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Baseball Live Game Chat - Florida State vs Georgia: 2009 NCAA Regional

The Florida State Seminoles face the Georgia Bulldogs at 4 p.m. in the winners bracket.

During the game you can chat live and share your thoughts about the game. We will also provide updates from the press box inside Dick Howser Stadium.

FSU Moderator - Baseball: Welcome to Dick Howser Stadium for Florida State vs Georgia!!!

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: Who is fsu's starting pitcher
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Sean Gilmartin will be on the mound for the 'Noles today, and he is 11-3 on the season with a 3.64 ERA

Carey Alltop / Atlanta: How many games in a row do we have to win to become National Champs?!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Wow, a national championship?! We have to get past this regional first! But let's see, we need 2 more wins here to advance, 2 in the super regional, and probably 4 in the CWS...it's a long road though....
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Here is the starting lineup for FSU today...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: 1) CF Tyler Holt 2) SS Stephen Cardullo 3) LF Mike McGee 4) 2B Jason Stidham 5) 3B Stuart Tapley 6) DH Tommy Oravetz 7) RF Ohmed Danesh 8) 1B Mike Meschke 9) C Rafael Lopez
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And here's Georgia's starting lineup...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: 1) LF Zach Cone 2) RF Peter Verdin 3) C Bryce Massanari 4) 1B Rich Poythress 5) DH Joey Lewis 6) CF Matt Cerione 7) 3B Colby May 8) SS Levi Hymas 9) 2B Michael Demperio
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Starting for Georgia today is RHO Trevor Holder, who is 7-4 on the season with a 4.34 ERA.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Georgia had a great showing against Ohio State yesterday, and Florida State took care of business against Marist, so this should be a GREAT game today!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Georgia is in their red jerseys, white pants, and white hats today.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Florida State is in all white with garnet and gold caps today against the #2 seed Bulldogs out of the SEC
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Any questions out there yet?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It's a BEAUTIFUL day for baseball here in Tallahassee, and Dick Howser Stadium is expected to be packed this afternoon!

billy: gilmartin had a tough his last outting. think he is rested
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah I do think he's rested. He pitched great against Boston College in the first game of the ACC Tournament, but came in for a 1/3 of an inning against UVA in the Champ game. I think Gilmartin is a calm, cool, and collected kid who will have it together today. He's had a week rest, and will be ready to go.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're just minutes away from first pitch and the stands are really starting to fill up here in Tallahasee. Everyone pumped for the game today?

billy: that 1/3 hurt though. he has been clutch all year so I too look for a great day. how is the heat?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Believe it or not, it's a great day outside today! About 85 degrees with a slght breeze. Just a few little clouds in the sky, so it's a PERECT day for Baseball!

Jerry: Let's go 'noles

Rick (New Jersey): Have the Noles faced Holder in the past and if so how did they do against him.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I don't believe that we have faced Holder yet. He's got good stuff though from what we've seen.

billy: did georgia have to use any real pitching vs osu. how deep are they today?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: They threw their #2 guy yesterday. They only used a few pitchers yesterday, so Georgia should be in great shape pitching wise.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And we're underway here in Tallahassee!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Due up for the Noles in the bottom of the 1st: Holt, Cardullo, McGee. Sean Gilmartin had his stuff first inning, and got the first 3 UGA batters in order. Gilly needs to keep it up for the 'Noles!

Jerry (Savannah): Is the game on tv or the web anywhere besides Florida?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The game is on ESPNU right now nationally.

billy: atta boy gilly
FSU Moderator - Baseball: He definitely had his stuff in the 1st inning, he just needs to settle in and keep throwing his stuff, and FSU will be just fine.

V in VA: Does this page automatically refresh
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Just click "Show new Messages" at the bottom, and it will refresh. But it should refresh every 30-45 seconds or so automatically.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Noles strike first! 1-0 on Stidham's sac fly. FSU seems to be connecting really well right now, and the UGA pitcher is looking rattled...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're done here in the 1st, and the 'Noles leave the bases loaded but take the lead 1-0. We head to the top of the 2nd.

billy: like the run but hate men lob
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah I know Billy, we've had a bad habit of doing that all year. We leave too many guys left on base. But here's the positive! The UGA pitcher, Trevor Holder, is already VERY HIGH in the pitch count after the 1st inning with 35 pitches. That's good.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well FSU fans, Gilmartin has his stuff today and is PERECT through 2 innings. Due up for the 'Noles: Meschke, Lopez, Holt.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Change that! PERFECT through 2, not perect. Sometimes your moderator can't spell!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Change today for the 'Noles as Meschke starts at 1st base, in favor of Jack Posey, who has been in a major hitting slump.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Noles hitting great sports fans! Tyler Holt and Lopez each have hits this inning.

biggy: are they televised today
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well the Noles add to the lead! We're now up 3-0 on McGee's 2 RBI double.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: FSU is so hot hitting right now and the scoring continues as FSU now leads 4-0.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Nole fans, Florida State has come to play today! It's been 5 straight hits this inning for the Noles with 2 on, 2 outs, and Tommy Oravetz at the plate.

billy: love'n these noles
FSU Moderator - Baseball: That's the end of the 2nd, and FSU keeps that scoring train rolling right along and leads 4-0.

billy: good or bad, I gotta know what is happening
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It's good. The Seminoles are leading 4-0 at the end of the third inning.

billy: r they still pitching holder
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Holder is still in for Georgia, but Sean Gilmartin just gave up a 2 run HR. FSU now leads 4-2.

scott: so how are we looking today
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're looking great. But making too many mistakes. We've left too many guys on base, but we're still hitting well, and the only blemish is that HR that Gilmartin just gave up.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gilmartin picks up his 4th K of the game. But UGA does some damage in the form of Rich Poythress, who bombs another one over the wall.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Holder still on the mound for UGA, and his pitch count is at 76 already.

scott: go noles

billy: expected they would not get shut out. stay focused boys. keep hitting & good defense
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Holder has settled in a little bit for UGA, as he has retired two straight batters here in the bottom of the 4th.

shane jax: What's the score now?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: FSU now leads 4-2 through 4 inning and heading into the top of the 5th.

billy: staying w holder says they r not worried about score. lets get some runs & make em pay
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Definitely, but Holder has settled down and has started pitching well. Gilmartin just needs to keep it up here, we need some key late inning hits, and we'll be just fine.

scott: hows gilmartin doing in the 5th
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gilly now has 2 outs and a man on 2nd.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: He still looks fine, just needs to get in there and throw strikes.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Nole batters have not been looking good the past few innings against Holder and the crowd is starting to quiet down and the UGA fans are starting to be heard more.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 5th: Nothing across for FSU, but the Noles still lead 4-2 heading to the top of the 6th.

Indianapolis: Thanks for doing this. Shopping with the wife and can keep up with the score. We still looking good?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're still looking in control, but we just HAVE to keep it up. The UGA pitcher Holder keeps looking better and better, but Gilmartin still looks fine.

billy: can hear o' canada warming up
FSU Moderator - Baseball: O Canada has already been sung here at Dick Howser Stadium...and today with some harmony too!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Our hitters have GOT to step up here in the next few innings...they haven't hit well since the 2nd inning.

valerie: What's going on now...is it still 4-2???
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It's still 4-2 in the top of the 6th. We're doing well Valerie!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 6th: Gilmartin gets the batters to go 1-2-3. FSU still leads 4-2 heading to bottom 6th. Due up: Lopez, Holt, Cardullo.

valerie: Thanks for doing this! Iam poolside and the tv here doesn't get espnu!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah it's a shame that ESPNU only gets on cable on June 1! One day too late! Noles still in control in the bottom of the 6th here at Dick Howser.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 6th: Nothing across for FSU, but the Noles still lead 4-2 heading to the top of the 7th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It has been bad news for FSU hitters since the 2nd hitting. If they are going to win this game, the 'Noles have GOT TO GET SOME BASE HITS!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 7th: One McGee error, but nothing for UGA and FSU leads 4-2. Due up: McGee, Stidham, Tapley.

JK: Did Gilmartin pitch the 7th?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gilmartin DID pitch the 7th. 2 K's and an error by McGee. Gilly still looking ON for the 'Noles. Holder at 108 pitches and Gilly at 82 pitches.

scott: gilly holding strong
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gilly is holding VERY strong, he's only at 82 pitches through 7 complete innings. Tapley just picked up FSU's first base hit since the 2nd inning.

billy: need a rally. where are the animals
FSU Moderator - Baseball: They're here! But they need to get louder to give us a chance to win the ball game!

jason: What's the score now
FSU Moderator - Baseball: FSU still up 4-2 in the top of the 8th, with 1 out and 1 on for UGA

billy: oooo n o l e s noles

jason (macon): This has got to be our inning. We need a bigger buffer going into the later innings
FSU Moderator - Baseball: YOU KNOW IT WE NEED A BIG INNING! Here we go NOLES!

valerie: We need to do something here!! Sending good thoughts!!!!

Bruce (Falls Church, VA): What is the score now?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Still 4-2. 2 outs in the top of the 8th, but UGA has 2 runners on...NERVOUS HERE!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 8th: BIG TIME FOR FSU! We get out of the jam and still lead 4-2! Due up: Danesh, Meschke, Lopez.

Bruce (Falls Church, VA): We cannot get the game here -- thanks for keeping us posted.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Absolutely Bruce! We love keeping our Seminole fans updated around the country! FSU still in control, just 3 more outs in the top of the 9th and we can book it for tomorrow!

billy: k time k time k time
FSU Moderator - Baseball: K TIME BILLY!!!!! GIlmartin has 6 K's and has looked great!

LAC (Thomasville): how's it look?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Looking good here...just gotta keep it together for another inning!!!!

Pat (savannah): I'm biting my nails. Please give a score and inning. Thanks
FSU Moderator - Baseball: FSU 4-2, bottom 8th

scott: i got a good feeling

Matt (Tally): Is it agreed that georgia is our toughest opponent in this regional? What are our chances against Oklahoma/Arkansas? in Super?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Georgia is BY FAR our toughest opponent in the regional, but let's win this game before we start talking anything about super regionals!!! Gotta look at the game in front of us!

Coffeenole (Jacksonville): Been keeping my eye on the game...we need about 6 or 8 runs this inning! GO NOLES!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Haha agreed! And then we need 3 straight outs in the top of the 9th!

Wallace- Collierville, TN: Why can't these games be on regular ESPN?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Most times ESPN broadcasts the super regionals and CWS. It's even great for a regional to be on TV!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: PITCHING CHANGE: Will Harvil will now relieve Trevor Holder, who has been great for UGA today, simply great.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Holder threw 125 pitches today, and setlled down after that bad 1st and 2nd inning.

scott: hows the 8th looking
FSU Moderator - Baseball: 8th is looking fine, we've got a man on 1st and Lopez stepping to the plate.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: This has been a GREAT baseball game!

valerie: Hoping we score some runs here...I will feel better going into the 9th after GA's hit parade yesterday!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah, we need some insurance runs here to give us a little more comfortable cushion...

Bruce (Falls Church, VA): Fox Sports showed the Southern - Minnesota game here. It was 8-3 going into the 8th and Southern scored 5 runs to tie the game. Minnesota came back in the ninth and won by 3. Fun game if you are a Minnesota Fan.

Rick (New Jersey): Good vibes being sent from NJ. For at least 4 runs this inning
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Those vibes worked Rick as James Ramsey scored on an RBI single by Cardullo. Noles on a hit parade!!! HERE WE GO SEMINOLES!

austyn 12 years: tip your hat to holder,he did a great job now lets work on their bullpen.nutin like tired dawgs!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Oh yeah, Holder had a great game, he pitched a whale of a game for the 'Dawgs

Alex Tall: is it still 4-2?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We now lead 5-2 Alex!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The crowd is alive here at Dick Howser Stadium, Seminole Fans!!!!

aaron (florida): lets go noles

Wallace- Collierville, TN: Let's go Noles!

jayville: whats the score

Rick (NJ): GO Noles!

scott: role noles

Mike: Outs?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're doing great here in Tallahassee, and the 'Noles are rolling along 8-2! Big 8th inning!

chrissy: What's the score. We are at WCWS and this is great for us to keep up with FSU!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Sorry to do this y'all, but I've got to head down to the post game press conference early. FSU currently leads 8-2 and Sean Gilmartin is coming out to pitch the 9th inning. Go 'Noles and we'll see you tomorrow at 4 pm as the 'Noles try to close out the regional and advance!

Steve (Port St. Lucie): Monster clutch...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Good night Seminole fans, thanks so much for joining us, and as always..... GO NOLES!!!!!!

Braden (Warren, MI): N O L E S...........NOLES!!!!!!!!

austyn: stick a fork in them I smell cooked dawgs!!!!
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