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    Tweet Tweet: FSU fans weigh in on the 'Noles' signing class

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    Yesterday, I asked FSU fans on Twitter to tweet me their thoughts on the Seminoles' 2012 signing class. Here are several of those tweets:

    @JRC_: Mario Edwards, easily. And because he is a freakish athlete who can make an instant impact.

    @caseykidd47: the ones who never wavered even for a second

    @Brummett43: The addition of Bracy and Darby....speed kills!

    @yorsille: Mario Edwards Jr. Because a 300lb man who can do a standing back flip will be a leader and inspire the best in others.

    @therealpug: casher. missed his entire senior season and still didn't miss a beat in the under armour game/practices. also never wavered.

    @Al_K_Hall6: The DT tandem of Edwards/Goldman. Gonna be fun watching them the next 3 or 4 years.

    @FSUarcher: Mario Edwards Jr. Hands down! I was in Tally when his father played for FSU!

    @drewby16: Goldman was a huge signing, but getting Darby will definitely help strengthen the secondary and lock down the D even more.

    @msElishaDawn: Mario Edwards Jr. because of the immediate impact he will have on the team #GoNoles

    @trevwolff: Obviously love Edwards but I'm intrigued by Menelik Watson, a lil coaching & this guy should be an absolute monster.

    @Chris_Michalik: Have to like what Bracy & Darby will bring to FSU Football and Track...excited to watch the d-line recruits, too.

    @Yroc2010: you told me earlier you expected Williams to do returns? Any change?

    @FSULEO: Marvin bracy.. Excited to see his speed on the field. If there's a seem on special teams .. He's gone!

    @SethGotStats: Mario Pender and Chris Casher because believe it or not, they are both UNDERrated. #GoNoles

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