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    December 2009 Archives

    Road To OKC - Vol. 4

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    We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!!! All of us players finished up with our finals and headed to our hometowns to spend some quality time with our friends and family. But before that we had our own little team-family Christmas dinner. Coach Alameda provided the food, which means she ordered Olive Garden! Ha-Ha But it's one of our favorites so we all enjoyed it very much! We had some entertainment provided by our freshmen and our upper class transfers. They performed their own version of "The Grinch" and we of course were laughing the entire time. Carly got it on video so maybe it will show up on our website sometime! However, the freshmen might not be too happy with us!!

    Even though we are all spending this holiday season at our own houses in all different states, we are still working hard as a team to get to OKC. Whether one of us is in snow or still in the nice sunny Florida weather, each of us are working out to maintain all the hard work we put into our fall season! So get ready to cheer us on this spring as we make our way to the great state of Oklahoma! We will all be back in January ready to work as a team again and countdown to opening day at our home field in February.

    Once again, Happy Holidays and lets cheer on our football team in the Gator Bowl!! Go Noles! We will all miss Coach Bowden!

    Bri Breaks It Down - Vol. 13

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    "Into the Frozen Tundra"

    Hi Seminole fans!! I truly can't believe where my team and I are at right now in our season - this is the first time in my career here at FSU that we are practicing past Thanksgiving!! Which only means one thing - we're in the NCAA Tournament! Last week when we found out that we were ranked so high in the brackets and that we would be hosting the first and second rounds of the tournament, a surge of energy went through my body and I couldn't wait to start playing! We had Monday off which was well deserved and needed of course and on Monday amazing news was spread to our team. FSU volleyball had won some major awards and was being honored throughout the ACC. First off, and most important to me and my teammates was that Coach Poole was named ACC Coach of the Year. CP has done amazing things for this program and we couldn't have asked for a better coach to come in and impact the program like he has. In my interview with Brandon, our sports information director, I said, "As a team, we quickly realized what an amazing teacher Coach Poole is when he first got here last year. He has a calm and collected demeanor that helps all of us stay relaxed when we are playing. He is so smart and his knowledge of the game of volleyball has helped me and my teammates see a whole new side to the game. We love playing for him." Couldn't have said it any better. And CP being the humble man he is had to say this in his interview, "This is not an award that one person can win all alone. I have been very blessed with great players who were highly motivated to succeed. I've had incredible assistants and Holly Watts and Gokhan Yilmaz both deserve part of this award. The academics staff, our sports information director, our training room and our managers that work with our program have made my job easier and continue to help the girls on and off the court. This administration showed tremendous faith in me 18 months ago and I am honored to be part of the Florida State University family."

    Graham Gano Signed by the Redskins

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    Lou Groza Award winner Graham Gano will suit up for the Washington Redskins this weekend.  Gano had spent this fall playing for the Las Vegas Locomotives in the UFL and kicked the game winning field goal in the league's championship game.

    After spending training camp with the Baltimore Ravens, the Redskins have now given Gano his shot as an NFL kicker.

    Bri Breaks It Down - Vol. 12

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    "Most Amazing Feeling EVER"

    Hi Seminole fans!! First off I gotta say sorry about not writing a blog last week - it has been a very hectic and busy past two weeks and since we played our last ACC match on a Wednesday I thought I would just throw it all into one massive blog - so bear with me because this may get a little lengthy but I am going to tell you some incredible news!! Now let's get started back when my team and I were going to be playing our last ACC match in Tully Gym against Boston College and Maryland. As a team we know that these two teams may not be at the top of the conference but as we learned this season, we CAN'T look down upon any team that we play, because everyone was out to beat us! We practiced all week in preparation for BC and Maryland - each day making sure we stayed as consistent as we could. Friday came along and it was Game Day! Before class I helped Holly decorate the back court in Tully for the ceremony in Coach Cecile Reynaud's honor - being the amazing coach she was here at Florida State when they last won the ACC Championship. As serve and pass began and my team and I got ready for the coaches to come talk to us about strategies for that match, thoughts kept running through my head that these were my last two ACC home games - it was tough because I was resting my sore shin so I wasn't going to play too much - and I am so proud of what Sareea Freeman has accomplished this season that I knew my teammates were in good hands.

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