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From The Desk Of Randy Spetman

Florida State University Director of Athletics Randy Spetman wants to hear from you! In a new feature series on Seminoles.com, Randy will be taking your questions and providing his insights from inside the Moore Athletics Center.

Here are the answers to select questions that were submitted this week.

Bill (Tallahassee, FL): Is the university really moving away from using the Chief Osceola logo? If so, why?
Randy Spetman: This issue seems to have taken on a life of its own over the last week. It appears to have been generated from a local talk radio discussion about the subject. The answer to your question is no we are not moving away from either the use of the Seminole logo or Osceola and Renegade within athletics. Our symbol and logo is among the most recognizable in the country.

The recent discussion likely was generated from an assessment the university is undergoing that will determine how we will present the university in terms of branding and visual imagery in the future. But even in those discussions, no changes to the firmly established athletics images are being considered.

One other point of information is that the primary logo (the one at midfield at Doak Campbell for instance) does not represent Chief Osceola and is simply called the Seminole logo. It is not meant to depict any specific person. The image of the rider and horse, Osceola and Renegade, as seen at home football games and in artwork is considered another image altogether.

Albert A. Washington, Col USMC (Ret): Mr. Spetman, Florida State is scheduled to play yet another Thursday night game AWAY this year (vs. North Carolina). Do you foresee any change to the NO Home games on Thursday night policy in the future? Thanks
Randy Spetman: To answer your question it might help to let you know why our situation is different than some of our conference members and why we are generally opposed to hosting a Thursday night game. As you know, the University Center built around Doak Campbell Stadium contains an enormous amount of administrative and classroom space that has little if anything to do with athletics and much less the hosting of a football game.

The parking lots at Doak Campbell are some of the largest on the campus and are packed with student vehicles (most from those student housed off-campus) each day. In order to host a week day game, Florida State must close down those parking lots and dramatically impact if not close down operations both the day before the game and the day of the game in those University Center housed offices, which include the School of Communication, Hospitality and Motion Picture just to name a few. The impact is dramatic.

None of the other schools in the ACC face the challenges that we do in terms of having academic programs right in the buildings attached to the stadium. In addition, four schools (Clemson, Miami, NC State and Wake) either don't play on campus at all or in the case of the Tigers they have huge parking areas. The remaining schools (Boston College, Duke, Georgia Tech, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia) offer very little "stadium parking" so the impact is not as great.

While the logistical challenges are prohibitive enough, the "week day" game poses real challenges for our out of town fan base particularly those who want to bring children with them or would prefer not to interrupt their normal business routine. We found the idea of a Thursday home game extremely unpopular to those traveling in for games as well as to the majority of the businesses in Tallahassee.

Craig (Raleigh NC): Most of the arena's in the ACC create a fantastic game day experience and home court advantage by putting the students in the seats that are closest to both sides of the court. Do you have any plans on addressing this issue to create a similar home court advantage for our basketball program?
Randy Spetman: Improving our atmosphere for both men's and women's basketball is a priority going into the next couple of years. We are pleased that we set attendance records in both men's and women's basketball this year and at times the Tucker Center was as good as it gets in terms of enthusiasm and atmosphere.

I think we all agree that fueling the student enthusiasm is one of the keys in continuing to improve the atmosphere. I also believe we can do a number of things to make the game environment better and an excited about some of the plans we are already exploring for next year.

Randy Spetman: I had a lot of great questions this week and hope to answer more next time. Check back with Seminoles.com to participate next time. Go Noles!

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