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Back to Class With Florida State Golfer Lydia Gumm

Seminoles.com | September 02, 2014

Lydia Gumm was the only Seminole to play in all 11 events as a member of the Seminoles' starting line-up during both the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014 season.  She begins her sophomore season as one of Florida State’s top golfers.  Gumm stopped in for a visit with seminoles.com during her preparations for the upcoming Mo Morial Invitational at Texas A&M University (Sept. 8-10) and talked about her favorite musicians, her first career hole-in-one and her favorite color.

Q: If you could have a walk-up song before you teed off to start a tournament like softball, what would it be?  A: If I had a walk up song right now it would probably be 0 to 100 by Drake. 

Q: What’s the best concert you have ever been to? A: The best concert I've been to was the Florida Country SuperFest in Jacksonville this summer.  It featured Florida Georgia Line, Colt Ford and other great performers.

Q: Who are you favorite musical performers? A: My favorite musical performers are Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Lee Brice. 

Q: What would your dream vacation spot be? A: My dream vacation spot would be the Bahamas. 

Q: Who is you best friend on another collegiate golf team? A: My best friend on another collegiate team would be Megan Kinney, a University of Kentucky golfer. 

Q: What is your best moment on a golf course in your career? A: The best moment in my golf career was shooting 61 in the Kentucky Invitational.

Q: What’s the best shot on the golf course you have ever hit and where were you? A: The best shot I ever hit was my first hole in one. I was eight years old and playing a Gibson Bay. 

Q: What is your favorite website? A: My favorite website is seminoles.com.

Q: What is your favorite video on YouTube? A: My favorite YouTube video is the one of Anna Sophia Bohmer doing her college golf recruiting video.

Q: What is your favorite motivational quote? A: The best motivational quote that I use is, "when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, that's when you'll be successful."

Q: What is the best thing about Tallahassee? A: The best thing about Tallahassee is the love for Florida State athletics and Yogurt Mountain. 

Q: Why did you choose Florida State? A: I chose to attend and play golf at Florida State because I love my coaches and teammates. Plus, our practice facility is among the best in the country.

Q: What has been your favorite class at Florida State? A: My favorite class at Florida State has been human communications and relations.

Q: What is your favorite color? A: My favorite color is purple. 

Q: What is your favorite movie? A: My favorite movie is The Blind Side. 

Q: Which reality show do you watch the most? A: The reality show I watch the most is The Big Break.

Q: The reality show I could win is... A: The reality show I could win is The Big Break.

Q: What is your most prized possession? A: I don't really have a most prized possession. I have a lot of things that mean a lot to me. 

Q: The best thing about being a Florida State golfer is... A: The best thing about being a Florida state golfer is being around my teammates every day and getting the opportunity to get better and travel the country.

Q: What band did you see at the last concert you went to? A: The last band I saw in concert was Little Big Town. 

Q: What was the last outdoor movie you watched? A: The last movie I watched outdoors was Frozen.

Q: What’s the last movie you saw at a drive-in? A: I have actually never been to a drive in before!

Q: What new variation of the s’more would you want to invent? A: I think I would keep the s'more the same because they're so good. 

Q: Water Jet Pack or Jet Ski? A: I love to jet ski. 



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