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    What They Are Saying About Coach Andrews

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    Bobby Bowden, Florida State head coach

    "He's been here 26 years and we've had such success and you just have to credit him with
    the success we've had since he came. He's done such a great job. We'll miss him and his wifeand family. He's a good church man and a good civic man and always has his priorities in
    order and puts his family ahead of football. He's a guy that has never slowed down. He's just
    as enthusiastic now as he was when he came here."

    Deion Sanders, FSU cornerback

    "First of all, Coach Andrews is the best coach that I've ever been coached by. His coaching,
    wisdom and instruction carried over into my personal life and those of all the players he
    coached. Not a single day goes by when I am coaching, mentoring or teaching somebody
    that I don't use things Coach Andrews taught me. He is one of the all-time great defensive
    coaches in college football history. I believe that next to Bobby Bowden, he probably has
    had the biggest influence on athletics at Florida State. College football will miss Coach
    Andrews and his former players will miss seeing him out there, but he should be
    congratulated on his great career."

    Terrell Buckley, FSU All-American cornerback and defensive graduate assistant

    "I really came to Florida State for two reasons. Number one, was him and the other was we
    had a bunch of TV games the next year. From that point up until now he's meant a lot; like a
    father figure on what it takes to be successful. Professionally, from being what I call my
    supervisor, just learning what it takes to be a great coach, dealing with different players and
    personalities and how you prepare for a ballgame, what is acceptable and what is not. ...
    He's just welcomed me with open arms. Words can't describe, when you combine the
    personal and professional, what he has done for me. He's been tremendous."

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