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Lauren Birch
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Position: Assistant Director of Educational Services
Lauren Birch joined the Florida State Student-Athlete Academic Services team full time in June 2014. In October 2015 she was promoted to the Assistant Director of Educational Services and currently serves as a Learning Specialist.

Lauren began working for Seminole Athletics during her undergrad, where she worked for the FSU Coaches Video department, from 2007-2011. In the Coaches Video Department, she worked to meet the self-scout and opponent scout needs for the FSU Varsity Sports, working mostly with the football and softball teams. After her undergrad, Lauren was promoted to Assistant Video Coordinator with a concentration on softball, in addition to supervising the 10 student video workers. In summer 2012, Lauren began working with the Student-Athlete Academic Services staff as an assistant and also interned in the FSU Football Recruiting department, while she worked on her Master's Degree. During the 2013-14 Academic Year Lauren served as an Educational Services Assistant.

Lauren earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Food and Nutrition with a Major in Dietetics in 2010 and her Masters of Science Degree in Sport Management in 2012, both from Florida State University. She also serves on the Board of Directors, as the Scholarship Chair for the Tallahassee Seminole Club.
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