1948Don Loucks 9-4 .692Dixie (2nd)
1949Don Loucks11-2 .846Dixie (1st)
1950Don Loucks 9-7 .562Dixie (1st)
1951Ralph Matherly 7-8 .467Dixie (1st)
1952Don Loucks 9-5 .643Independent
1953Don Loucks15-2 .882Independent
1954Keith Pitchford 13-5 .722Independent
1955Keith Pitchford 10-6 .625Independent
1956Keith Pitchford8-7 .533Independent
1957Keith Pitchford 5-11 .313Independent
1958Keith Pitchford9-7 .563Independent
1959John Powless14-6 .700Independent
1960John Powless 11-8-1.550Independent
1961Bubba McGowan 16-5 .762Independent
1962Eddie Cubbon11-8 .579IndependentEastern Intercoll.(1st)
1963Eddie Cubbon18-5 .783Independent
1964Paul Scarpa12-10 .546Independent
1965Lex Wood11-7 .611Independent
1966Lex Wood13-10.565Independent
1967Lex Wood16-7 .696IndependentT 29th NCAA
1968Lex Wood21-3 .875Independent
1969Lex Wood 22-5-1.786IndependentT 23th NCAA
1970Pete Barizon21-12.636Independent
1971Pete Barizon 18-3.857Independent T15th NCAA
1972Scott Bristol18-4.818Independent NCAA Chmps.(16th) T 33th NCAA
1973Randy Jobson 11-4.733Independent T19th NCAA
1974Randy Jobson 10-8.555Independent
1975Randy Jobson 14-6.700Independent T 25th NCAA
1976Ken Vinson 4-19.174Independent
1977Ken Vinson5-15-1 .238Metro (3rd)
1978Juan Ortiz 17-5.773Metro (2nd)
1979Juan Ortiz 17-8.680Metro (3rd)
1980Randy Jobson 12-7.632Metro 2nd)
1981Randy Jobson 12-14 .462Metro (1st)
1982Randy Jobson 23-10 .697Metro (3rd)
1983Randy Jobson 19-13 .594Metro (1st)
1984Richard McKee30-8.790Metro (1st)
1985Richard McKee25-4.862Metro (2nd) #16
1986Richard McKee10-13 .435Metro (2nd)
1987Richard McKee/John Vinson13-10 .565Metro (2nd)
1988Richard Mckee/John Vinson 14-10 .583Metro (1st)
1989Richard McKee/Shannon Krieger 18-12 .600Metro (2nd)
1990Richard McKee/Casey Creely19-8.701Metro (2nd)
1991David Barron/Peter Maller16-7.696Metro (2nd)
1992David Barron/Peter Maller14-9.610ACC (3rd)
1993David Barron/Joey Rive 17-8.680ACC (3rd) ARV
1994David Barron/Joey Rive15-9 .625ACC (3rd) NCAA Regionals(2nd) #35
1995David Barron/John Vinson18-9 .692ACC (2nd) NCAA Regionals(2nd) #24
1996David Barron/John Vinson15-13 .536 ACC (2nd) NCAA Regionals(3rd) #37
1997David Barron/John Vinson16-12 .571 ACC (6th) NCAA Regionals(7th) #34
1998David Barron/John Vinson17-8.680 ACC (5th)NCAA Regionals(6th) #47
1999David Barron/John Vinson13-10 .565 ACC (7th)#56
2000Dwayne Hultquist/ John Roddick14-10.583ACC (5th)#46
2001Dwayne Hultquist/ Ty Braswell 10-14.416ACC (5th)#59


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Unique Path Leads Iradukunda to FSU
Unique Path Leads Iradukunda to FSU
FSU vs  UV MTennis
FSU vs UV MTennis
Men's Tennis Conquers Virginia Tech
Men's Tennis Conquers Virginia Tech


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