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    November 2009 Archives

    Bowl Projections

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    The Florida State Seminoles will be making a bowl appearance for the 28th straight season.  Members of the national media have their projections out with destinations for the Noles.  Here are a few of the picks:

    ESPN - FSU vs. Stanford (Emerald Bowl)
    CBS - FSU vs. Pittsburgh (Meineke Car Care Bowl)
    Sports Illustrated - FSU vs. West Virginia (Meineke Car Care Bowl)
    NBC Sports - FSU vs. Pittsburgh (Meineke Car Care Bowl)


    First Points And Last

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    Former Florida State kicker Graham Gano once again has his name in the UFL record books.  After recording the first points in league history, Gano can now add champion to his resume after hitting a 33-yard field goal in overtime of the inaugural UFL Title Game.

    Gano led the Las Vegas Locomotives to the first championship in league history.  On the season Gano was 13 of 16 on field goal kicking and a perfect 20 for 20 on extra points.

    Click Here to read the full game release.


    Road TO OKC - Vol. 3

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    Hello again!!! I (Terese) am writing this week's blog because Kristie is busy studying for finals!

    So this past weekend was our last weekend of fall games. Crazy how fast it flew by ... I still cannot believe that my SENIOR fall is over. Ahhhhh, it feels like I was just moving into my apartment with Carly Wynn my freshman year ... but anyways we played TCC and NWFSC at TCC on Saturday. Once again we had our challenges and during the first game we kicked butt! Our challenge went smoothly the first game, but the second game was a different story.

    It all came down to the bottom of the 7th inning while we were on defense and Morgan Bullock, our freshman pitcher/utility player was on the mound. The other team had bases loaded with no outs and in order to win the challenge we had to get out of the inning without giving up any runs. Funny part was that Morgan didn't know that the challenge rested on the shoulders of her and the defense! The whole dugout was rooting for her and our defense to pull out the challenge win. Sure enough she got three outs without giving up a run. Needless to say she did a dang good job!

    And a dang good job basically describes our fall in a nut shell. The team worked hard and improved in so many ways since the first day of practice. The returners kept the strong work ethic and heart from last year and all the newbies adjusted very well to college life and softball here at FSU. All the newbies fit in perfectly with the team! The fall was great for our team and now we are one step closer to our ultimate goal, OKC!!!

    Keep reading and tune in next week for our coverage of the 3rd Annual "FSU Softball Tries to Play Soccer in the Turf Room."

    It's going to be good!!!!

    Bri Breaks It Down - Vol. 11

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    "Sweet Revenge"

    Hi Seminole fans! It's coming down to the end of the season, which is insane because it feels like it just started! This past weekend was the climax of our season as we got closer to winning an ACC Championship. As we traveled to Clemson, S.C. we thought about the last time we played Clemson and knew that we could play better than we did and not let the match go to five sets. We knew this weekend was going to be a great one! We got to take a bus that trip which is always fun because we're all together laughing and goofing off -- like Miss Jordana here and her fabulous balancing skills!

    I Am What I Learn: Myron Rolle

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    Myron Rolle has learned to balance his love for football with his focus on education at a young age. Whether it was doing his homework on the practice field or missing part of his football game to interview for the Rhodes Scholarship, Myron is a role model for all students who excel in sports while pursuing their academic goals. Currently, Myron has postponed his NFL career to study at Oxford University. This is his story.

    Hit Of The Week

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    In case you missed the bone jarring hit that Jarmon Fortson layed on Wake Forest's Cyhl Quarles the good folks at Sun Sports have the footage below.  Check out this hit by the J-Man:

    Florida State vs. Florida - 3:30pm EST Kickoff

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    The Atlantic Coast Conference Monday announced the following game times and networks for Nov. 28:


    Saturday, Nov. 28

    • Wake Forest at Duke, RAYCOM, 12 pm
    • Clemson at South Carolina, ESPN, 12 pm
    • North Carolina at NC State, ESPN2, 12 pm
    • Miami at South Florida, ABC, 3:30 pm
    • Virginia Tech at Virginia, ESPN, 3:30 pm
    • Florida State at Florida, CBS, 3:30 pm
    • Boston College at Maryland, ESPNU, 3:30 pm
    • Georgia at Georgia Tech, ABC/ESPN2, 8 pm

    Florida State vs. Maryland To Kickoff At 12pm EST

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    GREENSBORO, NC - The Atlantic Coast Conference Sunday announced the following game times and networks for Nov. 21.

    Saturday, Nov. 21
    Maryland at Florida State, RAYCOM, 12 noon 
    North Carolina at Boston College, ESPN2, 12 noon
    Duke at Miami, ESPNU, 12 noon 
    Virginia at Clemson, ABC/ESPN*, 3:30 pm
    NC State at Virginia Tech, ESPNU, 3:30 pm

    *Regionally-televised on ABC, shown to other parts of the country on ESPN.

    Players To Watch in 2010: Leonor Rodriguez

    | No Comments | No TrackBacks women's basketball writer Graham Hays thinks that Sue Semrau has found a special talent in Leonor Rodriguez.  So much so that he has ranked Leo as one of the five players to watch in 2009-10.

    Click here for the full article.

    Bri Breaks It Down - Vol. 10

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    "One Team ... One Heart"

    Hi Seminole fans! It's now the 10th edition of my blog and I still can't believe that ACC season is almost complete! Craziness! This weekend was HUGE for me and my team since we were playing Duke, who is ranked 2nd in the ACC, and Wake Forest. We had very strong practices going up to Friday and I believe that my team was very prepared for the match. This weekend was interesting for us because Sun Sports was with us the entire weekend - filming everything from pregame talks, to treatments in the training room, to even interviewing my parents ... hope they didn't embarrass me too much! I was very excited to hear they would be filming us because it means that people are going to see Florida State volleyball for what it truly is. We are now nationally known and we continue to improve each week and we are proving to everyone that we are contenders now.

    Twelve Days of ACC Basketball

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    Starting on Monday, November 2 and continuing each day through Friday, November 13, the Atlantic Coast Conference will preview the upcoming Men's Basketball season.

    Each day, a new team will be highlighted at with a video and preseason information available for each. The teams will be unveiled in reverse alphabetical order.

    Today it is time to look ahead to the Florida State Seminoles

    Ponder This - Volume VII

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    By Christian Ponder,
    Sorry for the short blog entry today, it's been really crazy and there's TONS of stuff going on.  But let's talk football!

    First off, I want to give another shout out, this time to my boy Cameron Brock.  Hope you're doing well, and just keep fighting man.  I want you to know that you're in our thoughts and prayers and all of Seminole nation is behind you!

    Big game, probably the biggest game of our season, this Saturday at Clemson.  We're expecting it to be a tough game, four quarter ball game like the last few have been for us.  Offensively, we just need to be disciplined, they have a great defense,  we need to match their intensity and play the way we know we can play.

    Also want to let you know of a radio interview that Dr. Wayne Hochwarter and I did for WFSU.  Here's the link to it, so be sure to check it out when you get a chance.  It's good to learn about fiscal conservatism, and we go more in depth about the research that we did recently.  It's good stuff.

    Also, I'm now finally on Twitter!  Make sure to hit me up @cponder7.  Fun stuff man, fun stuff.  

    So for now...

    Keep on Keepin' On!

    Nike Unveils New Football Uniforms

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    On Saturday, Nov. 21, the Florida State University football team will take the field wearing the Nike Pro Combat uniform, a new system of dress and the lightest football uniform Nike has ever created.

    Nike designed the Nike Pro Combat uniform to address the evolution of the game: Today's players are stronger and faster and the collisions are more violent and explosive than ever before. Nike also worked with coaches and administrators at Florida State to bring inspiration to the Nike Pro Combat uniforms that the Seminoles will wear on Nov. 21.

    According to Florida State officials, these limited edition uniforms will be used at the discretion of the Seminoles' football program after November 21.

    Tell us what you think of the new uniforms by clicking the comments button.  We will post the results here.


    Road To OKC - Vol. 2

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    Almost another week of fall practice has gone by and oh has it been a good one. It was a week full of "Challenges," dressing up for Halloween, and recording another win against Wallace Junior College. It is never a dull moment with our team!


    ACC Football - Press Conference Quotes

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    Bobby Bowden and Dabo Swinney spoke with the media this week in anticipation of the Florida State vs. Clemson game on Saturday.  Here are their comments:

    Bobby Bowden - Florida State

    Q: If there is a positive for the defense, is it that for the second week in a row, they've held up on the other team's final possession?
    Bowden: Yeah, that's exactly right. And that might be the closest thing to positive that came out of it for the defense. Now, there's one thing that's happened. It happened against Miami, it happened against South Florida ? Mickey makes his first substitution [at cornerback], puts a freshman in there, and there he goes. That's at least twice I can remember that happening. Again, that's having to play freshmen too early.

    About the NC State game:
    You know the game with NC State is like all the other ones we have played. We have played 8 ball games and every one of them has come down to the last drive. Either the other team takes it and beats you or either you take it and beat them. Every one of them, this was no different. The last two was just like the rest of them except we won them."

    Q: Like you said the week before against North Carolina, you finally won a fourth quarter?
    Bowden: Yeah and we did. You know, we always say you've got to win the fourth quarter and that's what happens. You either win the fourth quarter or you don't, in a close game. You know this is the most different year I could ever remember, every game has been tight. Usually there is somebody that beats you pretty good, then there is someone you beat pretty good. But this one has been 60 minutes and you can't tell who is going to win it and that's different.

    Q: You ran the ball well on Saturday, and you also didn't give up any sacks. Is this offensive line where you thought it would be?
    Bowden: They are where you would hope they would be. I've really been pleased. If you can keep them from getting our quarterback and open some running holes, you can outscore what they do. It's kind of who had that ball last, really.

    Q: After the NC State game, you gave a lot of credit to the line, probably more than you did to the running backs. But Jermaine Thomas seemed to be running pretty well.
    Bowden: And he did. You know, as I sit there on the sidelines, a lot of times I'll see him run, and I'll see a lane open over here, and he don't see it, and he goes another way. And I'm thinking, 'Dadgummit, why didn't you slash back?' Well, you can't see all that on the field. Then when you look back at the film, you see he's making better cuts than you realize. He was probably making a lot better cuts than I realized.

    Q: Looking at Clemson, C.J. Spiller is really having another great year there. How tough is he to defend?
    Probably more so than any back in the conference. There's probably not many backs that are more dangerous than him in going all the way, because he is so fast. You watch him run. Anybody that can run into the line - Peter Warrick could do this - could run into the middle and you have him bottled up, and he still could run for a touchdown all the way around the end. So fast. This guy's the same way.

    Could you talk a little bit about the leadership of Christian Ponder?:
    Well, he is the number one leader on our football team both offensively and defensively. All of our boys believe in him. All of our boys know that he is paying a physical price out there; he is not one of these fancy quarterbacks that don't like to get hit. He gets hit and he will run the ball and stick it up in there. You see him do it time after time. He jeopardizes his body and other kids see that and they will follow it.

    About Clemson's quick players:
    C.J. Spiller and Ford, both of them will be seniors this year, both of them are sprint champions and they are dangerous on the long play. I think I read it correctly that Spiller has scored at least one 60 yard one, every game this year. Either kickoff return, punt return, running the ball or catching the ball."

    Bri Breaks It Down - Vol. 9

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    "That's a Record!"

    Hi Seminole fans! First off I'll say Happy November - and it is VERY SCARY to believe it's already November! Where did all of fall go??? But my team and I are having a fantastic season so far and we appreciate everyone who has come out and supported us! I left off last week with us traveling to Virginia to play the two VA teams. We left Thursday and made our way north and had a very uneventful travel day, which is always a plus! When we arrived in Virginia I was amazed by the surroundings - you can actually see the season changing! Us Florida girls never really get to experience the leaves changing or anything like that so it's always a special treat. Besides the beautiful landscapes we got to see, we saw some wildlife as well - on the side of the road was a cute little groundhog just chillin' - and it took us some time to figure out what exactly it was! This weekend was going to be a fun one for my team and I because we were getting the chance to play on Halloween, which always brings out some interesting characters to the gym for the match.

    Ponder Named Semifinalist For 73rd Maxwell Award

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    Maxwell Football Club President, Ron Jaworski, announced the 2009 Semifinalists for the 73rd Maxwell Award for the Collegiate Player of the Year, the 15th Chuck Bednarik Award for the Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year, and the 21st George Munger Award for College Coach of the Year. The respective lists include a field of 16 candidates for the Maxwell and Bednarik Awards and 15 candidates for the Munger Award as selected by the Maxwell Football Club Advisory Committee. Tim Tebow the 2007 and 2008 winner of the Maxwell Award leads an impressive list of candidates for this season's honor. In 2007 Tebow was the first sophomore ever selected as the winner of the Maxwell Award. Tebow followed up with another impressive performance in 2008 and became the second two time winner of the Maxwell Award in the Club's 73-year history. On the defensive side of the ball Alabama's standout linebacker Rolando McClain and defensive tackle Terrence Cody head up an impressive group of defensive players under consideration for this year's Bednarik Award.
    The announcement of the winners of the Maxwell and Bednarik Awards will be made during the Home Depot ESPNU College Football Awards Show that will be broadcast on ESPN on Thursday December 10, 2009. Three finalists for each award will be announced on November 23, 2009 and a second round of voting will take place at that time. The Maxwell Football Club will announce the winner of the 21st George Munger Award via a press release in December. The winners of the 73rd Maxwell Award and the 15th Chuck Bednarik Award will be announced as part of the Home Depot ESPNU College Football Awards Show on December 10, 2009.  The formal presentation of these awards will be made at the Maxwell Football Club's Awards Dinner, to be held on Friday March 5, 2010 at the Harrah's Entertainment Complex in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
    Voting for all three of the collegiate awards presented by the Maxwell Football Club will begin on Wednesday November 4th and close on Sunday November 22nd. Eligible voters include Maxwell Football Club members, NCAA Head Football Coaches, Sports Information Directors and selected national media.

    Semifinalists for the 73rd  Maxwell Award

    Best, Jahvid, University of California Berkley, RB, JR
    Clausen, Jimmy, Notre Dame, QB, JR
    Devine, Noel, West Virginia University, RB, JR
    Gerhart, Toby, Stanford University, RB, SR
    Ingram, Mark, University of Alabama, RB, SOPH
    Keenum, Case, University of Houston, QB, JR
    LeFevour, Dan, Central Michigan University, QB, SR
    Lewis, Dion, University of Pittsburgh, RB, FR
    Matthews, Ryan, Fresno State University, RB, JR
    McCoy, Colt, University of Texas, QB, SR
    Moore, Kellen, Boise State University, QB, SOPH
    Ponder, Christian, Florida State University, QB, JR
    Rodgers, Jacquizz, Oregon State University, RB, SOPH
    Shipley, Jordan, University of Texas, WR, SR
    Tate Golden, Notre Dame, WR, JR
    Tebow, Tim, University of Florida, QB, SR

    Send Your Best To Coach Andrews

    | 86 Comments | No TrackBacks wants to provide you with an opportunity to thank Mickey Andrews for his 26 years as defensive coordinator at Florida State.  Just click on the comments section below and leave Coach Andrews a message or your favorite defensive memory from the past 26 years and we will be happy to post it.

    What They Are Saying About Coach Andrews

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    Bobby Bowden, Florida State head coach

    "He's been here 26 years and we've had such success and you just have to credit him with
    the success we've had since he came. He's done such a great job. We'll miss him and his wifeand family. He's a good church man and a good civic man and always has his priorities in
    order and puts his family ahead of football. He's a guy that has never slowed down. He's just
    as enthusiastic now as he was when he came here."

    Deion Sanders, FSU cornerback

    "First of all, Coach Andrews is the best coach that I've ever been coached by. His coaching,
    wisdom and instruction carried over into my personal life and those of all the players he
    coached. Not a single day goes by when I am coaching, mentoring or teaching somebody
    that I don't use things Coach Andrews taught me. He is one of the all-time great defensive
    coaches in college football history. I believe that next to Bobby Bowden, he probably has
    had the biggest influence on athletics at Florida State. College football will miss Coach
    Andrews and his former players will miss seeing him out there, but he should be
    congratulated on his great career."

    Terrell Buckley, FSU All-American cornerback and defensive graduate assistant

    "I really came to Florida State for two reasons. Number one, was him and the other was we
    had a bunch of TV games the next year. From that point up until now he's meant a lot; like a
    father figure on what it takes to be successful. Professionally, from being what I call my
    supervisor, just learning what it takes to be a great coach, dealing with different players and
    personalities and how you prepare for a ballgame, what is acceptable and what is not. ...
    He's just welcomed me with open arms. Words can't describe, when you combine the
    personal and professional, what he has done for me. He's been tremendous."

    GREENSBORO, N.C. - Miami sophomore quarterback Jacory Harris and Duke senior quarterback Thaddeus Lewis share this week's Atlantic Coast Conference Offensive Back of the Week honor to headline a list of ACC Players of the Week, announced today.  Both Harris (three) and Lewis (two) have earned Offensive Back of the Week accolades on multiple occasions this season.

    Lewis is joined on the list by teammates Will Snyderwine, a junior placekicker who earned Specialist of the Week honors and was tabbed as one of three Lou Groza Stars of the Week, and freshman Connor Vernon, who earned Rookie of the Week honors as he established two school single-season records against Virginia.  Florida State junior guard Rodney Hudson is making his second showing as the Offensive Lineman of the Week.

    Defensively, North Carolina sophomore defensive tackle Tydreke Powell helped North Carolina to a win over Virginia Tech in front of a nationally televised audience on ESPN's Thursday Night Football to take Defensive Lineman of the Week, while Boston College true freshman Luke Kuechly earned Defensive Back of the Week honors in the Eagles non-conference victory over Central Michigan.

    OFFENSIVE LINEMEN - Rodney Hudson, Florida State, G, Jr., 6-2, 285, Mobile, Ala. (B.C. Rain)
    Florida State junior guard Rodney Hudson earned his second Offensive Lineman of the Week honor after helping to anchor a Seminole offensive line that guided Florida State to a season-high 555 total yards--tied for the third-highest mark in the league this season--in a 45-42 shootout win over NC State.  Hudson, a preseason All-American, graded out at 91 percent, had two knock-down blocks, and was part of an offensive unit that did not give up a sack or a quarterback hurry.

    Sure Doesn't Look Like He Is Reaching For The Ball

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    Better get the helmet visors ready for the game on November 28th.  Notice how Spikes (#51) goes inside Ealey's facemask after he is down:

    Maybe Spikes had plans to be one of these guys for Halloween....

    2012 Football Season Tickets