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    Jimbo Fisher Addresses the Media

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    - Jimbo Fisher noted how different it is to be at ACC kickoff when the media asked him about Coach Bowden

    - Fisher believes that Ponder will be one of the best QB's to ever play at FSU, and that athletically he's a gifted young man, but everything together, "He's what the NCAA stands for...the true student-athlete....he embodies athletics"

    - Fisher is anxious to have those 29 practices

    - "We've got to concentrate on how to win...if the process is right, the results will be there"

    -  The key for being a head coach is time allotment, according to Fisher

    - Ponder doesn't play the game worrying about being injured, and Fisher loves Ponder's competitive spirit

    - "I'm more interested in us playing hard...when expectations come, expectations don't win games"

    - "Do we prepare to have success?"

    - Bobby Bowden was a master of interviews, and the "class and dignity and his people skills were as fine as we've ever seen"

    - Jimbo Fisher has known Coach Bowden since the mid-1980's, and he even used to go stay over at his house

    - A lot is being made of Coach Fisher making the transition from offensive coordinator to head coach, and he has had the media laughing quite a few times

    - Fisher praised Everett Dawkins and his natural leading ability and he has been very pleased with Dawkins' progress since last fall

    - Fisher is looking forward to his 29 practices in the fall

    - He also praised Mark Stoops, and said that Mickey Andrews was "one of the best defensive coordinators in college football history"

    - Stoops has had a good background, and his players "always get results"

    - He also mentioned that Mister Alexander very well might be one of the starting linebackers in the fall

    - Fisher had a great conversation with the media and they all seemed to really enjoy him

    Dabo Swinney from Clemson is up next... 

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