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Trivia - fans answer questions for prizes

Sweepstakes - enter to win promotional program

Ask the Coach - fans submit questions to coaches

Sport Sponsors - logo and link integrated in sport page header

Player/Play/Student-Athlete of the Week

Fan Poll - logo placement on homepage interactive poll

Gametracker - branding on official live stats interface; exclusive banner rotation throughout

Gameday Central - branding on page that includes depth charts, live stats/game audio, weather, travel

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    For more information regarding sponsorship opportunities with Florida State Athletics, please contact:

    PO Box 2195
    Tallahassee, FL 32316-2195
    (850) 644-2550

    Email Requests to:


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    Bobby Bones Message
    Bobby Bones Message
    2015 NFL Draft: Mario Edwards Jr.
    2015 NFL Draft: Mario Edwards Jr.
    What it's Like to be a Role Model
    What it's Like to be a Role Model


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