Walch's Loss is FSU's Gain

Seminoles.com | September 10, 2013

Sept. 10, 2013

by Layne Herdt (Seminoles.com)-

Bikes, weights, sweat. That's what senior Elise Walch's summer was all about.

"I was always kind of nervous at first to tell them I wanted to lose weight because it's a touchy subject, but they know I've been struggling with it," said senior Elise Walch.

The 2012 season's ending was just the beginning for Walch who wanted to make her senior year special, to do that, she decided gaining an advantage meant losing some pounds.

"I was always told that I was good for my weight," Elise said. "That's something that I've been told not by one coach, not two, but a lot of coaches and that's something that's motivated me. I don't just want to be good for my weight, I just want to be great."

"Elise certainly made a commitment at the end of last season knowing that she only had one year left," head coach Chris Poole said. "I think that is sometimes a reality check for a lot of players going into their senior year just having that one season left to realize that if I haven't accomplished everything I want to, what do I need to do different."

So Walch began an ambitious routine of working out and eating right to get herself in the best shape of her life.

"I think the toughest part about any person's individual goals is they've got to buy in and be really excited and disciplined in it," strength coach Caitlin Quinn said. "Until that happens I can show them what to do, but until they're ready to take it on themselves, it doesn't work."

When the going got tough, the senior found strength from her teammates who not only worked out with her, but helped her make good nutrition choices as well.

"They were all really supportive in that and they would change their decisions base on what I was eating," Elise said. "Instead of french fries they would get fruit."

"I'm with here all the time, we live together so just us keeping each other accountable was really one of the main things," sophomore Nicole Walch said. "Like when we would go out, do we really need a soda, we don't really need to drink soda, we can have; like she said, fruit instead of fries, just keeping each other accountable."

So far the results have been amazing as Walch has lost 50 pounds and everyone has taken notice during preseason camp.

"She has increased her vertical she's jumping higher, moving faster," Nicole said. "She was a very good player before, but now she has taken it to the next level, she's going to be unstoppable."

"She's playing as well as I've ever seen her play and is very confident right now with a new found physical part she now has, Poole said. "She's just as strong as she's ever been and she's so much quicker and jumping so much higher."

But most importantly Walch could not be happier with the results.

"Like I said before I never really believed in myself that I could do it and honestly I still can't believe that I did," Elise said. "I see pictures from earlier this year and last year and sometimes I still feel like that's what I look like so it's hard to even realize that it happened. I really can't believe it and I'm really proud of myself because I never thought I could do it."



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