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    Send Your Best To Coach Andrews

    | 86 Comments | No TrackBacks wants to provide you with an opportunity to thank Mickey Andrews for his 26 years as defensive coordinator at Florida State.  Just click on the comments section below and leave Coach Andrews a message or your favorite defensive memory from the past 26 years and we will be happy to post it.

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    Best of luck in the future. The best defensive coach of all time at FSU.

    Thanks, Coach. You are all that is right with college football.

    Coach Andrews,

    I graduated in 1986 (undergrad) and 1990 (MBA). I was dating my now wife that year and she came to the FSU/UM game on October 28th 1989.....dressed head to foot in orange and green. Your defense (LeRoy Butler, Terrell Buckley, Kirk Carruthers, Dedrick Dodge and more)shut them down and that was the last time that I have ever seen her so humbled! You are a class act, a passionate coach and I am proud of your association with my University. Take care.

    Will Rose
    Classes 86/90

    Coach Andrews,
    I believe I speak for all Florida State University fans and alumni when I say that there was a collective sigh of sadness from all of us when they announced your impending retirement. You have clearly done an amazing job for us and we will miss you terribly! Good luck with your future endeavors and you will not be forgotten by your 'Noles.
    Kris 'Mugsy' Mylod Pryor
    Alumnus from 1991

    All I can say is thanks for the memories. You were one of the best.

    Thanks for all the great years. You made FSU football famous and we will amiss you. Have a wonderful retirement. I highly recommend it. I retired in 2007.

    Coach, God Bless you and your family, and thank you for all the great years and defenses that you have provided us as fans. The Florida Game where they scored so many points by half time, and we came back and won after you stopped them from scoring again was awsome.
    Prayers are with you and yours. Thanks for the memories. Eric Huggins-Go Noles!!!!!

    Coach Andrews,
    Thank you for your service to Florida State University and helping to make FSU a national powerhouse. You are a "True Seminole" and Seminole nation applauds you for the many years we have enjoyed watching the 'Noles defense. You will be truly missed. Here's to winning out and beating Florida at the end of the month! (I am sure that you are going to pull out all the stops with that game!)

    Thanks for the great years of being the Best of the Best!

    Thanks for being such a class act!

    We will miss you...........

    I remember my buddy and I used to be able to go under the bleachers at The Doak and get all the FSU cups. Then coach Andrews along with Coach Bowden created an empire thus preventing us from gathering said cups.

    Thanks for the hard work and dedication you put into this team and this town. You might be remembered for good things, or you might be remembered for bad things....but you will be remembered and sorely missed.

    Thanks Coach Andrews


    Coach Andrews - congratulations on your retirement and thank you for the many years and hours of dedication to Florida State University. Thank you for the opportunity to witness a national championship my freshmen year and for being a part of the inspiration that made me choose to be a part of FSU. Best wishes to you and your family. GO NOLES! >>>------->

    Thank you so much for the great work you have done over the years. I am sad it will come to an end but wish you the best of luck in all that you do. I hope to see you in the crowd some day.

    God bless you and your family.

    FSU Class of 1981

    Coach Andrews, THANK YOU!! You are an inspiration to the players you coach and to all of us crazy NOLE fans. God Bless you and your family. You deserve a "time out".

    Coach Andrews thanks so much for all you have done for FSU football. You are a class individual and we hope your retirement allows you to enjoy your family, that you & your family will be blessed with good health, that many good things come to you, and remember, "you will always be remembered as the finest defensive coach in college football." Thanks for the memories.

    Coach Andrews you will be missed more than you can imagine. I have always admired your approach to defensive football and your honestly when it came to the abilities of the players you coached. I only wish one of my nephews could have played for you but he choose Nick Saban and Alabama. Thank you so very much for your committment to Seminole football, and your loyalty to Coach Bowden. Enjoy your retirement!!!!

    Thank you so much for all that you have done for the university during your years of serve. God Bless you and your family.

    You and the fire that you brought to the sideline for so many years will be missed.

    Coach Andrews you will missed beyond your imagination. It just will not be the same with you not on the sideline getting into the heads of Seminole defenders. Thank you so very much for 26 years of dedicated service and loyalty to Coach Bowden. Enjoy your retirement to the max!!!!

    Coach Andrews,I have followed your career since the UNA days.When you were the head coach there, I played baseball for the Lions!After graduation My wife and I moved to Florida.Our daughter is a senior cheerleader at FSU,We have enjoyed the years so much.Thank you for all that you mean to so many people,and God Bless you and your family!

    Thanks Coach Andrews for all the memories.Your status as a legend, as a coach at FSU, is just as memorable as Coach Bowdens is.You will be sorely missed.Best of luck in all that you do.We will miss you.You are forever in our hearts.

    As a kid growing up in a house of Gator alum and fans, the topic of discussion was always the menacing FSU defense, year in, and year out. I was proud to graduate from FSU, and call such a class act as you a part of my University. Thank you for your time, Coach Andrews. Enjoy your family, your retirement, and GO NOLES!!

    Thank you Coach Andrews for your unwavering work ethic and demand of excellence from your players. Without you, Florida State would not have enjoyed the unprecedented success it attained during the 14 year run of top 5 finishes.

    I will always remember the 1998 Florida v. FSU game for the scheme you employed to stop Steve Spurrier’s offense. I was never prouder to be a Seminole.

    Enjoy your retirement knowing that you are more than appreciated.

    Class of 1998

    Thank you for all you have done for FSU and the fans. Some called Spurrier an offensive genius, that would make you a defensive super genius.

    I really hate to hear of your retirement Coach Andrews. I have always been a huge fan of you dedication and loyalty to not only FSU, but to all of your players and fans as well. It will not be the same looking on the sideline and not seeing you chewing that gum like its the last piece you will ever have. Ha. I want to thank you personally for all that you have done for the FSU Program and for being such an excellent role model for all. I just hope to be half the coach and impact half the lives that you have during your years of coaching.

    Best wishes Coach,
    Jeremy (Fitzgerald,Ga)

    Coach Andrews...Thank you for all the great years. Looking forward each week to watch FSU Football got me through many military deployments in recent years. You are A LEGEND!!!

    I am a current student at FSU and have been a Seminole fan since birth. I watched the dominant defenses in the 90's that you coached as I grew up. You are undeniably THE best defensive coach this game has ever seen and you will certainly go down in history. We love you coach Andrews.

    Thanks for every thing

    It is not often in life that you come across truly dedicated, committed, and loyal individuals. Mickey Andrews was all those things to his players and to this university. When you have players, those that he scowled and barked at, tell of their love for the man, you know that we as fans never saw the teacher off the field that Mickey Andrews was and continues to be.

    Mickey Andrews had just as much to do with our success as Bobby Bowden. On the last home game of the season, every seat in Doak should be filled to honor an individual that has given a large portion of his life to this university.

    The chants of "MICKEY" should echo through Doak in a deafening roar and should continue throughout the game at the beginning of each quarter.

    God Bless Mickey, good luck in all the lays ahead in your life.

    Thank you Coach Andrews for being an amazing coach, respected leader and a class act. You have left an unforgettable mark at FSU. And, as another great man would say, and I mean it warmly: "Thanks for the memories".
    The best to you and your family in retirement. You will be greatly missed and we will always treasure what you have given to FSU.


    Coach: Many thanks for all the many memories you have given the University, alumni and the fans. We many never see another coach with the talent to get the very best out of his players. Best wishes to you and your family as we all love garnet and gold.

    Thanks for all the hard work coach- we will miss you and love you. The seminole nation will always be grateful and will never be the same without you.


    I will miss your intensity and the discipline you demand from your players. Please please enjoy your family and smell the roses. We will miss you but remain forever in debt to you for creating so many winners for FSU. Your DEFENSE is the spirit of UNCONQUERED.

    Words cannot express the joy and excitement you and your incredible defenses have given all of us 'Noles fans over the years. I have been a Seminole fan since 1964 (as countless others have been for many years, as well)and you, and all the great defenses and players you've coached are nothing less than a piece of our lives. A part of you will always be with Seminole fans. Enjoy your well earned retirement, and know you have appreciative friends and fans all over the world. Thanks Coach!

    Many thanks from all of us in the SEMINOLE NATION. I have many great memories of my time at FSU in the late 80's and early 90,s. I watched you guide many of your terrorizing defensive units and shut down alot of prolific offenses. My sons and I drove 12 hours from north Louisiana last weekend for homecoming. I,m glad they got to see you at the parade and to coach on your next to last time in Doak Campbell. THANKS AGAIN AND GODD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

    David Hale

    Coach - a simple THANKS for all you are and represent to Florida State. You and Coach Bowden have built a lasting legacy not only in the sport of football, but in the game of life. Our entire family wishes you and yours the very best. Take care and thanks for all the great memories! God's Speed.

    Warm Regards, Kem

    GO 'NOLES!!

    Thanks Coach Andrews for always giving the Seminole Nation 150% of yourself and for putting the NCAA's most feared defenses on the field!! You will be GREATLY missed!!

    Oh yea, and blitz the crap out of Tebow on your final game!

    Coach I've watched you and Coach Bowden on tv since my jr year in middle school in 1988. I made myself a promise to see FSU play.. Oct 10, 2009, I received a Ticket to the game for a B-day gift from my wife... FSU and GT... Not disappointed! I finally got to see you and coach bowden coming out of the locker room.... You guys are the best coaches i never played for... Congrats and thanks for the memories... Big Mickey Andrew and Big Bobby Bowden ... F-S-U (Little Rock,Arkansas)

    You are one of the reasons for our success. Coach Bowden wouldn't get the recognition he has nor would we have our National Championships without you. Thank your family for sharing you with Seminole Nation. All true Nole fans know what you've done for the University--more importantly you've impacted thousands (must be that many) young men's lives. You've made their lives better--monetarily think of the generations you have impacted. The math is staggering, the amount of 'net worth' that your leadership has created. Families that had nothing, monetarily, have been changed for generations to come. But, again, more importantly--the impact you've had on these kids self esteem and character has made soceity that much better. You'll be missed by Nole Nation, but moreso by soceity in general. Bless you and yours Coach

    As an Alum and Seminole Booster for more than 25 years, words alone cannot express the admiration, gratitude and respect all true FSU fans have for Coach Andrews. Every time I look up at the national championship banners in Doak Campbell stadium I immediately think of Coach Andrews. There were many games during the past 25 years when the offense sputtered and we said “Thank God for Mickey Andrews and his Defense”, because we won the game.

    I will always remember with great pride and admiration how his defensive units during the 1990’s played ‘lights out’ defensive football the entire game, no matter the opponent. The pride and intensity of those defensive units reflected their great coach. I will also remember how many players he coached and made millionaires by sending them to the NFL .

    Coach Andrews your accomplishments will always be legendary at FSU. You have certainly earned the right to retire on your terms. May God Bless you, Diane and your family.

    Thank for the memories Mickey. Hope you can go out with a new streak. FSU owes you a lot for the success you guided on the field. God's speed.

    Coach Andrews,

    I just want to add my thanks to what I know will be a growing list of well wishers. FSU fans will always be grateful for your contribution to FSU Football, but please know that your impact is not just measured by the wins and losses or the DYNASTY that will never be matched. Your true legacy is seen in the lives of the young men that have been positively impacted and forever changed for the better!

    I’d also like to pass along a huge thank you to your wife and family, I’m sure fans will never know the real sacrifice they made to enable you to dedicate so much of your life to FSU.

    Thank you for your commitment, for your unfaltering dedication and for the wonderful memories. All the best in your retirement ahead…


    Mickey, you are not only the best defensive coach out there in college football,but a coach, a mentor, period. Nobobdy can top your achievements. Thanks for everything, you'll always be remembered, you and Bowden has turned this program into an elite program in the nation.

    Coach Andrews,

    Thank you for the 26 years at FSU. You a great mentor to our young kids coming up through the schools. You are an great coach. God Bless you and your family and have a great future. Thank you for everything.

    Coach Andrews,
    You will be missed on the sidelines. I have watched you encourage and inspire the players, coaches and fans for 26 years. Your defensive ingenuity catapulted our Seminoles to the ranks of an elite football program. Thank you for the memories!

    Thank you for the exceptionally wonderful coaching and personal representation you provided at FSU all these years. I hope you, Diane and all your family have many many more years of family enjoyment plus great health
    God Bless you and yours

    Thanks Coach Andrews. In parentheses, right after "Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium", it should read, "Don't forget the best defensive coordinator in college football, Mickey Andrews." Everyone always talks about our offense and special teams. Coach Andrews' defenses were the backbone of all those great teams and national titles. We all realize today just how spoiled we became in the nineties, in no small measure due to your great coaching. Seminoles will be forever grateful. Good luck in the future.

    Thanks for the memories, Coach Andrews! We sure will miss you. Best wishes to you, your family and friends as you start playing a whole new game. Congratulations!

    You exemplify why I'm so proud to be a 'Nole. I have always admired your dedication, hard work and success. Thanks for being such a support and leader at FSU! You will be missed. Enjoy the pleasures of retirement!

    Go 'Noles!!!!!

    Thanks Coach for 26 memorable years of service to Florida State. We'll miss you no question.

    Thank you Coach Andrews for your 26 brilliant years at FSU. You've been the rock... the main reason that this defense has been so great for so many years! I went to FSU from 1992-1995 and then from 1999-2001 and earned 2 Bachelor's Degrees from Florida State. You were a part of my great memories of FSU Football while I was attending FSU and afterwards. Good luck with all your future endeavors. Go Noles!

    Coach, I grew up in a small town in Califronia in the early 90's and watching your D is what brought me to be a noles fan. To this day I love your syle of coaching and the teams that you have put on the field. Now I am 30 years of age and I finding myself to be so sad that you are leaving the program. thank you for all the great years you have givin us and the greates D coordinator in the history of college football. I will miss you and so will all the FSU faithful. Enjoy your time with family and friends for that is the greater pleasure of all. Thanks again coach.

    You and your defensive program have been the defining essence of Seminole football. Your examples of commitment, integrity, and excellence will be the standards by which college football is judged for years to come. Thanks for your dedication to FSU, and best wishes to you and Diane.
    Bill M. '72


    This is truly the end of an era. You are and always will be the best DC College football has ever and will ever see. I coach HS football in the Tampa Bay area and so much of what I teach my boys was learned from you. God Bless you and keep you Coach Andrews.... True Seminole like no other!!!!! David Sloan WCHS

    Coach, May God Bless You and your family for all the years of your life that you have put into FSU.
    Thanks for the memories! Go Noles!

    You should be proud of your achievements building and developing character in so many student athletes. This, I believe is your major achievement. I believe FSU has been very fortunate. Your successes building the team's defensive program cannot be overstated. A perfect coaching partner for Coach Bowden. Enjoy the many years ahead in retirement.

    Don Camp, FSU 67

    I want to take the time to say Thank You for all the great memories and for Your part of doing what no other DC has ever done and we all hope will never do which is finish in the top 4 for 14 Years in a row. I also want to say thank for the way You have lived out Your Christian life at FSU and teaching the players the true meaning of commitment, integrity, and excellence and discipline and forgiveness on and more importantly off the field. I thank God for blessing FSU with You and for the blessings You have received during Your 26 Years at FSU, May You be blessed by God forever!! You and Bobby Bowden Are The Chief Noles to me and are every reason why FSU Became a powerhouse and is what it is today.

    Thank You and God Bless You!!
    Jeffrey St. John

    Coach Mickey, what can we say as fans. Sometimes a hearty "THANK YOU" is not even enough, but we are so grateful for your tough, hard-nosed, close-the-door defenses over the many years. I know i speak for all Seminole fans, and fans that just appreciate good defensive football when i say i wish you well and what you've done for the sport cannot be measured.....THANKS COACH ! (sniff sniff).

    Don't Go! Reconsider! I cannot imagine football season without you and Coach Bowden on the sideline. You helped to create an act that was too hard to follow,THE class football program of the nation. Thanks for the memories, too many to mention, and the best of luck to you and your family in your future endeavors whatever they may be. Please write a book - I'm sure there are many others who would love to hear your story.

    Coach Mickey: I have enjoyed your coaching for several years and you have been the greatest one FSU has ever had. I have a cap you signed your name on. I will alway cherish the great games you coached for FSU. Hope you enjoy your retirement you sure deserve it. You will never be replaced in Tallahassee. Good luck to you and your family.

    Coach Mickey: You have been the greatest of them all. I will miss you on the sidelines at the games. You have made the defence for years at FSU. I am sure the new DC will never be able to replace you and your coaching. We hope you have many years to enjoy your retirement with your family. I will always have a place in my heart for you and family.

    Keep up the same intensity while playing those shuffleboard tournaments. Enjoy the retirement!

    You'll be missed...

    Grace & Peace

    Best of luck to you Coach Andrews. I have been a fan of The Seminoles since 1985. You have made me proud to be a Noles fan. You have nothing to regret. You, along with Bobby and the other coaches, have done an outstanding job for the past 26 years of bringing kids into the Seminole program and turning them into men. You will be truly missed at THE DOAK and around the FSU campus. Again, Best of Luck to you and thanks for the great memories.

    Coach Andrews,

    Congratulations on a truly remarkable career. You are the only defensive coordinator I've known as a Nole fan, then student and now alumni. I can't even imagine what its going to be like without seeing you on the sidelines on fall Saturdays. You are the best defensive coordinator ever to coach college football and your legacy will live on forever at FSU and in the NCAA. I hope you enjoy your much deserved retirement, you have certainly earned it. Your dedication to FSU cannot be measured in words. Thank you for all of your contributions, we'll all miss you. God Bless!!!

    I always admired you as a coach but when my mother "cornered" you in church one day and talked, and talked, and talked...the level of respect that I felt for you climbed even higher. You gave your time to an 87 year old lady and gave it graciously.
    I wish the very best for you and your family in your new "family career".

    Thank you for the memories Coach. There are a million of them. Our grown boys grew up in the stands of Doak and we have had many up and down moments watching your teams. (Mostly up!) I admire your dedication and appreciate the love you've always shown to your players and fans. You make me PROUD to be a Seminole!

    God Speed Mr. Andrews
    May you & yours be forever surrounded in God's Hedge of Protection (His Defence).
    God Bless you

    Mickey Andrews i just want to say congratutations on your 26 years at florida state programs and best wish on your retirement god bless you on your remarkable career because its hard to replace your character. you been the defensive coordinator back in 1984 you are the best. for me been the noles when i was thirteen years old. i just want to say thank you for many years in the program and god bless you.


    I sure am going to miss seeing you vigorously chewing your sunflower seeds and coaching like crazy on the sidelines. You are a true Seminole warrior and I wish you all the best on your retirement. Thank you for all you have done for our football program and school. God Bless you and your family.

    Terry Holland
    BS FSU 1989

    Thanks for everything Coach Andrews. Tight lines and good fishing!!!

    Congratulations on your retirement, but I so hate to see you go. I graduated from FSU in 1975, so I was there when we lost most games and you could sit anywhere in the stands. You and Coach Bowden changed FSU football. Thank you for all your dedication over the years and for giving us such great memories. You will be missed more than you can imagine. Please take care and enjoy your retirement! Best of luck to you.

    Thanks for many years of dedication to FSU football. You will be missed, but always remembered.

    FSU Defenses have given us so many great memories under your guidance. Thank you for all you have given us. Best wishes for a great retirement.

    i am a huge fan. you are the first reason i became an fsu fan. i am and always will be a fsu fan. i loved and still love your defenses.congrats on your great years at fsu.its is bittersweet your retirement. i will miss watching you on the sidelines but am happy you will be spending more time with your family. good luck on your retirement.

    All I know most surely about morality and obligations, I owe to football. Thanks Mickey, and best wishes.


    Thank You, Thank You Thank You, for a job well done! You have touched many lives through your work ethic, tenacious defenses, and ability to adapt. You have helped to make FSU a football power,whose attainments may never have an equal.
    You have helped make all of us proud to be a part of the Seminole Nation. No wonder the Seminole Indians do not want their name removed from our campus! Enjoy your retirement, family, and all of us that think YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

    Jerome Edwards, class of '61 & '64

    Dear Coach Andrews,

    Thanks for everything. Your great defenses have been fun to watch. I appreciate the class and dedication you brought to FSU Football.

    God Bless you and yours.

    Major Jack Lovell
    US Army
    Class of 94

    Coach - what a legacy you leave behind. Thank you for your 26 years of producing some of the finest defensive teams around. I was born in Ozark,AL so I'm at the top of your fan club! Take care and have a wonderful retirement - you and Diane have earned it. Thanks to Diane too! for allowing you to devote so much time to FSU.
    Go Noles!

    It's been twenty years or more since I had the opportunity to Play under your teaching as a Free Safety. I still use your defensive scheme and attitude. I coach Middle school & Youth sports and have been nominated for the Waycross Ga Sports Hall of Fame. After Gene McDowell left FSU, you were my inspiration. I still Teach my DB's to say Pride knock'em Back.

    May the Blessing of Abraham Fill your life!!
    Rev. Otis Mooring 1983-86 Seminoles
    Waycross Ga.

    Coach Andrews,
    Bottom line, you are the best that there ever will be. God bless you and your family.You will be sorely missed.Go Noles!!!!!

    dear mickey, i have been a seminole fan since 1973. my oldest son went to college there. I want to thank you and bobby for the many wonderful seasons you have given me as a fan. I would also like to thank you for the way you treated my son when he went out for the team. It was a real growth experience for him. Even though my heart will always be with the noloes, it will not be the same without you and bobby. Thanks again for the FANtastic ride. DON

    dear mickey, i have been a seminole fan since 1973. my oldest son went to college there. I want to thank you and bobby for the many wonderful seasons you have given me as a fan. I would also like to thank you for the way you treated my son when he went out for the team. It was a real growth experience for him. Even though my heart will always be with the noloes, it will not be the same without you and bobby. Thanks again for the FANtastic ride. DON

    Coach Andrews,
    As I look up the term "Football Coach" in my dictionary I'm sure I will see your picture for many years to come, you define the term...You have always made me proud to say "I'm a Seminole"

    Rod Crews
    Cocoa Beach

    You'll be missed, Mick! We owe much of our success to your brilliant defensive mind.

    Enjoy your retirement. You've earned it!

    Coach Andrews,

    Honor where honor is due. I have been a Nole Fan for many years and my brother is a FSU grad. I have enjoyed the years that your Defense staff has provided such joy. We have been honored at FSU that you choose to bring your talents our way. I will have many stories to tell my son when he gets old enough and what he missed not seeing your group in person. Lots of love and good wishes. Go with God!!

    Thanks for '93 & '99!!!

    Thank you for your years of dedication that made the Seminoles an amazing team. We all owe you our gratitude & prayers for a peaceful & blessed retirement.

    I can remember loving to watch the Seminoles play football all the way back in the second grade. I recall being in shock and awe watching the Nole Nation's defense dominate for so long - even though I was just a little child. My family moved to Tallahassee when I was in the fourth grade and decided not to look anywhere else when it came time for me to attend college in the fall of 2000. I graduated from FSU with my Masters in 2005. I am so proud to say that I bleed garnet & gold. You will forever be part of the Seminole family that I hold so close to my heart. Enjoy retirement and know that you contributed to so many people's lives. It won't be the same without you. We will miss you Coach!

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