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    July 2013 Archives

    Screen Shot: EJ Manuel on the front of MMQB

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    Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 2.41.01 PM.png

    Peter King's "Postcards From Training Camp" series made a stop in Buffalo where former 'Noles quarterback EJ Manuel has been turning heads since the Bills opened camp. Click here to read King's story.

    As part of his ESPN "Car Wash" Tuesday, Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher joined Ivan Maisel on the ESPNU College Football Podcast. 

    Scroll to the 22:28 mark below to hear Fisher talk about a myriad of 'Noles topics, including the quarterback battle, Clint Trickett's transfer, his relationship with former Indianapolis Colts assistant Tom Moore, replacing 11 draft picks and much more.

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    Video: Jimbo Fisher on Tuesday's 'SportsCenter'

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    Jimbo Fisher chat transcript

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      (10:19 AM)

    Next up is Florida State's Jimbo Fisher at 10:35 a.m. ET!

      (10:29 AM)

    Here is coach!

    Jeff (FL)

    Best thing you did during the summer offseason?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:30 AM)

    I went on a family trip to my son in Cooperstown. He played in a baseball tournament and then we went to New York City. We had a great time.

    Ryan (LA)

    What do you think of the changes the conference will be facing over this year and next?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:31 AM)

    I think welcoming four possible new opponents so adjustments to new teams, new travel. It's new ground for everybody. And establishing a new hierarchy in the conference.

    Austin (DeLand, FL)

    Who will you root for when Miami and Florida play this September?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:31 AM)

    I don't. I'm a neutral observer.

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:31 AM)

    But it's also good for our conference if Miami does well.

    Jeff (Charlotte)

    Coach Fisher, With a veteran team but a young QB, how important is the new indoor practice facility to ensure there are no lapses due to weather? Go Noles!

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:32 AM)

    It's very critical. One time in Tallahassee in the summer, it rained several days in a row. It's critical to the practice time.

    Jayson (Dallas)

    Coach how important has Kidz First Fund been to raising awareness to your son's disease and the support your family has received due to the foundation?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:32 AM)

    It's been tremendous. The people are unbelievable. It's great for my son and all of the children. It's been a tremendous experience as far as meeting how many truly wonderful people there are in the world.

    Austin Flowers (DeLand, FL)

    @Jimbo: What is your favorite game day food?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:33 AM)

    I don't have one. I really don't have one. We have our traditional pregame meal, so I guess that's it. There is not one food. I usually don't eat much. Too worried.

    Randy Davenport [via mobile]

    My question is for Jimbo Fisher. As someone who has worked under both Bobby Bowden & Nick Saban what have you learned from them that has so far helped you as a head coach in building your program at FSU?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:34 AM)

    A lot of things from philosophies, how to handle media, football. But the biggest thing I learned is to be yourself. You can't be someone you're not. You have to be yourself.

    Chris (Tallahassee)

    Coach Fisher, what kinds of things do you try to learn and teach to your players from losses like the NC State game last year? Are all losses equal in your eyes?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:35 AM)

    You always learn from your mistakes. No one loss hurts more than another. Those are the ones that you always remember. Every game you learn from, whether you're successful or not. You don't dwell on them.

    Phillip (A stadium near you)

    Coach Fisher, how much freedom do you give your players with using social media?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:35 AM)

    In the offseason, if they handle it right, a lot. During the season, we restrict it more. But it's all about how they handle themselves in respect to the institutions.

    Andre (Tallahassee, FL)

    Coach Fisher: any uniform related surprises on the horizon?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:36 AM)

    If I tell you, it won't be a surprise.

    Justin Thompson (Ocala, Florida)

    Coach Fisher: with all the pressure that was on your program and this year being not hyped as high, can you speak on your teams approach changing from being the favorite to being the underdog, and what do you think of your chances in surprising UF in the swamp and Clemson in Death Valley this year?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:36 AM)

    It doesn't change at all. Our expectations never change for our program.

    Justin (SC)

    Coach Fisher, what is one thing about recruiting today that causes you concern?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:37 AM)

    I think that it is continually nonstop. There is never a down time. It's not good for coaches or players. It's gotten too media related.

    Ry (Orlando)

    A lot has been made about the loss of so many players to the NFL, but with so many under classmen returning, who are you looking to take the next step as both a leader and playmaker on D? And offesnse?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:38 AM)

    We're very excited about our defense. We have a tremendous amount of experience on the defense. Timmy, Dan, Mario, Dante. many of those great young players we'll count on.

    Brad (Oceanside, California )

    Coach Fisher, I grew up up in Florida having all my family before me attend FSU. As you are aware you are born into a team down there and raised to dislike Miami, and UF. I have been a US Marine for the last 19 years and deployed or not I find a way to follow Nole football. If I were able to get to Tallahassee for a home game which one would recommend that I buy tickets for?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:38 AM)

    I would say Miami would be a good one. If you want to see coach Bowden, it would be NC State...and Syracuse too, I think. But Miami is always a big game.

    Phillip (A stadium near you)

    Coach Fisher, what are the advantages and disadvantages of coaching after a legend like Bobby Bowden?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:39 AM)

    Advantages is that we had a great brand name that we could sell. The disadvantages is the style of coaching has changed drastically in the present and sometimes folks haven't been able to change quickly. It was an issue getting that done early.

    Michael Gerber (Tallahassee )

    Hey coach Fisher. Huge fan! Are you more excited this year with the potential of the team then any other year? PS. Lets grab a drink when were national champs this year at Level 8! GO Noles!

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:40 AM)

    I've been excited a lot of years, but I like our team now. I think we have a chance to be a very very good football team. It's no more than the others, but this one excites me very much.

    Cash H. (NC)

    With Kourtzidis departing, this leaves FSU with only 2 scholarship TE's O'Leary & Kerr. How does this effect the offense moving forward?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:41 AM)

    We'll have to make some adjustments, but we had a plan coming in to have some guys have dual roles. That won't change, but it's an issue that has to be addressed.

    Clint (Tallahassee)

    How excited are you to have Notre Dame in the fold for ACC play?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:42 AM)

    I think it's great. Notre Dame brings great brand name and national attention. Any time you have that it's great for the league. Any time FSU and ND play you have two great brand names.

    Phillip (A stadium near you)

    Coach Fisher, some programs seemed to be closed off to the media but your program is open to the media.What are the advantages of opening up to the media?

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:43 AM)

    It's just the day and times we're in. You have to walk a fine line. It's in these guys development and handling of the media. If conducted in the right way, then having an open policy is good.

    Jimbo Fisher
      (10:43 AM)

    Looking forward to the season. Thanks for all of your support.

      (10:43 AM)

    Thanks coach!

    Jimbo Fisher's full ESPN 'Car Wash' schedule

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    ACC football coaches are taking part in ESPN's "Car Wash" the next two days and Florida State's Jimbo Fisher will spend a full day Tuesday, July 30 at the World Wide Leader's Bristol, Conn. headquarters.

    Joined at ESPN from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. by fellow conference head coaches Steve Addazio (Boston College), Frank Beamer (Virginia Tech), Randy Edsall (Maryland), AL Golden (Miami) and Jim Grobe (Wake Forest), Fisher has a busy individual schedule that will result in multiple video and radio appearances across the ESPN family of networks during the day.

    Jimbo Fisher's "Car Wash" Schedule
    10:00 a.m. Podcast - ESPNU CFB w/ Ivan Maisel
    10:20 a.m. ITK/Front Row
    10:35 a.m. Chat
    11:00 a.m. SportsCenter Tonight Radio
    11:30 a.m. First Take
    12:00 p.m. Highly Questionable
    12:25 p.m. Meeting w/ ESPN CFB writer Brett McMurphy
    12:40 p.m. Digital Media
    1:20 p.m. SportsCenter
    1:45 p.m. SVP & Rusillo Radio Show
    2:00 p.m. Meeting w/ ESPN Insider Travis Haney
    2:20 p.m. College Football Live
    2:45 p.m. Coach and Company Radio Show

    *Not all content will air live and Fisher's schedule is subject to change

    If you have a question for Fisher that you'd like answered while he's at ESPN, follow these instructions: 

    Visual look at new practice-fields wind screens

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    Construction is nearly complete on Florida State's new indoor practice facility and outdoor practice fields and one of the final steps in the process was to install wind screens.

    Here are some photos of the finished product, courtesy of Visual Solutions. My own Vine video is included below for additional perspective.

    (click photos to enlarge)
    Pano lo.jpg

    East lo.jpg

    South lo.jpg

    West coin lo.jpg

    West lo.jpg

    Schillace In Your Face: Youth Triathlon

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    2013 FSU Football Fan Day: Aug. 11

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    Fan Day Poster.jpeg
    (click to enlarge)

    FSU's Deckerhoff to receive NFF Chris Schenkel Award

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    Courtesy of the National Football Foundation:

    IRVING, Texas (July 22, 2013) - The National Football Foundation (NFF) announced today that Florida State University broadcaster Gene Deckerhoff will be the recipient of the 2013 NFF Chris Schenkel Award. Presented annually since 1996, the award recognizes individuals who have had long, distinguished careers broadcasting college football with direct ties to a specific university.

    "Gene Deckerhoff's broadcasting career with the Seminoles has spanned more than thirty years, and during this time, his voice has become synonymous with one of the greatest college football traditions in the country," said NFF President & CEO Steve Hatchell. "We are pleased to honor Gene with the Chris Schenkel Award as a tribute to all of his accomplishments."

    Born in Jacksonville, Fla., Deckerhoff began his broadcasting career in 1964 as a weekend announcer at WWPF-AM in Palatka, Fla. His first sports assignment came the following summer when he served as an announcer for Palatka's 1965 Little League All-Star game. In 1966, Deckerhoff became an evening announcer at WGGG-AM in Gainesville, Fla., where he broadcasted local high school basketball games.

    Deckerhoff's first football broadcast came six years later while working at WTRL-AM in Bradenton, Fla. He made his next stop in Tallahassee, joining WTNT-AM and becoming the basketball voice of Florida State in 1974. He added television to his broadcasting career in 1978, and a year later, he landed the FSU football play-by-play position as the "Voice of the Seminoles," a job that he holds to this day. In addition to serving as on-air talent for football, Deckerhoff continues his duties with FSU basketball. By 1989, his talents had earned him wide acclaim, and he began his current stint as the radio play-by-play announcer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    During his three-decade career in Tallahassee, Deckerhoff has worked with some of Florida State's greatest coaches and athletes, including College Football Hall of Fame coach Bobby Bowden and Hall of Fame players Deion Sanders, Ron Simmons, and Charlie Ward. His time at Florida State has included two national championships ('93, '99), 13 Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) championships, two Heisman Trophy winners and countless legendary calls.

    Deckerhoff has accepted the Florida Sportscaster of the Year Award an astounding 14 times from the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association. In addition to being inducted into the Florida Sports Hall of Fame in 2000 and the Florida State University Athletics Hall of Fame in 2002, Deckerhoff's many accolades include winning the '86 and '91 Silver Medal Award from the American Advertising Association for Florida State's weekly broadcast of "The Bobby Bowden Show."

    Deckerhoff will accept the Schenkel Award December 10 alongside the recipients of the other NFF Major Awards, including Oklahoma Athletics Director Joe Castiglione (The NFF John L. Toner Award for excellence in athletics administration), NCAA Vice President Dennie Poppe (The NFF Outstanding Contribution to Amateur Football Award) and the yet-to-be announced winners of the NFF Distinguished American Award and the NFF Gold Medal.

    In addition to the presentation of the NFF Major Awards, the 56th NFF Annual Awards Dinner will provide the stage for the induction of the 2013 College Football Hall of Fame Class from the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS); the presentation of the 2013 NFF National Scholar-Athlete Awards; and the bestowing of the 24th NFF William V. Campbell Trophy to the nation's top scholar-athlete.

    This year's College Football Hall of Fame FBS Class includes: Ted Brown (North Carolina State), Teddy Bruschi (Arizona), Ron Dayne (Wisconsin), Tommie Frazier (Nebraska), Jerry Gray (Texas), Steve Meilinger (Kentucky), Orlando Pace (Ohio State), the late Rod Shoate (Oklahoma), Percy Snow (Michigan State), Vinny Testaverde (Miami, Fla.), Don Trull (Baylor), Danny Wuerffel (Florida) and coaches Wayne Hardin (Navy, Temple) and Bill McCartney (Colorado). The 2013 NFF National Scholar-Athlete Class will be announced on Oct. 31, and the winner of the Campbell Trophy will be announced live at the event on Dec. 10.

    For ticket information regarding the 56th NFF Annual Awards Dinner, please contact NFF Director of External Relations Will Rudd at 800.486.1865 or

    Previous Winners of the Chris Schenkel Award:

    1996 -- Chris Schenkel (ABC Sports)

    1997 -- Jack Cristil (Mississippi State)

    1998 -- Max Falkenstein (Kansas)

    1999 -- Jack Fleming (West Virginia)

    2000 -- Ray Christensen (Minnesota)

    2001 -- Frank Fallon (Baylor)

    2002 -- Bob Brooks (Iowa)

    2003 -- Larry Munson (Georgia)

    2004 -- Bob Robertson (Washington State)

    2005 -- Tony Roberts (Notre Dame)

    2006 -- Johnny Holiday (Maryland)

    2007 -- Bill Hillgrove (Pittsburgh)

    2008 -- Bob Curtis (Idaho) and Dick Galiette (Yale)

    2009 -- Larry Zimmer (Colorado)

    2010 -- Joe Starkey (California)

    2011 -- Woody Durham (North Carolina)

    2012 -- Bob Barry, Sr. (Oklahoma)

    About The National Football Foundation: Founded in 1947 with early leadership from General Douglas MacArthur, legendary Army coach Earl "Red" Blaik and immortal journalist Grantland Rice, The National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame is a non-profit educational organization that runs programs designed to use the power of amateur football in developing scholarship, citizenship and athletic achievement in young people. With 121 chapters and 12,000 members nationwide, NFF programs include the College Football Hall of Fame, the NFF Scholar-Athlete Awards, presented by Fidelity Investments, Play It Smart, the NFF Hampshire Honor Society, the NFF National Scholar-Athlete Alumni Association, and scholarships of more than $1.3 million for college and high school scholar-athletes. The NFF presents the MacArthur Bowl, the William V. Campbell Trophy, endowed by HealthSouth, and releases the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Standings. NFF corporate partners include the Allstate Sugar Bowl, the BCS, Fidelity Investments, Herff Jones, Liberty Mutual Insurance, NCAA Football, and Under Armour. For more information, please visit

    New FSU football media guide features hologram covers

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    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- The Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show has a new home. 

    Beginning with the first show of the season Aug. 28, Fisher and host Gene Deckerhoff will now conduct the weekly show from the Four Points by Sheraton Tallahassee Downtown. 

    The show, which features Deckerhoff posing questions to Fisher and taking calls from listeners, will take place every Wednesday from 7-8 p.m. throughout the 'Noles' 2013 season in the hotel's lower main ballroom.

    "We are excited to host Jimbo [Fisher], Gene [Deckerhoff] and the rest of the FSU football family for this exciting upcoming season," Four Points by Sheraton Tallahassee Downtown's general manager, Bo Schmitz, said. "Having been open a year, we are now excited to showcase our property as an elite hospitality venue and we are thrilled and honored to have a working relationship with FSU athletics."

    In addition to the live radio broadcast that is carried by affiliates throughout the state, the Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show will once again be video streamed online.

    For those FSU fans that attend the free show, Four Points by Sheraton will be offering indoor and outdoor seating as well as food and drink specials. Seminole IMG Sports Marketing will also be in attendance giving away prizes.

    Fans also have the opportunity to meet Fisher, take photos and get autographs.

    FSU football set to open camp Aug. 6

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    Can you feel it in the air? It's coming. Football is mercifully near. 

    The Florida State football team will officially kick off its highly anticipated 2013 season Aug. 6 with the start of fall camp and will be there every step of the way with complete written, video and photographic coverage of the 'Noles from the new practice fields. 

    Fans that want an even closer encounter with the Seminoles are encouraged to attend Fan Day at the Donald L. Tucker Center Aug. 11 from noon to 2 p.m. Doors open at 11 a.m.

    Video: Michael Snaer talks NBA Summer League

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    Courtesy of @EricLopezELO

    2013 college football awards watchlists calendar

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    Video: Fisher talks #ACCtakesNYC, opener vs. Pitt

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    Video: 2012 FSU Football Rewind - ACC Championship

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    FSU on YouTube