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    Pit bull-loving Sims wants to "get on the same page" with Vick

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    Courtesy of Michael David Smith,

    Eagles linebacker Ernie Sims is a pit bull lover whose foundation says part of its mission is to "assist organizations that support animal humanity." 

    So how does he feel about being traded to Philadelphia, where one of his new teammates, Michael Vick, used to get his kicks by treating pit bulls in a manner that was anything but humane? 

    Sims said at a pit bull parade hosted by his foundation in his hometown of Tallahassee, Florida, that he looks forward to talking to Vick. 

    "I really want to get on the same page with him to assure the pit bull community that he really is trying to help our breed and what he did is in the past," Sims told WCTV. 

    Sims sounds like he's ready to accept at face value Vick's claims that he's a changed man. But it's hard to square Vick's former practice of electrocuting, hanging, and drowning dogs with the way Sims feels about pit bulls. 

    "It's a different kind of love," Sims said of the way he feels about dogs. "I mean I've got love for my mom. I've got love for my wife but all those loves are different than the love I have for a animal. It's almost like they're helpless and always so kind and gentle. And they're always so happy to see me, that's what I love about them."

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