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    Video: Rick Trickett gets called for a sideline violation

    One of those highlights during Jimbo Fisher's press conference Monday were his comments on the bizarre penalty called on the Seminoles during Chris Thompson's second long touchdown run of the day against Wake Forest.

    On the play, Thompson sprinted into the endzone from 80 yards out but not before an official threw a flag on the west sideline. Every one in the stadium -- including FSU's players and coaches -- immediately thought it was going to be an erroneous holding penalty on wide receiver Kenny Shaw.

    That proved to not be the case. The official actually threw the flag on 'Noles offensive line coach Rick Trickett, who was standing too close to the field and therefore was called for a sideline violation.

    The reason the referee even noticed this was because he collided with the Seminoles' fiery assistant coach while trailing Thompson down the sideline. 

    Luckily nobody was hurt.

    "He said all last year he hadn't seen a run that long so he just wanted to watch it," said Fisher, who added that his wife snapped a photo of the replay on TV and texted it to the other coaches' wives.

    Here's video of the crazy play, shot by's Layne Herdt:

    FSU on YouTube