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From The Desk Of Randy Spetman

Florida State University Director of Athletics Randy Spetman wants to hear from you! In a new feature series on Seminoles.com, Randy will be taking your questions and providing his insights from inside the Moore Athletics Center.

Please submit your questions by Monday at 8pm and check back on Wednesday at noon to see if your question has been selected.

Joe Merritt - Tampa: How can the university address character issues in athletes BEFORE they come onto campus? Are there any programs available to curb negative and ultimately embarrassing behaviors that require the school to go into crisis mode?
Randy Spetman: Our coaches and staff spend a lot of time trying to evaluate the character of our recruits before offering them a scholarship. The amount of time, energy and expense in recruiting student-athletes makes it essential to bring to campus young adults we believe can succeed. Student-athletes that leave before graduating or pursuing professional opportunities harm the entire athletics program. Our coaches spend time interviewing prospects as well as their parents, teachers and counselors. Our hope is through these interviews, we can make a fair assessment. Once the student-athlete is in our program we have numerous speakers and mentors scheduled by our Student Services division designed to help educate and encourage our athletes to make the right decisions. We continue to add to these programs and use mentors to help keep our student-athletes on track. To a large extent these programs have been very successful. Unfortunately, as with all programs some of these students have brought us negative media attention.

Ryan (Tallahassee): What are the next sports to be added, mens and womens, and when approximately will that happen?
Randy Spetman: We have no long term plan to add multiple sports programs. The Athletics Committee has recommended that women's bowling be added to our programs at Florida State. Women's bowling was selected after a thorough evaluation of expenses and resources available to minimize overall budget concerns on the department. In the current budget crisis that affects the state and the university, we believe it will be many years before we would consider adding any sports. It may be more likely that if the economy does not recover in a reasonable amount of time that we would have to look at reducing programs. We have not researched that at all so we could not tell you what programs we might consider.

Steve D'Lugos Fredericksburg, Va: Do you see the pratice facility being ready for the 2011 season?
Randy Spetman: The practice facility has been put on hold in the current budget crisis. We continue to look for interested donors but are making no commitment on when we may start building.

Taylor (Orlando): Mr. Spetman, I've noticed that a lot of southern football stadiums have hedges surrounding their fields. Has Florida State ever thought about it?
Randy Spetman: Doak Campbell Stadium is not configured properly to add a hedge surrounding the field. We currently have very little space for the personnel and players around the field. It would require an overall major renovation to the seating to accommodate a hedge so we do not foresee that ever happening.

Gregory Williams (Tallahassee): Will the FSU build there own gym for basketball any time in the near future. Are there plans or even talks about doing this. I have seen the gym at FAMU and it is nice, will FSU and FAMU Play each other now that FAMU has a new gym....
Randy Spetman: FSU has no plans to build a stand alone basketball facility. What we hope is to be able to work with the Tucker Center to renovate the facility and make it brighter and more fan friendly. You may remember that the last time Florida State and FAMU played each other in basketball it was a very negative experience for both schools. We would have to consider whether the concerns involved based on history would warrant playing the game.
Randy Spetman: Thank you for all of the great questions this week. If you didn't see your question make sure to check back next week. Go Noles!

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