Coaches 2016-17 Season


Mike Martin Head Coach
Mike Bell Associate Head Coach/Pitchers
Mike Martin, Jr. Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator
Clyde Keller Volunteer Coach
Chip Baker Director of Baseball Operations
Seth Diters Strength & Conditioning Coach
Brandon Stone Athletic Trainer
Andrew DeGood Clubhouse & Equipment Manager
Kevin Gadowry Videographer
Drew Linder Student Manager/Bullpen
Brett McCabe Student Manager/Bullpen
Chris Petrilak Student Manager/Bullpen
Nico Bastidas Student Manager
Alexander Dry Student Manager
Joe Kapczynski Student Manager
Ryan Kelleher Student Manager
Sammy May Student Manager
Jared Pruett Student Manager
Austin Thompson Student Manager
Sue Semrau Head Coach
Lance White Associate Head Coach
Danielle Atkinson Assistant Coach
Brooke Wyckoff Assistant Coach
Gabby Bevillard Student Assistant
Melissa Bruner Dir. of Basketball Operations
Emily Hutcherson Athletic Trainer
Megan Lueck Video Coordinator
Dave Plettl Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Leonard Hamilton Head Coach
Stan Jones Associate Head Coach
Dennis Gates Assistant Coach
Charlton Young Assistant Coach
Michael Bradley Strength and Conditioning Coach
Jacob Ridenhour Director of Operations
Dickey Nutt Director of Video Operations
Amanda Robinson Athletic Trainer
Bobby Suarez Assistant Director of Video Operations
Erick Casto Basketball Equipment Manager
Renee Andrews Assistant to the Assistant Coaches
Keenah Lambert Administrative Assistant to the Head Coach
Brooke Niles Head Coach
Raul Papaleo Assistant Coach
Shawn Matthews Volunteer Assistant
Megan Mowery Director of Operations
Bob Braman Men's Head Coach
Kelly Phillips Women's Head Coach
Emma Reed Graduate Assistant
Michael Barbee Operations Assistant
Kevin Mangan Operations Assistant
David Beauchem Director of Operations
Justin Garrard Volunteer Coach
Alex Midgett Volunteer Coach
Amy Bond Head Coach
Robert Duck Assistant Coach / Player Development
Mary Michael Maggio Assistant Coach
Jimbo Fisher Head Coach
Charles Kelly Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs
Randy Sanders Co-Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
Odell Haggins Associate Head Coach/Defensive Tackles
Rick Trickett Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line
Lawrence Dawsey Co-Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers
Tim Brewster Recruiting Coordinator/Tight Ends
Jay Graham Special Teams Coordinator/Running Backs
Brad Lawing Defensive Ends/Outside Linebackers
Sh'Mar Kilby-Lane Linebackers
Bill Miller Linebackers
Vic Viloria Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Mark Robinson Director of Football Operations
Mario Edwards, Sr. Director of Player Development
Bob LaCivita Director of Player Personnel
Jake Pfeil Senior Associate Director of Sports Medicine
Ryan Becker Offensive Graduate Assistant
Myles Notkin Offensive Graduate Assistant
Jeremiah Wilson Defensive Graduate Assistant
Jerry Johnson Quality Control
Kurt Kennedy Quality Control
Addison Lynch Quality Control
Matt McCutchan Quality Control
Jamie Mujeni Quality Control
David Spurlock Quality Control
Mike Warren Quality Control
Mark Krikorian Head Coach
Mike Bristol Assistant Coach eMail Mike Bristol
Morinao Imaizumi Assistant Coach
Robin Ahrberg Equipment Coordinator
Armand Dikranian Volunteer Assistant
Robin Gibson Director of Sports Medicine
Nathan Minion Director of Soccer Operations
Lonni Alameda Head Coach
Travis Wilson Assistant Coach
Craig Snider Assistant Coach
Eunice Hernandez Athletic Trainer
Caitlin Quinn Associate Director of Strength and Speed
Trey Jones Head Coach
Robert Duck Assistant Coach / Player Development
Mary Michael Maggio Assistant Coach
Neal Studd Head Coach
Dan Carrington Assistant Coach
Tiffany Clay Assistant Coach
Ozzie Quevedo Assistant Coach
Anne Olson Assistant Diving Coach
John Proctor Diving Coach
Meredith Martelle Director of Operations
Jennifer Hyde Head Coach
Zsuzsanna Fodor Associate Head Coach
Giorgia Pozzan Volunteer Assistant Coach
Joshua McIntosh Athletic Trainer
Scott Mottice Director of Tennis Operations
Wes Piersall Strength and Conditioning Coach
Haley Simard Assistant Manager
Dwayne Hultquist Head Coach
Ryler DeHeart Associate Head Coach
Tassilo Schmid Volunteer Assistant Coach
Scott Mottice Director of Operations
Bob Braman Head Track and Field Coach
Brandon Hon Director Sprints, Hurdles & Relays
Ricky Argro Sprints Coach
Dorian Scott Throws Coach
David Beauchem Director of Operations
Gwendolyn Davis Athletic Trainer
Dennis Nobles Dir. of Field Events/Pole Vault, Jumps, Multis
Kelly Phillips Women's Distance
Wilma Proctor Volunteer Coach
Chris Poole Head Coach
Jeff Hulsmeyer Associate Head Coach
Anna Khrystenko Assistant Coach
Aubrey Marsellis Director of Volleyball Operations eMail Aubrey Marsellis
Charlie Perez Volunteer Assistant Coach
Brockton Boretti Manager
Jakub Lewicki Manager
Troy Wisneski Volleyball Manager
Ty Osborne Assistant Director of Marketing
Christa Salerno Assistant Sports Information Director
Ross Shackelford Marketing Assistant