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Baseball Live Game Chat - Florida State vs Marist: 2009 NCAA Regional

The Florida State Seminoles open up regional play at 4 p.m. against Marist.

During the game you can chat live and share your thoughts about the game. We will also provide updates from the press box inside Dick Howser Stadium.

FSU Moderator - Baseball: Welcome to Tallahassee! We'll be starting the live game chat right at 3:30 today from inside Dick Howser Stadium!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Keep posting your questions and we'll answer them right at 3:30 this afternoon! Any questions for today's game?

Ben Tallhassee: What is the status of the resolution of the UGA game and how long after that will the FSU game start?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Hey Ben, we are in a MASSIVE weather delay right now. The game is delayed at least another hour and a half right now. Check back around 7:30-8:00 or so when the FSU game is projected to start.

jerry: What is the game status
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Georgia leads 10-2 in the bottom of the 5th. We are currently a weather delay.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We will let all of you know when the game will resume, we've seen about 10 lightning strikes in the last 30 minutes. It's weird, because there is NO RAIN IN SIGHT!

Brian: The fsu game is supposed to start around 730 or 8?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Hey all, sorry for the delayed response. We're sitting here in the press box and it looks like at EARLIEST 6:30 that this Ohio State Georgia game will resume. THAT MEANS at earliest, FSU Marist will start at 8:30.

Rocky (Detroit): Any status changes as of 4:45PM EST ? Is it raining or lightning?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: NEW UPDATE: We are now in a lightning delay until 6:15. At the earliest the game will resume at 6:45 PM.

Jason (Tallahassee): Is the Georgia-Ohio State game even on cable to at least keep up with the game(s) status that way.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Jason, every game here in the Tallahassee is being shown on ESPNU.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: So, whenever each game resumes, they will each be shown on ESPNU.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Since we're going to be in a rain delay for quite some time, let's discuss Florida State Baseball
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Brian Busch is going to be starting tonight for FSU, even if it's 10 pm tonight. He's had a good Freshman season so far. Anyone been able to see him pitch out there?

Johnathan (Oneonta): Is there a radio station I can pick this game up on tonight online?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Jonathan, here is the link for all the baseball radio broadcasts online. Go here: http://www.seminoles.com/multimedia/baseball.html

Johnathan (Oneonta,AL): Wow. I was suprised to see the Noles not getting a super-regional.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It was a tough call this year in terms of those top 8 seeds. The selection committee has a very tough job to do, and there were probably 10 other deserving teams of a top 8 seed. But the 'Noles need to take care of business this weekend and advance to the super regional...and hope Arkansas can beat Oklahoma!

Eric (Ft Worth): Love this live chat, moved out to Texas last year...missing Florida! This is a great way for us to keep up with the games. Go Noles!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Thanks Eric! We always appreciate our Seminole fans around the country who aren't in Tallahassee. Anything we can do to give y'all more coverage of Florida State Athletics, please let us know!

Chris (Tallahassee, FL): Is there anyway that the game will be delayed until tomorrow?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: There is a slight chance it COULD be delayed until tomorrow, but very unlikely. They will most likely play both games tonight, even if the second game ends at 2 a.m.!

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: What is the latest time The Florida State Game can Start
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The FSU game could start really anytime tonight, but most likely around 9:00-ish at the present time.

Johnathan (oneonta): I watched the SEC tournament in Hoover, and I was not impressed with Florida. I just knew FSU had a top 8 seed with the showing in the regular season and tournament.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: You just never know about the seeding until the seeds actually come out on the Monday before the regionals...it's different every year...but the caliber of teams is ALWAYS GREAT!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: NEW UPDATE FROM THE PRESS BOX: As long as the first pitch is BEFORE 11 PM. So we could be playing WELL into the night here in Tallahassee tonight!

Chris (Tallahassee,FL): Yea, I am sure that they took into account the slow start and the fact that UF beat us pretty convincingly
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yes, UF did beat us 2 out of 3 this year, they definitely take into account head-to-head match ups.

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: What is the latest the Florida State game cannot start
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're still under a lightning warning, so the game is being delayed again...and again... and again.

Johnathan (Oneonta): I think we have a formula for success this year and a few to become. Coach Martin has plenty of Freshmen and Sophomores. With Gilmartin and the rest of the staff of pitchers, I feel good about our chances.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Definitely Jonathan, you've got to like how young our team is and how talented they are. We should be pretty good for years to come as Gilmartin and Busch just keep getting better and better.

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: What is the Cut off Time that the Florida State Game cannot start
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The game HAS TO START BEFORE 11 PM TONIGHT. Any time after that and we will play tomorrow.

Chris (Tallahassee): I agree Johnathan. I just heard some more thunder...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And lightning! It continues!

Johnathan (Oneonta): But if you look at head to head, why did they not look at us beating No. 4 seed UNC 2 out of 3. Say that Ark does win the Ok. regional, will that give us a super?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Definitely agree with beating UNC, but it was a close series and they played well the rest of the year. It's hard to take one series as the only measuring stick for us not getting a top 8 seed.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: So anyone coming to Tallahassee for the regionals this weekend?

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: What time is Georgia Ohio State supposed to Resume
FSU Moderator - Baseball: As of right, the Ohio State and Georgia game will resume...well it changes literally every 10 minutes, when a new bolt of lightning comes down. Looks like 7:30 at the VERY EARLIEST.

Johnathan(Oneonta): I agree, but I guess I am looking through the Garnet and Gold spectrum. Florida does have their hands full in that regional. Miami always seems to pick it up right now. As much as I hate to say that, its true.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We just needed to do more at the end of the year, like losing it against Georgia Tech and losing to Tech and UVA in the ACC Tournament. I don't think that helped!

Wesley (Weston): If FSU wins the Regional will they host the Super???
FSU Moderator - Baseball: If FSU wins, they will advance to a Super Regional, but may not host because we are a #10 National Seed. If we win AND Oklahoma (#7 seed) win, we will head to Norman, OK to play the Sooners next weekend.

Chris (Tallahassee): I will be at the game tomorrow...whenever that will be
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Sounds great Chris! Make sure to be loud for the 'Noles tomorrow!

Kevin (Tallahassee): So let's say the FSU game does start really late, closer to 10. Will the ticket office still be open and selling tickets for tonights game?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Kevin, yes I believe they will be selling tickets at the gate at Dick Howser Stadium. It looks like the game will keep getting pushed back, because constant lightning keeps coming!

Johnathan (Oneonta): When do you think Gilmartin will pitch this weekend
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gilmartin is scheduled to pitch tomorrow in whichever game we play (Noon or 4 pm)

Sherrill (Niagara Falls): Rain delays make it hard to plan, I plan my day around the games (could have done the laundry :) )
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Isn't that the worst! i could have worked out today in the gym here at Florida State, but instead...we're stuck inside Dick Howser watching the lightning over the outfield.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And another bolt comes down...anyone have questions about Florida State Baseball? Hopefully we'll play tonight!

Johnathan (Oneonta): I haven't been able to come down this year, but I have listened to all the games I have been able to catch. I have to say that I cannot remember many Freshmen pitchers that have been able to come in and make this kind of noise like him.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Oh yeah, Sean Gilmartin has just been incredible this year. I don't think many people expected him to be THIS good...and he was a middle reliever in high school too!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Both he AND Brian Busch have been incredible. Let's just be thankful we have both of them on our team!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We have some other great freshmen too...Hunter Scantling will be great again next year too, and should develop great in the off season.

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: Any Chance of Florida State Hosting a Super Regional?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Hopefully we host a Super Regional! We just need to take care of business this weekend...

Kevin (Tallahassee): Well Matt Wieters is making his debut tonight and everyone is excited rightfully so. With Buster Posey already being a top 50 prospect, do you think there will be a good amount of buzz surrounding his debut?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Definitely, he's at least a year and a half away, if he continues to develop, there will be a BIG BUZZ. Plus, the Giants have one of the best farm clubs in the MLB.

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: Which teams would Most likey come to Tallahassee for a Super Regional
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Most likely, IF we host a Super, it will most likely be Arkansas, because they will have beaten Oklahoma. Hopefully we can get through this and host a Super though!

cleveland: if 2 of the top 8 seeds loose out do we have a chance to host a super?? fsu 73
FSU Moderator - Baseball: No matter who loses in front of us, if Oklahoma wins, we will have to go out there to play the Sooners in the Super.

cleveland: a start time yet??? i finally get to see a game up here and it's a rain delay!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: As of right now, the start time for Ohio State and Georgia is at 7:30, but that could change in a heartbeat!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: No lightning right now, so the delay time is still at 6:45, and then 30 minutes after that. Keep your fingers crossed Seminole fans!

Chris (Tallahassee): When was the last lightning?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Last lightning was about 20 minutes ago...it kind of looks like it's clearing up a little bit!

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: Where would we play Washington State in a Super Regional?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: If SOMEHOW Washington State makes it through, we will play them here at Dick Howser Stadium. The only team we will have to travel to play is Oklahoma...

Chris (Tallahassee): Why do we have to wait 30 mins after to play? For player to warm up again?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yes absolutely, we have to wait for the tarp to get rolled off the field, for the players to warm up, and to get the field ready for play again.

Chris (Tallahassee): Anyway we see Dvo get a start this weekend instead of Ohmed?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Either D'Vo or Ohmed will start in right. Usually depends if there's a RHP or LHP pitching against the 'Noles. 11 usually likes to have D'Vo against a lefty and Ohmed against a Righty. We'll see!

Jonathan Tallahassee: WHen will the Georgia Ohio State players take the field
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Georgia and Ohio State players will take the field in about 9 minutes if there's no more lightning to warm up! But we will begin play around 7:15 if everything holds up....
FSU Moderator - Baseball: NEW UPDATE: The Tarp Grew if taking the field right now to take the tarp off the field, hopefully this is a good sign for some baseball to be played!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: UPDATE!!!! The Game is scheduled to resume at 7 pm!!! The crowd is going nuts!

Sarah (Tallahasse): Still àt 7:30? We're driving around trying to figure out what's going on? Thanks!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Sarah, come on back because the game is scheduled to resume at 7:00.

Chris (Tallahassee): Maybe Ohio St can come back and win it! GO NOLES!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We'll see, but Ohio State has A LOT to come back from, because UGA is hitting the ball REALLY well

Jonathan Tallahassee: Who is calling tonight's FSU Baseball game on the Radio?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Eric Luallen is calling tonight's game on FSU Radio
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The Georgia and Ohio State players are now on the field warming up!

Jason ( Tallahassee): So, what time does that get our game going?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We'll see Jason! But more than likely, our game will get going after 9 pm.

Chris (Tallahassee): Hopefully all this delay cooled their bats down and they go back to the uga from the past couple weeks. Its going to be a really tough game if we have to play them tomorrow.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yes it will be very tough, but remember, it's still the game of Baseball, we just need to take care of business TONIGHT first!

Jonathan Tallahassee: What is the Radio Announcing line up the rest of this season for Florida State Baseball?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Not too sure Jonathan, but it will either be Tom Block or Eric Luallen.

Sherrill (Niagara Falls): Wow, actual baseball is actually occurring!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I know! It's a MIRACLE!!!

Chris (Tallahassee): i left the ohio st uga game cause of the delay. Can i still get back in with my ticket?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yes Chris, you will still be able to get in. Just show your ticket again at the gate.

Jonathan Tallahassee: When is Tom Block next Broadcast on the Radio?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I'm not sure. Tom is actually sitting near me, but he is doing stats right now, so he's busy. I'll ask him soon and get back to you.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Play is now resuming! Ohio State is on the field and UGA will be up to bat.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Any other Seminole Baseball questions out there? It's looks like we're actually going to play later tonight!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Play has officially resumed. Total time of the rain delay was clocked at five hours and twelve minutes...Geez that's a long time!

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: WHat time is Florida State and Marist Scheduled to Start?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're still not sure, it just depends on the length of this game and if there is no more lightning in the area. But as of right now, looks to start around 9:00-9:15.

joe tallahassee: How far into the UGA game is it?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're probably 15 minutes into the game since the delay. Things seem to be moving fairly rapidly though!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're in the bottom of the 6th right now.

Drew (Tallahassee): Is the FSU game going to be televised?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep, tune in to ESPNU to see the game. All games this weekend will be broadcast on ESPNU.

Mark Evans: what is the local radio station carrying the game?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: 1270 AM The Team is carrying the game here in Tallahassee. All Florida State Baseball games can be heard on 1270 The Team.

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: What time will 1270's Baseball Pre Game Coverage with Eric Luallen begin?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The game will begin 15 minutes before first pitch for Florida State tonight.

JoAnn: OK, what channel# is ESPNU?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: ESPNU is only offered on digital cable or by ordering it on your local cable provider.

Tallahassee: Is the game still on hold?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Game is not still on hold, we're in the bottom of the 7th right now with Georgia and Ohio State.

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: What time is the Florida State Game scheduled to start?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The FSU game will start about 30-45 min after the Georgia and Ohio State game concludes, which should be in the range of 9:15-9:30. So stay tuned!

gt: What is the current score
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Georgia is currently leading Ohio State 13-3 in the bottom of the 7th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Hopefully the Noles can pull it out tonight!

chris: Is there any TV
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It's on ESPNU, and that's only offered by ordering the channel or getting digital cable. But Comcast is adding it in Tallahassee starting June 1 on your regular cable package!

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: What time will Eric Luallen come on the Radio with Pregame Coverage
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Just spoke with Eric Luallen here in the press box, he's going LIVE ON AIR 15 MINUTES before the FSU game starts tonight. That should theoretically be about 9:15 or so....

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: When is Tom Block's Next Radio Broadcast?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I don't know. He hopes you will listen though!

Joelle ( Tallahassee): What is the score - should beh eading down there in about 10 minutes
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're in the top of the 8th here in the Ohio State and Georgia game. We should start hopefully around 9:15 or so! You never know though, we'll see how long this game goes though...

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: I need you to go look at the Starting Line Up for Florida State and tell me the order
FSU Moderator - Baseball: All your information you need to know is located at this link: http://www.seminoles.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/fsu/sports/m-basebl/auto_pdf/NCAARegionalNotes

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: Ask Eric Luallen for Florida State's Starting Lineup and tell me what it is?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: I just did, and we don't know what the order is until 15 minutes before the game. All we know is that Brian Busch will be pitching tonight against Marist.

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: Question on What ACC Opponents that were playing Next year and non Conference Opponents
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Next year's schedule has not been released yet. Let's worry about TONIGHT'S REGIONAL GAME before the 2010 season...

Kevin (tallahassee): What's the score of the UGA game?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Georgia leads Ohio State 14-6 in the bottom of the 8th. Game is moving fairly quickly too thankfully!

Pete (dothan alabama): Im a big noles fan. Is there a radio station i can listen to the game on in Dothan?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: There isn't a radio station in Dothan, BUT you CAN listen to it online at this link: http://www.seminoles.com/multimedia/baseball.html Click on Baseball vs Marist TONIGHT
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're on a 30 minute break. Check back just before 9 pm tonight and we'll get the game chat started up then! Post your questions and I'll get to them right after we get back from the 1st game Press Conference.

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: Who is the Home Team TOnight in the Florida State Game?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're back here at Dick Howser Stadium! FSU is the home team tonight, and here's the starting lineup.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: 1) CF Tyler Holt 2) SS Stephen Cardullo 3) LF Mike McGee 4) 2B Jason Stidham 5) 3B Stuart Tapley 6) DH Tommy Oravetz 7) 1B Jack Posey 8) RF Ruairi O'Connor 9) C Rafael Lopez And pitching for the 'Noles is Freshman LHP Brian Busch.

cleveland: espnu went to the west coast game....is fsu being picked up on another tv channel?? mary kay
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The FSU vs Marist game will be shown in its ENTIRETY tonight on ESPNU, so let's go 'Noles!

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: What time is the Radio PreGame Show?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The Radio pregame will start at 9:15 with Eric Luallen

cleveland: where can i find the game??? espnu has gone to the other regional. mary kay
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We have been informed that when the FSU vs Marist game starts at 9:30, it will be shown in its ENTIRETY on ESPNU.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The Seminoles are in their all white uniforms tonight with garnet hats and Marist is in red tops and grey pants for their opening game of the Tallahassee regional

Jonathan Tallahassee FL: ASK Chip Baker Who were Playing next year?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Chip Baker is one of the greatest people in Florida State Baseball history, and has done great things for the program. He's currently very busy for the regional and is focused on tonight's game.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're currently 12 minutes away from first pitch here in Tallahassee!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're just minutes away from first pitch! Any questions out there about tonight's game?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And FINALLY the first pitch of the ball game at 9:30! 'Noles are playing now!

Dan (Stuttgart, Germany): The 'noles were better against RHP this year, what do you think their chances are against the senior LHP tonight?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Great question Dan! I think the 'Noles chances are good tonight. The pitcher, Rickards, from Marist has pitched in front of a big crowd before, but not against the hitting like the Seminoles have this year. I think the Seminoles need to hop on the Red Foxes early and never look back.

Coach- wpb: whats marist's record
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Marist has a 31-26 record and FSU comes in with a 42-16 record.

Hometown Favorite (Tallahassee): Mcgee should be starting tonight. We need him in LF for game 3 more than tonight.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah, you definitely raise a good point. But here's my opinion: I think Mike Martin knows exactly what he's doing, pitching the more reliable Brian Busch tonight and hopefully securing a win in the 1st game. REMEMBER: winning the 1st game is the most important thing in a Regional. Plus Mike McGee will be available when we need him Sunday...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Due up for the 'Noles in the bottom of the 1st: Holt, Cardullo, McGee.

Hometown Favorite (Tallahassee): "I think Mike Martin knows exactly what he's doing" Scary thought....
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well, Mike Martin has been coaching here for 30 years. The man has seen every facet of baseball, and let's just trust his judgment tonight. Brian Busch looks on so far, and we need a win here to advance to the winners' bracket tomorrow against the hot Georgia team...

Josh palm bay: Well lets hope we get some better results this year than in those last 30 years...the ball has GOT to bounce our way some day! Law of averages.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Haha great point Josh. You would think ONE of these years, we'd win it all! But 11 has gotten us there quite a few times, let's hope this is his 20th trip to Omaha and maybe, just maybe, the law of averages will be on our side...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 1st: Seminoles strand 1 runner. Game still tied 0-0 heading to the top of the 2nd...

Josh palm bay: We got spanked what, 7-0 last year...should we be worried about these guys? Can they beat us?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Josh, you are full of great points tonight my friend! Unfortunately, YES they can beat us. It's still the game of baseball and anything can happen. Their pitcher Rickards looked on in the 1st inning, but we shouldn't be worried. We just need to play OUR GAME, and we'll be fine.

shane jacksonville: what channel is espnu on comcast
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Shane, unfortunately Comcast does not currently offer ESPNU. However, it does begin on June 1st. On digital cable, I believe ESPNU is in the 200's...hopefully you can find it!

Alex Tallahassee: What's the score?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: FSU now leads 1-0 on a Ruairi O'Connor RBI double. Great piece of hitting by O'Connor as he stays with the ball. FSU needs to keep it up, and put the Red Foxes away early!

shane jacksonville: cool thanks for the info
FSU Moderator - Baseball: You're welcome Shane! Anything else we can help you with, don't hesitate to let us know. Anything we can do better on Seminoles.com to give you more FSU info, just let us know!

Susan Panama City: Will Comcast just carry this in Tallahassee? One of the cable carriers in our area has it but not Comcast. Any change we will see that in Panama City?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Susan, I'm not sure. But you can always call Comcast out there and see if they'll over it. But I know we're getting it here in Tallahassee starting June 1, if that helps! Maybe Panama City could be the same...
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Brian Busch has looked in control so far, so let's hope he can keep it up here in the 3rd!

eric(jacksonville): Whats the score? and do you know if florida lost.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: FSU leads 1-0 heading to the bottom of the 3rd. And Florida JUST won 8-7 in the bottom of the 9th. Due up for FSU: Holt, Cardullo, McGee.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: It wouldn't be a Florida State Baseball game unless a man in a hot dog suit starts leading cheers! Welcome to Dick Howser Stadium Seminole Fans!

Rocky (detroit): other scores... Oklahoma 5 WSU 4 bot 7th UVA 5 SDSU 1 Final Tenn Tech 4 Clemson 3 9th
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Clemson JUST defeated Tenn Tech, so Clemson, Virginia, and Florida are all winners tonight.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: But keep an eye on the Wichita State and Oklahoma game...Oklahoma only leads by 1 run in a VERY TIGHT Ball Game.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 3rd: 1 hit for FSU, and the 'Noles still lead 1-0 heading to the top of the 4th.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Due up for FSU in the bottom of the 4th: Tapley, Oravetz, Posey

Rocky (Detroit): What is the crowd like there tonight?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Rocky we wish you could be here buddy! It's an AWESOME crowd here at Dick Howser Stadium, just an incredible atmosphere and the 'Nole fans are ROARING for our Seminole baseball team!

Alex Tallahassee: Where is Marist?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Marist is located in Poughkeepsie, NY, which is in Long Island.

Rocky (Detroit): I will be at Dick Howser and Doak some day!!!!!!!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Definitely come down Rocky, we'd love to have you here for some games, and I know every Seminole fan would love to add to our number of rabid, die hard FSU fans who want to see the 'Noles win em all!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 4th: FSU gets 1 Tommy Oravetz hit and still leads 1-0 heading to the top of the 5th.

Honolulu: Can I get live play by play? My son is in the stands. Ron
FSU Moderator - Baseball: You can check out the gametracker on Seminoles.com or tune into ESPNU. That's probably the best place to get play by play.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: THIS JUST IN: Oklahoma wins game 1, 5-4, over Wichita State.

Josh palm bay: Tough to watch us under achieve again on the offensive side...don't want to be debbie downer, but we need to hit the ball better in big games! ACC champ or against FLA, or last years WS.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah totally agree man. We've got to hit the ball better right now. We only have a 1 run on 4 hits.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: PITCHING CHANGE FOR FSU: John Gast now the pitcher for the 'Noles.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Marist takes the lead 3-1 on a sac fly and a 2 run HR. 'Noles need to get things together.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 5th: Marist takes a 3-1 lead on a 2 run HR and a sac fly. Due up: O'Connor, Lopez, Holt

Alex Tallahassee: what inning is it?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We're heading to the bottom of the 5th here at Dick Howser Stadium.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: And "Oh Canada" flies from the stands at Dick Howser Stadium, just another one of the great traditions here in Tallahassee.

Rocky (Detroit): I have heard Oh Canada a bunch of times watching Noles bball on TV....what is the story behind that?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: There are probably countless stories about it, but the one I'VE HEARD is that FSU was playing the Canadian National Team in the 1980's, and we were getting beat BAD in the 5th inning. The Canadian fans starting singing the anthem, and after that, FSU came back to win the game. It's lasted as a tradition since then!

Ed (New Port Richey, Florida: Is it still 3-1 Marist bottom 5?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep, that's still the score. 3-1 Marist in the bottom of the 5th, but FSU has runners on 1st and 2nd with Mike McGee at the plate. We'll see what he can do here for the 'Noles!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mike McGee BLASTS a 3 Run HR to give the 'Noles the lead, 4-3! HERE WE GO SEMINOLES!!!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Florida State seems to be regaining some confidence after that McGee Homerun, man was that huge for the Seminoles!

Billy (homer): now we r talkin
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yes sir Billy, yes sir now we're talking! Seminoles just gotta keep up the momentum!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We head to the top of the 6th. Tommy Oravetz picks up his 2nd hit of the game, and FSU leads 4-3. John Gast still on the mound for the 'Noles, who have got something going right now...

Josh palm bay: Wow...balk? Seriously? The replay showed he came to a stop.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah...11 came out to argue it. We didn't see a replay, but wow, what a catch by Tyler Holt!!!!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: John Gast picks up a few key K's, and we head to the bottom of the 6th. Due up for FSU: O'Connor, Lopez, Holt.

billy: ghast looking good per gt. how many k's?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Gast now has 3 K's on the night.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Ohmed Danesh is now the pinch hitter for the 'Noles.

Billy: Ohmed! Ohmed! Ohmed!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Ohmed finally gets a hit for the 'Noles! Cardullo needs to come through here for the 'Noles!

Alex Tallahassee: I wish Buster still played for the noles.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Haha I know Alex, but a player like Buster Posey only comes around once in a lifetime. But the 'Noles are doing great without him this year though, still with clutch hitting like Cardullo's RBI single to give the 'Noles the lead 5-4.

Billy: yeah baby
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well Jason Stidham's creams a 3 run HR for the 'Noles, his 12th of the season, and FSU now leads 8-4!!!! Here we go NOLES!

Billy: did you see that!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: YOU better believe it Billy! BIG hit by Stidham to pump up the 'Nole crowd here at Dick Howser Stadium!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: End 6th: Jason Stidham's 3 Run HR and Cardullo's RBI single gives FSU an 8-4 heading to the top of the 7th here in Tallahassee!

Billy: All with two outs

Nicole (Tallahassee): The Seminoles have shaped up very well this season when people assumed it would be a rebuilding year with the loss of Buster Posey. They found their groove!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Nicole you're so right! Everyone assumed this would be a down year for the 'Noles, but they stormed back after a rocky start and are playing great baseball right now!

Billy: nice start for Rifkin
FSU Moderator - Baseball: FSU is looking good, and John Gast is back on the mound for FSU. Needs to settle down right now and put the Red Foxes away.

Adam Eatonton,GA: are we still up 8-4
FSU Moderator - Baseball: You Know it Adam! Seminoles are still leading 8-4 and are looking in control FINALLY after a rough start in tonight's game.

Josh (Palm Bay): Offense is playing with a lot more confidence now. It almost as if we get stage fright, or we get down on ourselves if its not a route. Lets close the door and get some sleep so we can try to hold GA to less than 20 tomorrow.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yeah, we need to just wrap this one up, get some sleep, and focus on tomorrow afternoon's game. We haven't one this one yet, but it looks more likely with each out. Georgia hasn't faced a pitcher like Sean Gilmartin yet, so it should be interesting to see what happens tomorrow!

Billy: U don't get to a regional without at least a little something so I will take a slow start as long as we finish
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Exactly, we just need to carry this momentum into tomorrow. Gast's 6th K of the game!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Mid 7th: A few hits for Marist, but FSU still leads 8-4 heading to the bottom of the 7th. Due up: Posey, Danesh, Lopez.

Adam: any more good news
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well, the 'Noles are still playing well and winning the game...that's a GREAT THING!

Billy: Ohmed got us going last time
FSU Moderator - Baseball: He sure did, and did again this time as Lopez gets another hit too! FSU is hitting the ball GREAT right now! Any more FSU Baseball questions?

Nicole (Tallahassee): It seems as though Ohmed got us going once again!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Oh yeah! Ohmed has been HUGE for us tonight Seminole Fans!

Nicole (Tallahassee): I read that tickets were available online but can you just show up tomorrow and still buy tickets?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Nicole, to be honest with you, I'm not 100% sure. You SHOULD be fine, but I'm not totally sure. There should at least be bleacher seats available, I'm sure of that!

Billy: How many stitches on an official FSU regional baseball
FSU Moderator - Baseball: 294 stitches
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Haha I'm just kidding, I have NO idea how many stitches are on an NCAA Baseball.

Billy: in comes barone - their done.

Eric, Tallahassee: Current score, and who will the 'Noles likely start tomorrow on the hill?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Eric, the 'Noles currently lead 11-4 in the bottom of the 7th. We will start Sean Gilmartin on the mound tomorrow.

Billy: 294 - moderator knows all! Any predictions?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well my prediction is that FSU needs to come on fire and ready to go tomorrow. We need to continue to play our game, and Sean Gilmartin needs to pitch his game. If we do both things, we'll win tomorrow at 4.

Eric, Tallahassee: 10-4, thanks. Go Noles!

Billy: Barone - 1 pitch - 1 double - 2 score
FSU Moderator - Baseball: The hitting streak continues and FSU now leads 13-4. The wheels have officially come off for Marist here in the bottom of the 7th.

Billy: time to send a message to them dawgs?

Nicole (Tallahassee): Can you tell me about unearned runs? When are they considered unearned?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well a run in considered unearned on a few things. First, if a run scores on an error. Second, if a run scores on something like a sac fly, fielders choice, or something of the sort. Not every run is earned though!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Some changes here for FSU: Parker Brunelle now the catcher, Tyler Everett now pitching, and D'Vontrey Richardson now playing right field.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: John Gast set a career record with K's in a game. Gast struck out 5 batters tonight, great performance by the sophomore southpaw.

Billy: Saving Gast?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Yep, 11 has taken Gast out after a great job and Tyler Everett is now pitching.

Brown (Dahlonega): Why is Posey starting over Mike? Posey has not hit nothing lately?
FSU Moderator - Baseball: That's a very interesting topic, because both are different players. Here's my analysis: Posey is much better defensively, so I believe that's why 11 has chosen to start Posey over Meschke. But Meschke is a better hitter, but is slower and not as reliable defensively. You always want to take defense over offense, especially because we have enough firepower in the offense already!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Due up for the Noles in the bottom of the 8th: Richardson, Brunelle, Holt.
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Well FSU adds another run on a Tyler Holt RBI double, and leads 14-4.

Billy: Need to get Brunelle and that .143 to Titus
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Sorry to do this y'all, but I have to run. Gotta go work the post game press conference and need to get set up.

Billy: time to get Tyler back to .400
FSU Moderator - Baseball: But I'll be back tomorrow at 4 pm as FSU takes on UGA in a HUGE game, make sure you're here and follow us on twitter too!
FSU Moderator - Baseball: We'll see you tomorrow, thanks again for all your questions and comments, and keep 'em coming tomorrow!

Billy: First to home for a catcher! NICE
FSU Moderator - Baseball: Good night Seminole fans, and.... GO NOLES!!!!

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