regional appearances has FSU made in its history? The first person to answer correctly will be posted on the chat. Good luck!

fred: 9
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And Fred answers the first question right with 9. This is FSU's 9th super regional appearance and its 2nd straight since the NCAA adopted this format in 1999.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Here's your 2nd question...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Which two teams has FSU faced 14 times in postseason history?

Mike(Tallahassee): Auburn
FSU Moderator - Baseball: You got it Mike! What's the other?

Mike(Tallahassee): auburn and Miami
FSU Moderator - Baseball: You got it Mike! FSU is 10-4 against Auburn and 7-7 against the 'Canes.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Question 3...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: What High School did Mike Martin Jr. attend before he played at FSU?

Alex, DC: Garinger High School, Charlotte, N.C
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Nope...keep guessing,...

Fred: Mike Martin High
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Sadly, there's no such thing as "Mike Martin High"...

Todd-Tallahassee: Maclay
FSU Moderator - Baseball: You got it Todd! Martin attended Maclay School and graduated in 1991 and then played baseball here at FSU.

Amanda, Boudet, France: Maclay

Mike (Lumberton): Maclay
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Amanda, you're sure a long ways away from Boudet, France! Where exactly is that?

David (Tallahassee): What type of bats does FSU use?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: FSU uses Omaha bats

Stu Tally: Omaha Gold
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep, you got it Stu.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Question 4...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: What year did FSU last face Arkansas in a Super Regional?

Megan (Tally): When is play expected to resume?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Still not sure, but the rain is dying down a little bit here...

Todd-Tallahassee: Go Marauders c/o '03

Amanda, Boudet, France: Boudet is in lower Normandy - Bet you didn't know there were FSU fans over here. Go Noles!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I sure didn't! I'm still surprised there are fans over there! How long have you been following FSU Baseball?

Mike (Lumberton): 2004
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mike is the first one in with a correct answer. We last played Arkansas in Fayetville, AR. Now for some bonus points! What was the score of that first game in the 2004 Super Regional?

Katie (Tally): FSU 1 Ark 2
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Good guess! But keep guessing....

brent-Nashville,TN: A lot of Nole fans in Nashville. Go Noles!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Glad to hear from our out of town Seminole fans! Go Noles!

shane jax: What radio station is the game on in jax?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The game is not broadcast in Jacksonville over the radio, but here's a link to listen to it online at Seminoles.com with Tom Block and Eric Luallen... http://www.seminoles.com/multimedia/baseball.html Click LISTEN on the right tab.

randy: 7=5 arkansas
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Very nice Randy! FSU lost to Arkansas 7-5 in that game, and went on to drop the next game to the Razorbacks 4-2.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: For all you rabid FSU Baseball fans out there, what has been your most memorable moment in Seminole baseball history?

Amanda, Boudet, France: 7-5 and 4-2 in 2004 Super Regional
FSU Moderator - Baseball: My most memorable moment was that 17 inning thriller against Miami. Wow what a game!

John (Ormond Beach): Brings up a good question...why aren't their local stations that carry the games, like in Jax, Orlando, Miami and Tampa?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're still not sure, but I definitely though that if you will contact your local radio stations and they get enough requests, they might start carrying the games over there!

Bryan, Tallahassee: JD Drew's 4 HRs in teh WS game vs USC(??), Marshall Macdougal's 6 HRs and 16 RBIs vs MD

Bryan (Tallahassee): Still raining at Howser? At 3:56 it's pouiring on the north side.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It's still raining here too, but not that hard. We should be underway in just under one hour, but I'll keep you posted when I know new updates throughout the afternoon.

John (Ormond Beach): Weather update? We are getting nothing from the web or ESPN....
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Latest update is suspended play at 3:43 pm, and then two lightning strkes after that. I'm estimating 4:45 start again, but we'll see!

Jeff (Tallahassee): Raining hard @ Tharpe St. too...

Ed.(Texas): Mine was M&M 6 hr's until that 30 plus blowout game.

Jeff (Tallahassee): Also, the game has been moved to ESPNU

Chris: Have 5 full innings been played??
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We've played 4 1/2 innings, are now in the bottom of the 5th.

John (Ormond Beach): Thanks, I didn't hear that and luckily I get the "U". Actually replayed the FSU/Ohio State game this week. Must have been a slow day for them!

Chris: I think I saw two full replays of that game. REAL slow times at ESPNU.

Buddy (Cape Coral): Moments for me are MM 6 HRs. Buster Posey playing all 9 pos last year. I also recall seeing Mike Martin Jr hit a walk off HR one time when I was there. A lot of memories there.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Florida State has had so many great moments in its history. Anybody old enough out there to remember Mike Loynd?

Bryan (Tallahassee): Crimony! Comcast doesn't carry the U. But, back to great moment...listening to the late great Lee Bo (sure do miss that guy in the booth) call JD's walk-off homer to beat Miami still gives me chills when I listen to it.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: You're so right, Lee Bowen was one of the greatest guys in college baseball. We miss him dearly here.

Jeff (Key West): Not raining here, whats the score?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: FSU still trails 2-1, but has runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs and Mike McGee coming to the plate next...whenever that is!

Chris (Ft. Pierce): lived with him in Cash Hall. We also had Alicea on that team

Brent (Tallahassee): Which team has hit more home runs this yr?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: FSU has hit 88 HR this year and Arkansas has hit 72, so the Noles have hit the long ball a little bit better than the Razorbacks this year.

James (Titusville): Karl Jernigan crashing into the wall multiple times in one game to make a catch and save runs.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Super Regional Play Suspended Until 6:30 p.m.: Stay Tuned for Further Updates on Seminoles.com

Thomas (Tampa): Who thought an afternoon game in Tallahassee in the summer time wouuldn't produce some rain delays?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Summertime in Tallahassee, always raining!

John (Ormond Beach): Just hope it's before 9:30PM!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I do too! We've been notified that the VERY LATEST we can start. But it should get going at 6:30 pm!

Sean (Fort Myers): Will ESPN still be airing it at the delayed time?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I believe the game has been moved to ESPNU due to the delay

Brad (PC): what's the latest you can start? 9:30 p.m.?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The very latest we can start is 10:59 pm tonight.

Aaron (Tallahassee): I'm looking at the radar right now, and we're about to get hit with a nasty line; we may not be able to resume as early as 6:30 right now...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We'll see! Hopefully we can resume around then!

johnny todd: What the dang score?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Arkansas leads 2-1 in the bottom of the 5th, but FSU has runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs and McGee coming up....whenever we resume play.

kevin (tallahassee): I'm right off lipona and belleview and its sunny skies
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah it's hit or miss sunny/cloudy right now. We just have to hope we don't get any more rain...the field is SOPPING WET!

Brett (Weston, FL): Since the entire state of Florida is within ESPN's designated "region" for regional coverage of this series, will we get the game on ESPN on ESPN2 when it resumes as opposed to the other games scheduled there that aren't in our region?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Brett, I don't believe so, I like where your head is at though...I can tell you've got a bit of broadcast experience! What we've heard is that the game has been moved to ESPNU because of all the other games that will be aired on ESPN tonight in the Super Regionals. Say hello to the Heat for me.

John (Ormond Beach): Guess I'll miss the rest of the game. Hope they get going and pull it out. Just hope Sean can go back on the mound. Go Noles!!!

John (Vero Beach): They have to finish the game today right? or are they allowed by the NCAA to finish it tomorrow and play the 2nd game later in the day then?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Everything is still up in the air for today's game. If we continue to get rain like we have been today, the game COULD get pushed back until Noon tomorrow, which may make tomorrow a doubleheader, or we might play Saturday, Sunday, Monday. It's still too early to tell what will happen.

Bryan (Tallahassee): Animals are starting to pair off into twos and looking for boat to hitch a ride with up here on the northside!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Definitely a good way to describe all the rain, and I have a feeling it's about to monsoon here at Dick Howser Stadium looking at all the clouds coming this way...

Dan (tallahassee): Last week you mentioned that ESPNU would be on comcast starting on June 1st. Am I just missing it.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It should have been added to the cable package on DIGITAL CABLE. Knowing comcast, it may not even be on yet. But..the plan was for them to start airing ESPNU on June 1st.

brian (Tallahassee): Singin in the rain, Im singin in the rain!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Oh and it's about to rain here HARD. There are black clouds surrounding the stadium and people are fleeing to their cars. It's going to be a long night...

Brett (Weston, FL): ESPN apparently can't figure out which way they want to upset Seminole fans more... now they've decided to air the game on ESPN Classic as opposed to ESPNU and continue to keep it from standard cable customers.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep, the game has been moved to ESPN Classic, whenever play resumes here at Dick Howser Stadium. Again, we're not sure what is going to happen tonight and if we will even get to play baseball tonight. But we'll have as many updates for you as we can. The latest we know is that play is suspended until 6:30 pm, but that's looking like it's going to get pushed back again.

Bryan (Tallahassee): Hand in there. Likely speak for all when I say thanks for staying with us and keeping us updated! Nice to have someone reporting "live from the scene".
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And we definitely appreciate all of you following us today, and please be sure to follow us during football season coming up. We've got some exciting stuff planned for the summer heading into football season.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: UPDATE: Your Moderator will be taking a much needed break and heading to the television to watch some other baseball games on ESPN. Check back around 5:45. See y'all in a 30 minutes!

Lee (Tallahassee): What will happen if we are rained out again Saturday?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Let's just hope we're not rained out. The forecast looks better for Saturday than today.

cleveland: hey, just trying to get a game in way up here. i've got espn classic & espu..so play ball! GO NOLES mary kay 1973

cleveland: having a hard time getting the radio broadcast on my pc...is there a technical problem or just me? mary kay
FSU Moderator - Baseball: There is a possibility that they have gone off the air because of the extensive delay. I'll try to find out more and let you know. But try reloading it again and the broadcast may start working. I do have a suspicion that we have gone off the air until the game resumes.

scott: hows the weather doing ?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It's still raining outside, but it's lightened up quite a bit. Looking at the sky from the press box, there appear to be some clouds breaking up. So the weather is definitely getting better, but we still don't know how long it will officially be.

scott: thanks for the update
FSU Moderator - Baseball: You got it Scott!

scott: how is gilly lookin so far ?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gilly has looked just fine, he got in a jam, but did a nice job of getting out of it. He has allowed 2 runs so far though. I'm going to be VERY surprised if he pitches again today...more than likely he will be done for the day, but we still haven't gotten word on that yet either.

Chris (Tally): Anything new on the start time? Still looking like 630?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Still not sure, but the rain appears to be dying down a little bit and the sun is starting to come back out! So stay tuned and I'll let you ASAP. Your Moderator will be on a 15 minute break to go get something to eat. Be back soon!

John C.: who do you think will come out pitching? geoff parker?

John C.: who do you think will come out pitching? geoff parker?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: No clue really, hopefully we'll find out tonight!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Super Regional Play Suspended Until 7:00 p.m.: Stay Tuned for Further Updates
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We have just learned that play will be suspended until AT LEAST 7:00 PM

Mike(Tampa): Do we know what channel for sure?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The game will be shown on ESPN Classic

tallahsse jimy: any owrd on who will be in from the bullpen
FSU Moderator - Baseball: No word now, we don't know anything about pitching coming out after the delay.

jimmy (tallahassee): is gilly done
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well, more than likely, because we've had such a long delay. But we still don't know, 11 and Dave Van Horn are meeting on the field right now.

Tom R (Tallahassee): It's 6:22 PM; I'm 12 miles north of Dick Howser. Should I come down to the ball park?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Tom, I'd wait probably 15-20 minutes and then leave, the rain has subsided but we're supposed to start at 7:00 or later. I'll keep you posted.

AJ (Greensboro): Love the chat service, but can you please include the time when you make updates? Cheers!

Tom R (Tallahassee): We who are about to dry salute you. (We're headed to the stadium right now!) Thanks for the update!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Sounds great, we'll see you here Tom! We'll try to get the time posted on our Chat service sometime in the near future, but we won't be able to do so until the end of baseball season unfortunately

fred tally: why don't they call the game? if they play tonight it will ruin the field for the rest of the tourney?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well here's the thing Fred, the grounds crew is cleaning up the infield right now and we'll be able to finish the game tonight it looks like! So stay tuned, because I think we're going to get underway here shortly!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And just let me say what an AWESOME job the grounds crew is doing, headed by Brian Donoway. They're doing such a great job getting this field cleaned up, getting water off the field, spreading sand in the infield. Great job guys!

fred tally: i'm concerned about the outfield and injuries
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Of course, that's a great and legit concern to have. We just have to hope and pray that they don't get hurt, that's all we can do. The outfield won't be that dry either tomorrow unfortunately.

Texas: When will it resume?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Should be fairly soon, we've heard after 7:15. So I'll keep you posted!

scott: 2 on an no outs right ?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep you got it right Scott: 2 on (Holt and Cardullo) with Mike McGee at the plate and no outs.

mary kay (cleveland): the game is on espu up here do you think gilmartin will still pitch?? GO NOLES!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I really don't know if he'll come back out. In my own PERSONAL opinion, I don't think he'll pitch, just because of the LONG delay. But you just never know...

Texas: Thanks

Cindy, Little Rock: Any chance it'll be televised whenever it starts up again?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep, it'll be televised on ESPN Classic

JT, Los Angeles: What channel is it going to be on does anybody know??
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It'll be on ESPN Classic tonight.

Dee- Houston: What channel will the game be broadcasted on now?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: ESPN Classic

Pete (Dothan AL): Im coming down for tomorrows game. How much rain is expected tomorrow?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: 40% chance of rain tomorrow, isolated thunderstorms. Much better than today though fortunately!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Super Regional Play Will Resume at 7:30 p.m.: Stay Tuned for Further Details. Go Noles!

JT: It will be on starting at 7 EST right?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The game will now start at 7:30 pm

JT: Thanks
FSU Moderator - Baseball: You got it JT! Thanks for sticking with us tonight!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Everyone pretty excited about getting the game underway again? I know I am! We need this one Noles!

fred tally: look on the bright side..if the tourney runs thru monday, maybe we can get some innings out of gilley. i think he threw around 54 pitches today?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gilly has thrown 70 pitches thus far.

John C: does the field look in shape?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It actually does look in shape! Brian Donoway and his crew have done a great job getting that field back in shape!

Baker: What channel is it supposed to re air on?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: ESPN Classic tonight Baker

Cindy, Little Rock: Hey this great rain delay means my alumni husband can see the game! Woo-hoo
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Sounds great Cindy! Glad y'all can watch it! We love our out of town Seminole fans!

scott: folks still hanging around to cheer our noles to victory ?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Scott, it looks like people are just starting to come back into the stands...we need them all here to root us on to a win!

Cindy, Little Rock: You notice where I live? My Arkansas tag says 'GONOLES'!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Keep reppin' the Noles out in Arkansas Cindy! And we'll see you for some football games in the fall. Go Noles!

Sean Tallahassee: what channel for sure will the game come on? and what time is it set for?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Sean, the game will DEFINITELY be on ESPN Classic tonight, I'm not sure if it's going live or not, but check ESPN Classic at 7:30 when the game starts. If it's not live, you can follow the game chat, and I'll do my best to give you all the info you need!

Jared Tampa: I've been hanging with you since noon. Thanks so much for keeping me updated. Your the best!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Jared, great to have you here buddy! We appreciate your support so much! Make sure to tell your friends about us, and keep with us throughout every season, as we'll keep doing these live game chat for football and basketball as well!

Cindy, Little Rock: At least the Hog fans won't run me off the road like a Gator would. LOL
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah those Gator fans sure can be mean! But keep supporting the Noles where you are, build that national Seminole fan base!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: THIS JUST IN: Geoff Parker will be your pitcher now for the Seminoles.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gilmartin has been pulled in favor of Parker, the sophomore RHP.

Rick (New Jersey): We'll be rooting from up north too! Have they announced a new start time?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Great to hear it Rick! 7:30 pm start time and Geoff Parker will be pitching for the Noles.

Eric Jacksonville: Any idea who Arkansas will throw?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We have not heard yet. I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

Cindy, Little Rock: Did I mention my sister teaches at Ohio tate? hahahaha
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I'm sure she wasn't a happy camper last Sunday then!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We should be about 15 minutes away from resuming the game FINALLY!

Jared Tampa: I know what you are talking about Cindy. My dad was unfortunately born with the disease of being a Gator fan. Lol

Anthony, Tallahassee: Any chance you might know if standard cable gets ESPN Classic in town??? Bring it Home Noles!!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gosh, I'm really not sure! I know we USED to get it, but I'm not sure anymore. It used to be channel 29, but I think that's FSN now.

Rick (New Jersey): Great thanks! We've been hanging on since noon. We'll jump on them now and score at least 4! Did the team hit in the cages during the delay or they were just inside.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I'm not sure if they got in the cages, but they've been warming up now for 30 minutes or so. Strength Coach Jesse Collins knows how to keep our boys in shape during a delay, great coach for the Noles!

Sean Tallahassee: and what channel number is espn classic?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Sean, I'm not sure what channel it's on. But if you have digital cable, it should be relatively easy to find...

Anthony, Tallahassee: Alright no Problem, this chat will be my home for the rest of the night, haha but thats fine with me. and you know 11 has the team calm and ready to finish off the night with a banggg!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're glad to have you Anthony! Keep it right here, and we'll be sure to give you as much info as we can, and hopefully we can pull the Noles through to a win here!

Seattle Nole: Delay out here means working folk can see rest of game. But no Gilly a nervous proposition.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah, that's true. But Gilly couldn't come back after resting that long, putting in Parker is a good decision by 11 and Shouppe.

Bob (Espanola, NM): I keep running back and forth between packing to move back to Havana {suburb of Tally.] and trying to watch the game. My most memorable game was the radio broadcast of FSU-USC, with Mac Scarce pitching 11 innings of scoreless ball, and leaving with a blister set on his pitching hand, whereupon we lost that, our closest to a national championship. Kinda dates me?!

Eric - Franklin, TN: ESPN Classic (ch 208 Directv) ran a crawler saying the game will be aired at 7:30 Eastern.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Thanks Eric for the update! ESPN is channel 208 on directv, for those of you who have directv.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I wish all y'all were here to see about 15 facilities employees with squeegees along the 3rd base line...it's a sight to behold!

Jenny Tally: Just tuning in. What's the score and will they finish tonight?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Jenny we should definitely finish tonight! Arkansas is up 2-1 right now, but we have 2 on and no outs and McGee at the plate.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: THIS JUST IN: Mike Bolsinger in to pitch for Arkansas, a RHP with a 3.09 ERA. 2 right handed pitchers now in for both Arkansas and Florida State.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Game has resumed after a 4 hour and 22 minute delay. We're underway in Tallahassee!

Rick (NJ): ESPNc coverage just starting! GO NOLES!!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Go Noles Rick!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Finally some baseball here at Dick Howser Stadium with the basses loaded!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: FSU scores, game now tied 2-2!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Ohmed Danesh now the pinch hitter for Ruairi O'Connor.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Noles still have the bases loaded with 2 outs and Danesh at the plate.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 5th: FSU leaves the bases loaded but ties the game 2-2 on a Tapley RBI. We head to the top of the 6th with Geoff Parker pitching.

shane: Is the game on the radio in tampa clearwater area
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Shane, unfortunately it is not on the radio. But you can listen to the radio broadcast LIVE online by clicking here... http://www.seminoles.com/multimedia/baseball.html Click on the right tab "LISTEN"

New Orleans: Does Danesh still have the orange Hair?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Actually Ohmed shaved his head for this series! A lot of guys did and I know Jimmy Marshall did as well.

cheryl(HighSprings): What is the score
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The game is now tied 2-2 heading to the top of the 6th inning.

Lauren (melbourne): what channel will the rest of the game be shown on?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The game will be shown live on ESPN Classic.

Rick (NJ): Boys were just a little anxious at the plate they saw a lot of off speed stuff. I'm sure they'll make the adjustment and we'll be OK offensively.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I think so too, Geoff Parker has looked good so far, he just needs to keep it up for the Noles. We NEED him to have a good outing here!

Guin: Oh thank you I've been all over the dial trying to find the game!!! Go Noles
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Definitely! We're here to help y'all stay in touch with the Noles wherever you may be! Even in France...

Nola: Is the crowd coming back in? Looks like quiet a few empty seats down the first base line.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The crowd is definitely a bit more empty, but they're starting to fill in a little bit. I guess a 6 hour delay will do that to a crowd!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Sit down Arkansas! Geoff Parker goes 3 up 3 down to shut the Hogs down! Due up for FSU: Posey, Lopez, Holt.

Guin (tampa bay): fantastic inning Parker!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Didn't he look great?!!! Parker pitched great that inning! But he can't get too excited, we need him to pitch that well for 3 more innings and we'll be just fine and get out of here with a MUCH NEEDED WIN!

Rick (NJ): Parker looked awesome. Great command of his pitches.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: He was hitting his spots very well. Just need to keep it up Geoff!

Nola: Good start for Geoff Parker. This is exactly what we need.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Oh yeah! We need some good hitting now too!

Houston: Well, its not on ESPN Classic...wonder if its on at all
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It should be on ESPN Classic, keep checking...

Amanda, Boudet, France: It's late here, but on vacation. Nothing better than to follow our Noles. Thanks for this great site.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: You're welcome Amanda. I didn't know we had French FSU fans, you must drive some sort of diesel car there!

Houston: Yeah! There it is!!

Nola: Do we know what the TV schedule is for Saturday with all Supers going on Saturday?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We will be on ESPN2 tomorrow
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And let me tell y'all that the outfield is SOPPING WET. The ball rolled through about 2 inches of water out there. The field is not in good shape in the outfield...

Guin (tampa bay): man that field is wet
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It's soaked! It's going to be interesting to see what happens to the outfielders tonight...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 6th: One Lopez hit but nothing for FSU. Game still tied 2-2 heading to the top of the 7th.

Nola: Seems the homeplate ump is calling mighty tight strikes on the inside part of the plate?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It actually looks like he's got a very wide strike zone on the left part of the plate.

Texas: Update
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Game still tied 2-2 in the top of the 7th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Parker has lost ALL control and has loaded the bases with no outs. Things are not looking good for The Noles right now with NO ONE warming up in the bullpen.

Guin (tampa bay): settle down Parker :(
FSU Moderator - Baseball: He looked on fire last inning, and now looks like he can't hit any spots to save his life. Tyler Everett and John Gast are now headed down to the bullpen.

Guin (tampa bay): looks like they just sent to bull pen
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep, Gast and Everett down to the bullpen for the Noles.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Geoff Parker gives up 3 walks, a hit batter, and then draws in a walk for a run. Things not looking good as Arkansas takes the lead 3-2 still with NO OUTS.

Zach (Tallahassee): Do you think the bad weather is a negative factor in this game for FSU?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Not really. We've had some rest time, but I still think we're fine. Geoff Parker just needs to get outs and Arkansas adds to the lead 4-2 on a sac fly.

Nola: Any thoughts of who Mike Martin will put in for Parker?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Most likely it'll be John Gast if Parker can't get out of this.

Guin (tampa bay): grrr... this is not looking good :( We need faster warming up!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Or we need Geoff Parker to throw strikes! He can still get out of this if he settles down. Arkansas gets another run across on a sac groundout, 5-2 now.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: PITCHING CHANGE: John Gast now pitching for the Seminoles.

Guin (tampa bay): crap 5-2, with 2 outs
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Not good for the Noles. We can still come back, we just need to start hitting the ball!

Nola: My Gawd I hate rain delays, i hope the bats can come alive soon.....
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We sure need them to! McGee, Stidham, and Tapley are due up for FSU, so let's hope we can get some runs in a hurry!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 7th: 3 runs across for Arkansas and they take a 5-2 lead. Due up: McGee, Stidham, Tapley.

naples,fla: why couldnt they play a doubleheader tomorrow.....is it suppose to rain tomorrow,too?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: They wanted to get the game in today, so we can just play one tomorrow.

Guin (tampa bay): finally, we are out of that inning... but they didn't have any hits and scored 3... sorry Parker, but NEXT....

Nola: Lopez certainly is getting a workout behind the plate. He may need to reserve the whirlpool after this game is over.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Lopez is a tough kid, he'll be fine.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: That's the way to hit the ball Mike McGee!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Another base hit for the Noles! Let's keep it rolling right here Stuart Tapley!

Guin (tampa bay): yea, that's a good start, now let's keep it up Noles!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We gotta keep it going right here!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 7th: FSU leaves two stranded on base and still trail 5-2. We head to the top of the 8th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: FSU simply cannot win a game if they leave this many runners on base. We started off the inning with 2 straight base hits and then no outs. Then 3 straight outs to do nothing. That's not good, Seminole fans.

Guin (tampa bay): sigh

Nola: we can't keep leaving men on base, how many is that? 6?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I don't have a definite count, but it's at least 9 right now.

Guin (tampa bay): announcer just said 10
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah, not so good. We can't do that and win ball games.

mandy (macon, GA): We need it here gentleman. This where we've surprised everyone, on our ability to come from behind! Let's see it again!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We certainly need to come back here. A win here sets us up great, but a loss here, wow, that's not good for the rest of the weekend.

Guin (tampa bay): are you friggin kidding me :(
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah, our defense is really hurting us right now. 11 is coming out to the mound to settle them down.

naples,fla: rice 4.....lsu 1....top of 5

Nola: Crap....Crappp

Nola: There over throwing everything, they don't seemed focused.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're totally out of our game right now. Our defense is collapsing and it's falling apart QUICKLY. We're now down 6-2 and have committed 3 errors this inning.

Guin (tampa bay): I"m getting really frustrated :( stupid rain delay just ruined their concentration!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I don't know if it was the rain delay, but what I do know is that we're totally playing ourselves out of the game in a hurry and need to regroup quickly. It's starting to get embarrassing.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: PITCHING CHANGE: Tyler Everett now pitching for FSU.

Nola: It seems as if they are very tentative in foot placement and fielding fly balls. Which i presume they are loosing there focus on the basic of catching and throwing.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I think you hit the nail on the head. But I'd add this: They've lost focus on just about everything. Now that doesn't mean they can't regroup and win the game. But they've got to want it!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Another run in for Arkansas, and they now lead 7-2.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 8th: FSU gives up 2 more runs and we head to the bottom of the 8th trailing 7-2. Due up: Posey, Lopez, Holt.

Guin (tampa bay): Big climb they are making it hard on themselves... ok here we are... get those bats and wheels going!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I like your confidence! We just gotta put that into our bats and get this thing going! We get enough hits, we just can't leave as many guys left on base.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mike Meschke will pinch hit for Jack Posey this inning

NoleTideNole: Did we trade our pitchers during the rain delays????

mandy: Come on team!

Josh, Palm Bay: What's everyone so upset about...this is our M.O. Post season is time to come out of our game and make mistakes until we cant save ourselves.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We can still come back from this! Let's remember we've done good things in the post season before, and we can't get down on the team yet. There's still a lot of baseball left to be played.

mike tally: not gonna happen. No mo.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Let's remember also that we've made some BIG comebacks this year. We can still come back and win!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We WILL NOT win this game if we can't hit the ball and keep making bad decisions in the field. But we WILL win if we settle down, play our game, and believe that we can win. I know that sounds cliche, but it's true!

Guin (tampa bay): I'll take that... they got one on... ok if LSU can come back, surely we can!!

Nola: Also Arkansas has earned nothing, we have literally handed the runs to them. They just look very tight
FSU Moderator - Baseball: They do look tight, but we just look like we want to lose the game and just play for tomorrow. Can't keep doing that!


Guin (tampa bay): good point Nola, that one inning, they didn't actually hit anything!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: They never got a hit and WE GAVE THEM 3 RUNS!!! Now that sounds like a team giving away a game, doesn't it?!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Things are starting to get interesting here! 2 on and 1 out with Cardullo coming up. The Noles need to make the push RIGHT NOW.

cheryl: what is the score?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Cheryl, we're down 7-2 right now in the bottom of the 8th. 2 on and 1 out with Cardullo at the plate.

Nola: They seem very tentative at the plate, no very agressive at pitches. Got to make something happen.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Definitely agree there. Love your input! Cardullo is being VERY aggressive at the plate right now, just needs to get on base here. Nothing fancy. But he strikes out. 2 down now. McGee up at the plate.

Guin (tampa bay): whoa that replay looked like the call was in our favor
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Didn't see a replay up here, but I trust you!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 8th: 2 left on base, and we still trail 7-2 heading to the top of the 9th.

Guin (tampa bay): ok, my faith is slipping :(
FSU Moderator - Baseball: ...rather quickly too here. Defensive changes for the 'Noles: Brunelle at Catcher, Meshcke at 1B, and Mark Peterson now pitching for the Seminoles.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Wow what a catch by Tyler Holt! That slide in center field looked like a lot of fun!

Nola: Here we go...good start to inning

Guin (tampa bay): ok that was a spectacular catch!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And how about that catch by Stuart Tapley! Great defense there! We needed that the last few innings though...

Josh, Palm Bay: Looks like Holt wants Omaha...anyone else?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Oh yeah he does. I talked to Tyler before the game today, he was so pumped and ready to go. Don't think the Noles will roll over and die...they want it BAD.

Guin (tampa bay): it's like they are on slip and slides... ok defense woke up... 2 up 2 down already :)

Nola: If they loose they need positive movement into tomorrow
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We need that positivity!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Sorry to do this y'all, but I've got to run down to the postgame press conference to get set up. I'll be on tomorrow, same time, same place. We'll bounce back tomorrow and win. Have a great night, thanks again for chatting, and GO NOLES!!!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: That's it for me tonight ladies and gentlemen. Have a great evening and GO NOLES!!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Florida State falls 7-2 tonight to Arkansas, but we're back in action tomorrow. Join us at 12:00 pm sharp for game 2. GO NOLES!

Guin (tampa bay): I hope that was enough to pump up the bats!! even if we lose, if we can get a couple runs to carry up into tomorrow, that would be helpful like Nola said!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Go Noles!

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