BACK-TO-BACK CUPS! FSU Soccer Heads Back To College Cup Defeating Clemson 2-1 | November 24, 2006

Nov. 24, 2006

Recap |  Box Score

FSU Head Coach Mark Krikorian

(opening statement)

It was a great soccer game tonight.  We had two very good soccer teams battling as hard as they could to get a result to advance to the College Cup.  So I think that all of us had great respect for Clemson coming in, and we still have great respect after the game.  I felt that their effort was outstanding.  Once again, I thought that our team showed their resilience in fighting back from a 1-0 deficit at halftime to score a couple goals and win the game.  I thought our effort was very good, and I'm really proud of our group.


(on the halftime adjustments)

The things that we saw were that we weren't playing in the space behind our forwards.  We thought that there was a space that we were getting too high and playing with three across the front.  We weren't' really utilizing that space.  I've said for a long time that Katrin Schmidt is just an outstanding midfielder, and we decided to put her into that role to try and put those balls into that space in the front.  We put India (Trotter) into the back, because we know that India is secure no matter where she plays.  We thought that we were able to play into Katrin's feet often and play off of her quite often and she gave us a big boost in to that spot.  To be honest it isn't something we have trained a lot for, but we saw Katrin playing in the attacking midfield spot in the spring.  She's dynamic, she's clever, she's skillful and she's got all the little subtleties of the game, and obviously she created a couple chances, a couple set pieces and we were able to find a chance to win. 


(on the approach to the College Cup)

Well I'd better change something, because we didn't do too well last year.  I don't know, it's a different team, and a different opponent.  As I've said to you guys all along, our focus is on the game ahead of us.  I don't even know who won the other game (crowd tells him that Notre Dame won 4-0).  I haven't seen one tape on Notre Dame.  I know that they are good and talented.  I know a couple of their players and I know that they are good, but we need to go back and do our homework now and get my staff back to work.  There is no vacation for those guys (his staff).  That was a joke...


Sarah Wagenfuhr

(on her assist)

I just realized that the ball was going to go out of bounds and I figured I might as well head the ball back into the mix and see if one of my teammates could do something with it, so I just kept it in and hoped that someone could do something with it, and Sel did.


(on comparing this experience to the FIFA youth World Championships)

I think that is different though (as compared to the u-20 World Championships) this with my best friends.  Everyone was a whole lot more willing to fight for each other and especially the seniors whose last home game ever was tonight.  You want them to go out in a good way.


Ali Mims

(on the crowd)

That (the fireworks after the game) was something I never imagined, I didn't really ever imagine the size of the crowd that we had tonight after a holiday, it is just real exciting to have the type of atmosphere with the band and the people on the parking garage that get the things that we are tying to do here.


Selin Kuralay

(on the rough nature of the game)

I think it was very (competitive) and maybe at times I got a little too caught into it.  It was a tough game, and a credit to them for coming in and fighting for their lives with it being a knockout game.


Becky Edwards

(on the second half for FSU)

We knew that we controlled the first half pretty well and we knew that we would come into the second half and continue that.  Coach made some good adjustments and we were positive about the differences, and we did our best to continue fighting on and go to the final four.


(On India and Katrin moving positions)

India plays for the national team there, so she is very accustomed to that position, and I thought she played very well there.  (Katrin) Schmidt moved into the offensive mid, she's just a great player, and she created some great chances for us and everyone worked in their role and it all clicked together.


(On how her goal took place)

Wags took the free kick and the Clemson goalie came out and punched it away.  I was just standing at the top of the 18 (yard box) and I took two touches and it went off a few Clemson players and it found the net. 


(On scoring her first career goal)

It was pretty exciting, something I will never forget.  I'm just happy to help the team in every way I could, I'm just happy that it could come now. 


I just wanted to win the game, I was trying to help the team in any way I could.  We stayed confident even after they scored and trusted each other that we would come back and do it, I'm just proud of everyone.


Clemson Head Coach Todd Bramble opening statement....


"Just like to congratulate Florida State on advancing to the College Cup. They're a team we have a ton of respect for and hopefully we earned their respect tonight. But they're a good team. The people at Florida State did a good job of hosting us this weekend and made it for a special night for our players and I appreciate that."


Coach Bramble on leading at the half and the good position they were in...


"I thought we were able to go into the locker room at halftime and talk about some things that I thought were going well for us. But there certainly were some things that we were giving up that we weren't happy about, we felt like if we could go out and continue to do the good things and clean up a few areas then we'd have a chance."


Molly Franklin on putting the team in the lead early in tonight's game...


"That was huge for us, especially with the way the last three games have gone. It put us in a great spot, but we knew we had our work cut out for us. That's just the way it went in this game. I don't think we could have played any harder. I give credit to these girls."


Coach Bramble putting into perspective FSU's advancing to the College Cup for the third time


"I think that's a credit to them. The parity of women's soccer has grown every year. There used to be just three of four teams that had a fair chance of winning the National Championship every year and now that number has grown into the double-digits. I think the consistency of their program is definitely worthy of some attention. But I think a lot of the credit goes to our conference. I think what makes North Carolina so good and Florida State so good and you can go down the list and name seven teams from our conference that are good enough to play in the College Cup. I think all seven of those teams get there by being able to play in our conference, especially the last month of the season. Week in and week out the competition we get is fantastic. Everybody, Clemson included, is well prepared when it comes to this time of the year for being able to be a part of the ACC."



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